Chapter 1114 - Harvester

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Chapter 1114: Harvester

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While Fang Ning thought about it, the Golden Armored Giant allowed him to take his time as he merely stared at the dark skies far away, seemingly to be spreading further to the east.

Although it was slow, it was unstoppable.

At this moment, Fang Ning suddenly spoke.

“The conditions are not fairly equal, we have to pay the price for bringing in a huge group of gods just for some of the Upper Realm’s decaying books? That’s not possible. Plus, I can also ask for the literary collection from those saints.”

“Hmph, so what you mean is that you’ll be against the gods till the end?” The Golden Armored Giant said coolly.

“Hahaha, are you dumb? Your opponent is not me, but this world and the saints behind it. Do you guys have any way out?” Fang Ning said disdainfully.

The Golden Armored Giant fell silent.

Of course, there were other methods, it was just that this solution required a greater price.

If it was not so, he would not have given up on revenge for his incarnation getting destroyed and chose to make peace with this enemy of his.

The gods may have made many plans previously, but in this place, the saints masterminded everything, so when all of the saints allied, the gods would end up exactly like the mortals in their palms — similarly deprived of the ability roam freely, ending up stuck as a puppet.

In addition to that, the deities were not united either, there were still many of them who went and sought refuge with the deities.

It was natural that they would want to rebuild their work by descending, however, many incarnations were met with an ill-fate after descending and no one could believe that the saints had no part in causing that.

An example was the River God of the Sky River who once traversed the heavens and with his magical energy, status and reputation threatened the saints.

However, how did he end up after descending? He lost all his magical energy and was kept suppressed under the ocean for over a decade.

If it were not for an encounter with this Destined One, he would have already fallen into the deepest abyss.

Conversely, the saints had already prepared everything for themselves in the Lower Realm.

The Golden Armored Giant watched the dark skies and said coldly, “From what you’re saying, you really have no plans to work with us?”

“If you want to work together, you guys have to show your sincerity and shed your holier-than-thou shell as gods. When you come to our world, you must see yourselves as part of the lives living in the same world and start anew. You can use your literary collection to swap for resources but don’t even think about having us build whatever four thousand galaxies’ basic infrastructures for you.” Fang Ning said solemnly.

“Is this your condition? Very well, I understand now.” As the Golden Armored Giant finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light and flew eastward.

“So the deal’s off?” The System Incarnation asked stoically.

“Not yet, we’ll talk about this when we get back home.” Fang Ning did not want to prolong his stay in the Upper Realm, it was too dangerous; perhaps there were more benefits but none worth the risk. When it came down to it, he did not want to watch the System Incarnation die in vain either.

They spent a few days and nights fighting a god, so would they not be defeated immediately if they got bombarded collectively?

“Besides gaining an ally in the Celestial Clan, you achieved nothing during this trip, I’m so disappointed.

Fang Ning laid down on the couch, “Be content, it’s not easy to have achieved this.”

“…” Sir System was utterly stunned, “You merely spoke two sentences and you call that ‘not easy’?”

“Well, of course, I now speak words of wisdom, didn’t you see that the Golden Armored Deity was also rendered speechless against me?” Fang Ning said proudly.

“That’s due to my awesomeness, but your bargaining abilities did improve a lot, at least you didn’t promise that fella four thousand big galaxies.” Sir System said, satisfied.

“That’s for sure, although there are many extragalactic galaxies out there, he asked us to pre-build their infrastructures, now how is that possible? There’s already so much money needed on building a country, what more an entire galaxy? We already spent over ten years on constructing the Milky Way Highway and that’s only for laying its foundations.” Fang Ning shook his head.

Sir System asked suspiciously, “What do you think their objective is? Are they going to have a fall out with the saints?”

“Hmph, I figured it out, we are the tools the saints are threatening these gods with, they might seem superior but the real situation is really far from good — it was either they bow down to the saints completely or they bow down to us.” Fang Ning said briskly.

“Won’t they choose to end this in common ruin?” Sir System guessed.

“Yup, that’s another way to it, to go completely wild before they die and destroy the world — and the reason why the saints have yet to move in.” Fang Ning said, nodding.

“This isn’t right, the God of Plagues said it before, the Upper Realm could still be saved, so there’s no need for them to fight so desperately.” Sir System was doubtful.

“Of course it could still be saved, as long as the power of those ten thousand gods including the Five Great Saints is used to fill in for it, then the Upper Realm could be saved. It’s like the last years of the Ming Dynasty, where the crisis could only be remedied when the wealthy squires’ assets were completely harvested, but then again, who would?” Fang Ning said, spreading out his hands.

“Seems like I’m the harvester…” Sir System was slightly excited as he said this, “Do you want to strike a deal with the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm — I’ll help them kill the saints and the deities, I just want experience points in return, I can forego everything else.”

“In your dreams…” Fang Ning said subconsciously, then suddenly felt his blood run cold and stood up from the couch immediately, “Could this be the truth?”

“What truth? Can’t you be clearer?” Sir System said exasperatedly.

“The Heavenly Oracle mustn’t be revealed; forget about it if you don’t understand, it’s best if you don’t understand.” Fang Ning started thinking to himself in secret.

When he thought about it from the beginning, this was probably the true reason behind Sir System’s existence—a harvester of the deities created by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom.

No wonder they managed to clear stages without any hindrance, it was really like there was help from the Heavens.

The System was a manifestation of the Maxim and was the Heavenly Axiom not part of the Maxim too?

In this sense, Sir System was also part of the Heavenly Axiom.

In that case, was it destined that it was impossible for him to be the Master of the Universe?

This was in opposition to the function of a tool, how could a chess player allow a chess piece to escape the chessboard?

Fang Ning’s heart was suddenly cloaked over by a shadow as if a huge, heavy wok was dumped over his head.

‘Ah, what a headache, what should I do? I really can’t think of anything, let’s just take a nap first…’

Therefore, Fang Ning started snoring on the couch.

Before he fell asleep, a thought popped up, ‘How odd, how did the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom choose an excellent and talented person like me? How did it know that I dreamt of being a System that can grow stronger even without doing anything?

“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, how did you fall asleep as you were talking?” Sir System was frustrated, “You didn’t do anything in the Upper Realm, besides touring around though?”

Of course, Fang Ning did not reply.

Within a gloriously built palace, the deities stood in their ranks.

The Golden Armored Deity was among them, while the deities all bore dark looks on their faces, not one of the gods in the lower ranks spoke.

“Is this the condition the Destined One put forward?” A crown-wearing god at the top of the ranks finally asked.

“Yes, Pantheon King, he was clear that if the deities descended, we’d have to start over as mortals, but we can use our savings in exchange for resources.” The Golden Armored did not twist Fang Ning’s words.

There was no need for it anyway since the gods saw the discussion that took place between both of them for themselves.

The Pantheon King’s words were not intended to be interrogative, but to act as a reminder to the gods for a decision.

“If he could guarantee our safety within the million years after we descend, then I don’t see why we can’t agree to this.” A deity clad in white suddenly voiced.

“Hmph, if that’s the case, we could just take the saints’ offer and give up our Divine Powers, at least the saints have already made arrangements for us in the Lower Realm.” A god who was wearing black standing opposite him said.

“The difference between both is that you can get freedom with one while the other still renders us the saint’s b*tches, we’d still have to work for them.” The deity in white said shaking his head.

The deities all fell silent.