Chapter 1110 - The Suspiration of the Origin

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Chapter 1110: The Suspiration of the Origin

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This time, he had identified the key to solving the problem and that was to open up the passage between this world and other worlds in order to secure more resources to allow this world to finally make new progress and presented it a new future.

On top of the murals, all the lives born in the shadows have evolved into a higher level of life form and the entire world had entered an even more prosperous age.

It was not about a new culture, nor about new knowledge.

More than a thousand cycles of civilizations have proven that that so long as a civilization lasted long enough, all sorts of cultural and knowledge systems that could be invented would be invented and material resources were the determining factor for the limitations of a civilization.

A civilization without coal and fuel would have had a difficult time venturing on the path of industrialization.

Sure enough, even in the Mysterious World function on the principle of physical determinism and not psychical determinism.

Fabricating something out of thin air alone and void fluctuations, these were things that not even Gods and Saints would be capable of; at most, they would be able to use means of deflection, when it comes to creating life and educating the living, they still had to rely on physical matter itself.

Fang Ning’s spiritual senses exited from the mural and he was once again reaffirmed that his previous decision to venture on the path of becoming the Master of the Universe was the right decision to make.

At that moment, in the silent world, there came another voice from another outsider.

“Oh…” A heavy sigh, filled with countless vicissitudes, this was a suspiration from this world’s Origins.

“It’s crumbled, the pillar’s crumbled!” Qiao Zishan exclaimed as he pointed to the stone pillar in the center of the temple.

“How he could have broken the curse of the world?”

“This world is ending! We are all going to die!”

On top of the stone pillars, the countless eerie human faces and creatures of the shadows, like snow in the face of the blazing sun melted away as the stone pillar came apart…

Fang Ning was unconcerned about any of this as he gathered a drop of glistening, green liquid bead into a jade bottle he carried around with him.

“System No.2, don’t let Sir System know what happened earlier when we get back.” Fang Ning ordered in his mind.

“Even if I were not to tell him, he has seen everything through the big screens,” The System Incarnation answered earnestly.

“Ugh…” Fang Ning momentarily moaned. “Damn it, I should’ve had you produce a layer of black smoke to block the screen just now.”

“You should have said so earlier,” System No. 2 replied bluntly.

“You should’ve reminded me earlier. Heavenly Book baby is so much better; it always helps me think ahead.” Fang Ning grumbled. “This time, if it weren’t for me, you’d probably have died in here, you ungrateful.”

“Uh, why do you not want the main body to know? Do you not both share the same side and

common interest?” The System Incarnation suddenly asked.

“Nonsense, this is the fruit of my hard labor, I risked my life to get this; If he found out about this, he’d definitely try to steal it. If I don’t save some for myself, how am I supposed to pay for a few days of vacation when I get too tired?” Fang Ning said unabashedly.

“Understood,” System No. 2 replied monotonously, “The item you had collected earlier, what is it?”

“It’s…I can’t let you know. If I tell you, you won’t be able to erase your memories and that second rate good will definitely find out.” Fang Ning swallowed back the words that he was about to say.

At the same moment, the mural had broken into pieces.

From it, flew out two puffs of spiritual senses, one was Long Fan’s and the other was the Big Cotton Ball’s.

“It’s a good thing Big Brother was here. Otherwise, I’d be dead for sure.” Long Fan immediately flattered.

“Alright, get ready, we’re going home.” Fang Ning waved his hand and set up the Earthly Monument.

A burst of yellowish-brown light flashed through and enshrouded the surrounding group of people.

Meanwhile, the entire temple was falling apart, with it at the center, the desiccated wilderness of faded yellow, too, slowly fell apart into nothingness…

Fang Ning had seen this sort of scenario – the destruction of a small world many times and had long grown accustomed to it.

In the next second, a light enveloped the group and together, they disappeared.

Inside the System Space.

The System Incarnation appeared inside the coffin.

“Richie, you’ve got quite the hoard there…” Sir System said longingly.

“What, those are mine, it has nothing to do with you.” Fang Ning withdrew his spiritual senses from the System Incarnation and glided out.

He took the jade bottle with the green liquid drop with him back inside his breakroom and hid it beneath his pillow.

“Isn’t this the same as telling me there aren’t 300 taels of silver buried here?” 1 Sir System sneered.

“I’m doing this to fend off the noble, not to repel the little people; if you’re willing to become one, then you’re welcome to come and try to steal it.” Having said so, Fang Ning’s hands still moved to take out the bottle from underneath the pillow…

“Uh, back then, I could still play the little person but now that there’s a new sh*tty Maxim, I can’t actually do that. Couldn’t you just give it to me?” Sir System griped.

“Impossible. This is the Suspiration of the World’s Origin; it’s a level higher than that of ordinary Gods,” Fang Ning said proudly, “This little drop here alone is enough to buy out everything in your entire System Storage Area.”

“I don’t believe it; you’re lying to me unless you let me try it out.” Sir System tempted.

“It’s up to you,” Fang Ning refused to take the bait. “Trying to deceive me, you think I’m a dumb bear that would be fooled by a fox?”

“Damn it, next time I’m personally going down there, this incarnation is still too dumb, otherwise, how would it let you go harvest the loot?” Sir System said angrily.

At this time, the Vigilante A who was lying inside the coffin suddenly opened his eyes before closing them again.

“What, am I not allowed to say that about you?” Sir System naturally discovered this almost instantly and reprimanded it. “Had you not have been so dumb, this thing would’ve been mine.”

System No. 2 did not refute.

“You’re only good at bullying honest people, I’ll tell you the truth.” Fang Ning scoffed. “It wasn’t easy acquiring the Suspiration of the Origin. That world was destined to collapse, but the world’s Origin was not reconciled and this unwillingness led to it’s becoming of evil as it swallowed up the entire world’s creatures; it can be said to be a kind of obsession. I entered the world inside the mural and found a way to advance it and destroyed its obsession; finally, it was willing to accept its inevitable fate of death and disappeared in the end.”

“It’s that complicated?” Sir System asked in disbelief.

“Of course, I went through 1,750 cycles before I found the key; if it were you, would you have been able to?” Fang Ning caressed the jade bottle as if he was staring at the love of his life.

“What is the use of this? You’ve said so much; it’s better to let me help you identify it…” Sir System said persistently.

“No need, I know its use,” Fang Ning pondered a bit before he hid the bottle directly into his own soul. “After giving me its last bit of essence, I realized its usefulness. It’s filled with the information and knowledge reserve of an entire world, all the knowledge, and information of

1,750 cycles of civilization.”

“Gasp…” Sir System suddenly exclaimed in astonishment. “It’s incredible. Then, does this mean you’re now a profound and wise scholar?”

“Hahaha, that is, of course, I am the great man who has led the cycle of civilization to develop for more than 1,000 times.” Fang Ning gloated.

“Cut the crap. I think you’re just an average player who has played the game of civilization for more than a thousand times; what great man, do you even deserve to be called that?” Sir System ruthlessly beat him down.

Maxim Notification: [The System has exposed the hard-to-describe truth. It receives a 24-hour temporary Buff, the Eye of Truth.]

“Damn it. I can’t believe you got it right again.” Fang Ning moaned.

That was right. It was just as Sir System had said. He may seem to have guided the evolution of civilization for more than a 1,000 times, in reality however, he had only played the game for more than a 1,000 times. After all, the mural world had only evolved through relying on the external input of vitality. He had used that to search for a trace of possibility to develop the civilization; it was unlikely that it would have been able for him to stimulate a true evolutionary journey of a civilization.

Even so, Fang Ning had earned a lot. The Suspiration of Origin was invaluable.

After all, this was the first time he had harvested such a thing from a small world.