Chapter 1113 - Descend Collectively

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Chapter 1113: Descend Collectively

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After the agent issue was settled, Fang Ning started preparing for a sightseeing tour — no, for an orientation of the opponent’s field…

As for the great green insect, Fang Ning originally thought that she would visit home, but who knew that fellow so heartless and had no plans to return.

“Why would I go home when old daddy will only complain that there’s another mouth in the family to feed?” She said sharply as she followed Fang Ning closely, it seems like she was counting on Fang Ning to be its meal ticket.

Fang Ning had no choice, since he could not get rid of her, he could only bring her along as he mooned about.

Coincidentally, this fellow could count as a tour guide in some sense, wandering around to get her tummy full.

“In the east, you have the sea, there are many delicious things in the sea and all of them can be eaten raw while in the west, you have the desert, there’s absolutely nothing in the desert, probably just some edible grass; up north are mountains where you have fruits and in the south, there are forests but most fruits there are poisonous…” Chong Daqing gestured with her feet as she introduced the world before their eyes.

This was once part of the Celestial Clan’s territory; it was a huge area that was at least ten million square kilometers.

Vigilante A cruised over the sky and at a slight glance over the scenery below, he noticed that there were construction sites everywhere.

They seemed to be duplicating the industrial civilization on Earth and were already in the Age of Electrification, there were many places with electric lights and telephones that if he did not look closely, he would have thought that he was on Earth.

When he came to think about it, it was quite a long time — probably more than twenty years — since they obtained information regarding the industrial system from Earth, and with the support of some Mysterious Power, they were able to advance from scratch to the Age of Electrification.

Perhaps, it would not take long for them to enter the Information Age, but at that time, they would be on their own, since mankind’s technology only reached this stage.

This was an exact copy of how less-developed countries on Earth copied developed countries to become an industrial country from zero within fifty to sixty years.

Fang Ning sighed from the bottom of his heart. In actuality, the Primary World in the Upper Realm was a wide flatland which, in theory, had no transport problems.

Unlike the Earth’s universe where humanity could only inhabit the small, small Earth, these people could have relied on modern industries to form an unimaginably huge market.

It was due to the existence of these Mysterious Power from these immortals, gods, fairies and demons that they could not enter a prosperous age of industrial civilization.

As he thought about it now, when over ten billion years of history were enough to propel them into a God-level civilization, one could guess the reason why the immortals and gods had banned them from developing technology.

Fang Ning believed that when technology reached the top, there would be a way to overcome gods unless the gods’ existence could break free from this world.

That was clearly impossible.

As his thoughts reached this point, Fang Ning sensed the scarce vitality in the air and realized something; it was scarily possible that the Upper Realm’s vitality languor could not be completely credited to natural causes, there might have been a power behind the scenes contributing to it.

“Eh, it feels like someone is watching us.” Chong Daqing said as she bit into a red fruit.

“How did you sense it?”

“I feel uneasy when someone’s watching me eat.” She said seriously.

“Uh, that’s a good reason.” Fang Ning opened the System Map and started observing.

A huge round dot could be seen above him on the map.

“Your instincts are sure accurate…” Fang Ning looked up and saw a gold cloud floating above his head.

“System No. 2, be prepared to take over the body. Somebody’s coming.” Fang Ning however, was getting prepared to flee anytime.

After that, he reminded, “Daqing, go back to our world quick, it’s dangerous here.”

“Oh, I’m leaving then, remember to send my meal payment when you get back.” The great green insect pointed out, then a gold ray flashed and she disappeared.

Fang Ning felt weird, why did the being on top not stop the great green insect from teleporting back?

It seemed odd as the other party should know that with an extra burden, his combat abilities would significantly decrease.

However, the opponent did not stop her, so this must either be a sign of friendliness or a sign of his ulterior motive.

“Go up for a look.” Fang Ning ordered.

Vigilante A flew upwards and went close to the gold cloud.

He saw the Golden Armored Giant who was emitting a golden glow all-over standing on the cloud.

“So it’s him…” Fang Ning remembered, was this not the Golden Deity who was defeated within seconds?

Was he seeking his doom again?

“You have been following us, is there anything you need?” Fang Ning went straight to the point.

“The deities want to strike a deal with you, weren’t you planning to get the literature collection the Upper Realm accumulated for the past hundreds of millions of years when you came here?” The Golden Armored Giant said in an icy cold tone.

It was obvious that he was still holding a grudge over the fact that his avatar was killed within seconds by Vigilante A.

“What deal?” Fang Ning inquired curiously.

“The deities want to descend collectively, so long as you give us four thousand huge galaxies equipped with basic infrastructure and guarantee the safety of all the deities, we can give you all the books the Upper Realm have collected over hundreds of millions of years.” The Golden Armored Giant said faintly.

“You each have arms and legs, why do you need to depend on us?” Fang Ning would not agree right away.

“Hmph, you’re asking while knowing the answer, you should know that the deities will lose a big part of their powers after they descend and would need to go through a dangerous period.” The Golden Armored Giant’s tone was filled with dissatisfaction and a trace of anger.

“I see, you guys don’t just want a new place of your own, you’re also scared of falling during the developmental stage, that’s why you all have not been willing to descend. However, don’t you all have incarnations? You can completely rely on your incarnations to build them.” Fang Ning continued asking.

“Making an avatar consumes a lot of energy and there are many with ulterior motives watching us — the one who’s the weakest should save the world… I’ll bring you somewhere and you’ll understand.” After saying this, the Golden Armored Giant transformed into a golden beam and flew to the west.

“Follow.” Fang Ning ordered.

“Is there any danger to this?” The System Incarnation suddenly asked.

“Of course there is, that’s why I’m ready to back out anytime.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“…” The System Incarnation did not reply.

Fang Ning could never sympathize with these gods, what a bunch of weak fellows, in comparison to mortals who were left with no options, they had so many ways out.

Those who were more determined like the River God of the Sky River had already descended to Earth; although he did face some problems initially, he was slowly starting to recover now.

However, these fellas desired every benefit possible without having to take risks.

Vigilante A followed the golden beam the whole time.

In the beginning, he was just at level flight, but afterward, he had to teleport along with the other party to keep up.

Or else, the distance between them would be too far.

Fang Ning also understood why the other party was willing to converse and make a deal with him.

As the System Incarnation also had the power of a god, both of them had a common ground for dialogue.

It went on for a while before Fang Ning saw a change in scenery.

It was completely dark in the skies of the west but from time to time, electrical sparks flashed the dark void, as if something was collapsing.

He was familiar with this scene because the small world he just went through was exactly the same before it was destroyed.

“This is the west end of the world, it has started to collapse a long time ago, within the past few million years, five supreme deities moved in one after another before its destruction is slowed down.” The Golden Armored Giant stopped far away as he said to Vigilante A.

“I don’t believe it, how would you deities be willing to sacrifice yourself?” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Of course, no one was willing to do so, those five gods had committed minor mistakes and were assigned there by the saints. Although no one exposed them, everybody knew what was happening — the Five Great Saints wanted to clear out the deities to alleviate the Primary World’s collapse,” The Golden Armored Giant said coldly, “And you, you’re their cleaning tool, how else do you think the God of Plagues died? Did you really think that you could’ve killed him so easily?”

“Are there more mysteries to this?” Fang Ning was taken aback.

“That Chaotic Space that was used to settle powerful battles and prevent the destruction of the world is controlled by the saints. Of course, the saints also have to carry out the Heavenly Axiom’s orders, so after you killed the God of Plagues, most of his powers were used to fill in this collapsing space, providing a breathing space over ten thousand years to this world.” The Golden Armored Giant revealed another huge secret straightaway.

Fang Ning was stunned, as expected, some mysteries were only revealed once one reached a certain level.

This was because, for those who did not have sufficient power, even if they knew those secrets, they probably would not live past tomorrow.

He fell silent and started to think about some things, some questions that were unsolved for long were finally answered today.