Chapter 1111 - Pawn

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Amidst white ethereal clouds, vitality condensed like morning dew while crowned cranes danced in the breeze and white deer flocked together.

This was where the Celestial Court of the Upper Realm was — the Immortal God World.

It was hard to imagine when a large portion of Lower Realm’s associated worlds were facing destruction when vitality in the primary world was exhausted and the path to cultivation was cut off, where their leaders dwelled still looked so prosperous.

At a single glance, how could this world appear like it was lacking vitality? Obviously, it was another flourishing immortal world.

An odd phenomenon was that during the last years of every dynasty, when signs of destruction were apparent, high-level ministers and squires would remain greedy and selfish as before, the ones who were willing to split their wealth to remedy disasters were so rare, there were only so many Wen Tianxiangs 1 during the past few hundred years.

It was hard to say that they were foolish. For one, they were each elite among many and they were able to attain the highest posts amid cruel feuds over land and various difficulties, so their intelligence and emotional intelligence were definitely above average.

However, it was hard to say that they were smart too when they thought that their households would survive when the dynasty perished as if they were just switching masters.

They did not know that a change of sovereignty brought a change of ministers and for new leaders who would want to reward their loyal statesmen, where else would they find the money for that if not from these glutted squires of the last dynasty?

Although there were rare cases of successful transference of allegiances, most of them still ended up being liquidated.

Zheng Zhilong 1 was the greatest example of falling victim to his own cleverness, in comparison to his son, Zheng Damu who brooded over Ming’s sunken ship and fantasized about reviving the past dynasty, one could say that Zheng Zhilong knew how to ride the tides too well, that he ended up losing all his fortune and even his life. Conversely, it was his son who managed to establish his own country and left a name for himself in history as a national hero which no one can erase.

When there were too many clever people in a group, the combat power of the group would not be too strong.

Gods and immortals were then a gathering of the smartest people in all heavens.

It was a surprise to have such a shocking similarity between mortals and gods, one could only marvel at such fantastic things in the world.

On a celestial mountain was a pavilion made out of white jade and in it, sat three people.

One of them was Fang Ning’s familiar acquaintance, the Moon Goddess.

At this moment, she was clad in a long flowy robe, sitting at the right side of the three.

One of the other two on the left was a white-bearded old man in a green Taoist robe and the other was a sorrow-faced bald monk.

“The God of Plagues has fallen…” The Taoist robed elder drawled out.

“Expected, but still beyond reason.” The bald monk said wittily.

The Moon Goddess remained silent and merely continued to refill their tea.

“You all should understand the thoughts of the one above by now…” The Taoist robed elder pointed upwards.

“I’ve understood since the start, it’s just that he could not bear the evils that he brought upon himself.” The bald monk looked calm.

As the Moon Goddess listened, she was secretly guessing the thoughts of the supreme masters’ avatars.

Out of these two, one was an incarnation of a Tao Master and the other was an incarnation of an ancestral god.

The meeting of these two supreme deities was enough to determine the future of the Immortal God World.

It was hard to imagine that the Child of Destiny who was still unremarkable a few decades ago, could already kill a god’s real body and even require them to step up to the situation.

With a saint’s mind, how could one not predict this person’s future? Why not kill him beforehand, why would they rear a tiger and suffer for it later on?

Before this, the Moon Goddess found no answer to these questions, but after the conversation between those two, she was hit with an epiphany.

These two were just going with the Heavenly Oracle, conforming to it meant that there was still room for maneuver but going against it would bring destruction to both good and bad alike.

“Ah, when it comes to it, if we don’t cut off our own flesh to remedy the situation, it won’t be a sacrifice with the knife in someone else’s hands, it would be a slaughter.” The Taoist robe-clad elder said, shaking his head.

“Too bad some immortals and gods can’t understand our methods, they would say that saints are too harsh on gods but they don’t know that if it was not for us limiting the gods’ lifespan, this place would’ve collapsed in no time.” The bald monk raised his cup and gulped a mouthful of tea.

“For those who can’t understand, we’ll just send them on their way, it would make the one above feel better too.” The Taoist robed elder gulped down his tea in the same way.

“Moon Goddess, do you understand the Taoist Master’s orders?” There was a trace of glee on the bald monk’s face as he turned and asked the Moon Goddess on his right.

“I understand.” The Moon Goddess filled up their teacups as she said, nodding.

“That’s good, go then, and don’t miss the auspicious timing.” The bald monk waved.

The Taoist robe-clad elder did not comment. Since he was a saint, he should have the heart of a saint.

All those beneath the saints were merely pawns.

If they lost this round, they could just start over but the chessboard should never be destroyed, or else, everyone would have no chance to play…

After the Moon Goddess excused herself, she floated out of the pavilion and left the celestial mountain.

She looked around and after nipping her fingers, she flew off to the west.

After a short flight, she was in luck — or rather, it was like there was help from the Heavens.

There was a giant silhouette shining in gold in front of her, walking mid-air.

“Golden Deity, please wait…”

Earth’s Universe, the First Mansion of the Horn.

“Mr. Rich Boss, get out and get some real things done, program a piece of Vitality Transformation Equipment for me, I want one that’s high-powered, my activation after training in isolation has consumed quite a lot.” Sir System ordered bluntly.

“I have no time for that, go and post this mission on the platform yourself…” Fang Ning was lying on the couch reading the novels that he accumulated.

Although the environment was horrible, there were still people working on making food for the mind, in the past, immortals and heroes were just fantasy, but now that it was a reality, authors’ writings had also improved a lot.

Sir System cried angrily, “Do you have a death wish? How dare you loaf on the job so publicly. If others could do it, why would I ask for you? How can the Vitality Transformation Equipment they make compare to yours? Within the confines of this System Boundary, outsiders have no right to program things.;Plus, equipment delivered from the outside is far less perfect.”

With no way out, Fang Ning stood up and said with distaste, “I think you’re just jealous, you can’t stand watching me rest for a few days.”

Sir System replied earnestly, “You can’t think like that, you must know that there are many who without opportunities to work as you can, they can only struggle arduously, this must be a blessing you have accumulated from your past life.”

“You sure learn quick…” Fang Ning was momentarily stunned.

After that, he exited the System Space and came to the empty planet.

“What was the theory behind the Vitality Transformation Equipment again?” He tried hard to recall, his mind was occupied his novels, he could only reload new information after clearing out its contents.

A while later, he finally remembered.

Vitality Transformation Equipment transformed natural energy into vitality through some sort of catalyst effect and with the support of the Mysterious Maxim, turn energy contained within physical substances into the mysterious side’s vitality.

This was the product formed by merging the two worlds.

Hybrid vigor was not a joke.

Purebreds had no upper hand in evolution, because besides having a better-sounding name, they were rather susceptible to more diseases.

Fang Ning floated mid-air, looking for the highest peak.

Then, he started moving his fingers around in the air, as if he was tapping on a keyboard or like he was clicking away on his mouse.

An entire mountain peak was flattened and then two equally tall peaks turned up nearby.

In a short while, a huge concave mirror showed up on top of the three summits, the size of its surface area went up to more than ten thousand square kilometers, comparable to the area of a small country.

This was the entrance that would receive energy.

Under the concave mirror was a long, thick pipe, it was the passage to bring in energy.

Beneath it, was an enormous energy conversion machine.

It was like an array, it would absorb every trace of energy and release it in the form of vitality.

At the lowest layer, there were countless vents that emitted the transformed vitality.

After finishing everything, Fang Ning shouted at the massive dragon, “It’s all done, Sir System, do something, make a big cover and get all the heat energy from the First Mansion of the Horn here.”

“How troublesome, you humans are too slow at developing technology, it’s been so long and nuclear fusion is an unsolved issue, while the Dyson Sphere is still unaccomplished too, what a bunch of idiots…” Sir System said loathingly, “You even need me, Sir System to step in.”

After that, the Azure Dragon blew out a puff of white gas that quickly moved to shroud the sun in the sky.

Between heavens and earth appeared a colossal cylindrical pillar.

However, the surface of the ground quickly darkened, leaving the area with the concave mirror brighter than ever, one could get blinded at a single glance in that direction.

Seeing this, Fang Ning shook his head and said, “This place is a few hundred lightyears away from Earth, I’m just worried that after a few hundred years, humans would find out that the First Mansion of the Horn is no longer bright and affect our formation, we still need to let some light out.”

“What a nag, why don’t you say it earlier.” The Azure Dragon sucked back a breath and a trace of white gas went back.

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Some light returned to the ground, though it was still dimmer than before.