Chapter 1112 - Battle with Heaven and Earth

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Chapter 1112: Battle with Heaven and Earth

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Fang Ning finally managed to build a huge and perfect piece of Vitality Transformation Equipment to satisfy the needs of the gigantic dragon below.

Oh, he almost forgot that it was actually his body.

Ah, he was trying to slack off even when he was working for himself, it seemed like there really was no cure for him.

Fang Ning blinked, then suddenly asked, “Sir System, don’t you need to sleep now?”

Sir System replied suspiciously, “What do you mean by that? I’m not like you, I’m always on 24/7 work mode.”

“After you made me build the Vitality Transformation Equipment, I suddenly remembered that once this giant dragon matures, it’d have to go into a deep sleep from time to time. Now when I think about it, it was because they spent too much vitality that they needed sleep to cut down their consumption of the outside world’s resources, or else, the ecosystem might not be able to handle it.” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“You don’t have to worry about that, after finishing this, bring Daqing and that flock of spirits from the Heavenly Spirits clan to seek out the Celestial Clan, do your Upper Realm Agent thing. I realized that besides a case of procrastination syndrome, you also have a serious case of ‘working hard’ syndrome, after working hard for a short while and at the sight of some results, you’d demand to that slack off and laze around with an air of self-righteousness.”

Without Sir System’s reminder, Fang Ning would have forgotten about these important matters.

He had no words against it, so he awkwardly returned to the System Space, crawled into a coffin and fused his Spiritual Sense with the System Incarnation.

“Eh, System No.2, you’ve been lying in this coffin for the past few days, why don’t you get some air outside?” Fang Ning asked, surprised.

“Uh, what’s ‘get some air’ again?” The System Incarnation was confused.

“How scary, this Sir System is so ruthless to not instill the concept of rest in you.” Fang Ning said sympathetically.

“Rest, I have no right to rest.” The System Incarnation replied stoically.

“As expected.” Fang Ning sighed.

After that, he spoke to Sir System, “Alright, now at the same time teleport the green-skinned frog with me and Daqing’s whole gang over.”

“They’re already all prepared at the Draconic Realm, unlike you, you only know how to slack off.” Sir System said resentfully.

“Alright, alright, talk less, after my ascension this time, I will definitely collect some sort of celestial arts that can make me stronger while just lying down before I return.” Fang Ning said proudly.

In the next moment, as Fang Ning opened his eyes, he found himself before a barren desert.

A green flag was stuck in front of the desert and on it wrote the words, ‘Battle with Heaven and Earth, strive unceasingly to improve oneself”.

Next to the flag was a group of people planting something. It seemed it was some kind of thorny, light-blue shrub.

Some were digging, some were seeding, some were mounding while some watered the area.

It was a pipeline operation and it was highly efficient.

Fang Ning said, shocked, “Tsk… Interesting, this is like a normal modern state.”

“Ugh, these shrubs don’t seem edible.” A voice sounded beside him.

Fang Ning knew who was talking without even needing to turn to check.

This time, an unfamiliar voice appeared.

“This is a Blue Thorn Shrub, it will bear a small blue fruit after it grows bigger, and can be used as medicine against colds and fevers so that we can treat ourselves even without a Taoist priest. It’s suitable to be grown in deserts, hence, there would be no need for a waste of fertile land. Plus, it could even prevent water loss and soil erosion.”

Having heard this, Fang Ning grew a sense of respect for the person who spoke.

He was a man in his thirties, his weathered face spoke his years of hardships and his hands were filled with callouses, he looked exactly like an old farmer.

As Fang Ning thought of the ignorant villagers who prayed for rain and the rebels who looted from burning houses in comparison to the busy people before his eyes, he could not help noting how education changes everything.

As long as there was no interference from the gods, humans born in such an environment could only make a good life for themselves with their own effort.

After all, humans were nature’s most incredible creation.

“Eh, I think I’ve seen you somewhere?” The great green insect flew over and looked at the middle-aged man, all the while hugging a porcelain jar.

“Guard General Tu Lei of the Celestial Clan, at your service, Your Highness.” The weathered-faced middle-aged man bowed to the great green insect.

“Oh, it’s you Teacher Tu, please do excuse me, it’s been too long.” The green insect said bashfully.

Fang Ning remembered that he had run into the great green insect’s sisters the last time he was at the Dragon World, they must have sent news back to their clan.

He was a little curious, “Teacher Tu, why are you leading these people to change the environment? Are you not worried that your efforts will be in vain?”

“As long as the sun still rises, so must we live as we usually do, we shouldn’t lose hope in tomorrow just because of the bleakness of the future.”

“Well said,” Fang Ning nodded, but then he asked again, “However, I don’t understand this, with the Celestial Clan’s power and status, you don’t need these mortals to live well, so why are you helping them with so much sincerity? The immortals and gods previously did not care for the life and death of mortals.”

“You should know the true origins of the Celestial Clan, right?” Teacher Tu turned the question to him.

“Mmm, I know, you guys were initially the descendants of immortals, gods and mortals.” Of course, Fang Ning knew about this, they were like the children of the Cowherd and the Weaver 1.

As a result of their continuous reproducing, they ended being a clan carrying the immortals and gods’ bloodline.

“In these last years of the vitality crisis, the Immortal God World had sealed the passage of ascension. There are only two ways out for us Celestial Clan, one was to stay and the second was to move to your world. Her Highness left to your world, though it was a misfortune for her to be met with reincarnation, others are making preparations to go to your world, it’s just that a few of us including me had chosen to stay here.” Teacher Tu said as he glanced at the mortals.

Fang Ning asked, “Why, when you might just lose immortality and power when you stay back?”

“There are some things that must be done, not everybody makes decisions only for themselves, perhaps I’m just really a strange fool like this.”

“I don’t understand.” The great green insect said dazedly.

As he heard all this, he took a glance at the System Map and then took out a book decidedly.

“I’m impressed, please accept this book then, teacher, a good person cannot be unrewarded.”

Incense God Transformation Ability?

Tu Lei looked at the book and an odd feeling suddenly welled up in his heart.

He did not fake modesty and accepted it immediately while laughing bitterly, “They say that you guys were the Lower Realm but I can’t believe that the knowledge that we got from your world turned out to be an opportunity to save our own.”

“The feeling is mutual; only with interactions can civilizations go further, being closed off will only leave one with a dead end.” Fang Ning sighed.

This was a conclusion drawn from the blood and tears countless civilizations.

Just like the Native Americans who remained closed off and backward in developing their civilization, they were rendered a thorough defeat in the face of the Europeans’ invasion.

On the contrary, there were quite some interactions in Asia which rendered a certain level of resistance until they finally sunk.

After a personal encounter with a representative from the Celestial Clan, Fang Ning knew his decision — it was alright to cooperate with these people.

This was because they were willing to work, they were willing to use their own hands to change their lives rather than just placing hope on immortals, gods and the government.

Thus, he started to relay his agent request to Tu Lei.

“You want to provide some vitality pills to us and in return, we gather people to form caravans to collect various cultural books around the world?” Tu Lei was slightly shocked as he said.

“Yes, with this, the few million years’ worths of history accumulated by the Upper Realm won’t end up disappearing completely. Although we are under pressure from the immortals and gods, there must be something left and this will bring benefits for both you and me.” Fang Ning said seriously.

Tu Lei started, “In principle, I do agree as there’s no harm to us at all. However, as this would require quite a manpower, I’ll need to discuss it with a few others to determine how it should be arranged.”

“As it should be, I have the patience for that,” Fang Ning nodded, then turned to Daqing, “That jar of yours, it’s filled with the Heavenly Spirits clan, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a bunch of spirits, although they do look quite familiar.” Daqing said, holding the jar.

Fang Ning said, “Mmm, these are the Celestial Clan’s relatives so there should be something mystical about them. They might be able to play a role within the caravan in the future so give it to Teacher Tu, I believe that he’ll be able to organize them well.”

“The Heavenly Spirits clan, I’ve heard of them, I can’t believe they managed to free themselves from the World of Spirits and Souls, it mustn’t be easy.” Tu Lei sighed and took the jar from the great green insect.