Chapter 1115 - I Hope So

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Chapter 1115: I Hope So

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Sitting in the lower ranks, the White-Clothed Deity silently observed the gods’ expressions.

Deep inside, he knew that most of these gods were already deteriorating, they had lost the unwavering courage they had before becoming gods and had gotten used to immortality and enjoyment, they did not want to start all over again.

They did not want to go through the challenges and hardships of starting over, especially when it was unknown to them how many unpredictable risks or disasters there could be in an unfamiliar world.

They were accustomed to their current superior and authoritative lifestyle as gods, just as mortals were for power. If one were to call them dumb, they definitely were not; it was just that when they came to the end of the journey, they lost their courage to toil during struggles.

This was why during the last years of mortal dynasties, it was extremely rare to have a dynasty’s revival, even if the founder of the dynasty did leave behind a so-called revival treasure.

This was why they took out the four-thousand-big-galaxies condition to test the Destined One.

In this sense, the deities could not compare to the Great Demon Saint and the Spirit Lords, at least they were brave enough to start over.

The White-Clothed Deity could empathize with the gods, he underwent seven deadly calamities when he was transforming into a god and every calamity was a near-death experience which he had no confidence in passing if he were to start again.

It was safe to say that everyone who managed to be a god was a result of survivorship bias instead of their true strength or destiny, they were just lucky survivors among the reservist soldiers.

If they were to start fresh from the Lower Realm, he believed that out of the thousands of gods present, only one percent would be able to reclaim their position as a god.

This was why they only dared to send their incarnations down to experience scourges and develop their foundation. However, how could an avatar compare to the real body?

Plus, with the hindrance of the Heavenly Axiom that owns two big worlds, incarnations were not reliable, rumor had it that an incarnation of the Great Demon Saint had rebelled.

The deities were counting on some mere literary collections to get the Destined One to do their bidding, was that not wishful thinking?

As the White-Clothed Deity thought, he believed that the gods had also considered everything he took into account and must have their own arrangements privately.

Some already sought refuge with the saints, some who already planned their contingency plans in the Lower Realm while some still held hope in the Upper Realm itself…

Even he himself had already chosen a body to descend in the Lower Realm.

With the butcher’s knife at bay and a harvester approaching with its loud whirring engines, there was no more time left to waste.

It was either they gave up their Divine Power and descend to the Lower Realm or they completely obeyed the saints’ orders, complied with the will of Heaven, reversed the damage and waited for the reincarnation of their souls to re-cultivate.

This was the most probable way out.

After a moment of silence, the Pantheon King finally spoke, “There’s information saying that two elders of the True Dragon Clan were creating a strange Dragon Soul Array in the center of the Milky Way in the Lower Realm.”

Having heard this, the White-Clothed Deity was shocked.

As expected of the Pantheon King, he sure had extraordinary tactics to even have thought that far.

Besides, was he aiming to produce the legendary sixth saint by saying this?

The deities in attendance turned and look at each other, with their wisdom, they instantly understood what the Pantheon King meant.

In the past, there was no way such a thing could come true, how could they unite when they were already used to enjoyment?

However, it was different now. Now, they were on a road to ruin.

Earth, the Land of Heritage, in a certain marketplace selling cultivation merchandise.

“Everybody can be a dragon, the True Dragon of the Upper Realm is merciful to the world to have specially published a revised edition of the Dragon Cultivation Ability which has comprehensively compiled stages — from level one cultivation to level ten, cultivate your skin first, then your bones, after that, transform your blood and strengthen your organs… It doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary person or complete trash in cultivating, you have a chance to cultivate into a True Dragon!”

A group of pretty female salespeople was promoting loudly to every person who walked into the marketplace.

“In comparison to the Nine Transformation Technique, what benefits will I get from this?” A young man could not resist the temptation, he stopped by and asked a promoter.

“Of course there would be benefits, you can’t advance beyond the seventh transformation for the Nine Transformation Technique but with this, you can cultivate all the way to being a True Dragon, you can be the next Great Venerable Dragon God!” The female salesperson proclaimed, holding a vintage green booklet.

“Only three thousand magical energy points.”

“Tsk, that’s so expensive, I’d have to cultivate hard for three years to save this amount.” The young man said reluctantly.

“Sharpening the ax will not interfere with your job of chopping wood, once you have this good technique, you’ll be able to cultivate faster and obtain more magical energy points, isn’t this good?” The salesperson advised.

“Ugh, this is just a cultivation technique, it can just be photocopied and the Nine Transformation Technique could already be downloaded for free from the internet… Can’t it be cheaper?” The young man was still reluctant.

“Hey, mister, now you don’t know about this, there is a real trace of the True Dragon’s spiritual mode in this technique, which only after absorbing it will you be able to cultivate successfully, this means that every copy is unique and there’s no use duplicating it. We didn’t want to set the price so high either, but we have no choice.” The promoter was helpless.

“Never mind, I’ll just see what others say.” The young man was not stupid, if there was a person who was trying their best to promote something to you, then it might not be the best thing for you.

“Mister, why don’t you trust me? This book is endorsed by the Cultivators Assembly, look at this stamp, strongly recommended by ‘World Cultivators Assembly’.” It was clear that the salesperson was not letting this client go.

The young man wavered, he asked suspiciously, “Will this clash with the Nine Transformation Golden Egg Technique I cultivated previously?”

“How is that possible? The True Dragon’s technique is all-encompassing and can accommodate and is compatible with anything, the two techniques can complement and transform each other, they won’t ever clash.” The female salesperson quickly explained.

“Uh, why are you trying so hard to market it? What benefits did they promise you?” The young man asked curiously.

“Hey, mister are you going to buy this or not? If you’re not buying, then don’t get in my way of looking for my next customer.” The girl was starting to get annoyed, but she had to accomplish the mission the ones above assigned.

“I’ll wait and see if anyone has cultivated this before.” The young man did not buy it but he did not leave either — he merely stood by a corner and watched.

The promoter’s eyes lit up and said, “You don’t have to wait, I’ve cultivated this Dragon Transformation Technique before, look, I can already grow out my dragon horns.”

As the girl spoke, she shut her eyes and when they opened, two horn appeared on top of her head.

“Tsk, aren’t you a demon?” The young man took a few steps back in horror.

“What are you saying, you have no insight at all, mistaking a dragon as a demon. What an ungrateful person, if it wasn’t for the Great Venerable Dragon God, would you be alive now?” The salesgirl said scornfully.

“Uh, is this book published by the Great Venerable Dragon God himself?” The young man asked curiously.

“Mmm, something like that, it’s by someone in his family, isn’t it the same?” The salesperson said half-heartedly.

“Then alright, I’ll buy one based on the Great Venerable Dragon God’s reputation.” The young man bit out.

This situation was taking place at every sale department selling cultivation merchandise, there was no clue to what was happening but this sale of this new technique was happening everywhere.

However, most earthlings were indifferent to this, in the previous commercial society, when would merchants not concoct some exciting bargains to prompt purchases? Just like the so-called Double 11 and Double 12 sales (TN: Double 11 and Double 12 sales are few of the biggest shopping festivals in China, similar to Black Friday in the U.S.), it was just that this gimmick now bore a new name of a cultivation technique… It was still the same old publicity stunt.

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However, from this, a new era of prosperity seemed to be materializing.

The view then started to zoom out from the scene of the cultivation technique’s sale as it exited the Earth, the Solar System and settled on the center of the Milky Way.

“Could there be a problem with this Dragon Soul Array’s first plan of marketing this Dragon Cultivation Ability it concocted? Why can’t I seem to understand it?” The White Dragon asked suspiciously.

“We have no choice. Since we haven’t fused with it, of course we can’t understand its thoughts. We’ll be able to do so in the future.” The Purple Dragon said, shaking its head.

“What a bunch of tricks and bluffs, we are technically its dads, if it’s hiding things from its dads, could it go beyond our control in the future?” The White Dragon said gloomily.

“No way, no matter how strong it gets, it’s still an aggregate of dragon souls, it’s impossible for it to escape from our clutches.” The Purple Dragon said confidently.

“Alright then, let’s go see what other suggestions it’ll give us later.” The White Dragon said helplessly.

“It is an accumulation of the wisdom and power of all True Dragons, I believe that there’s no one in this universe that can be its rival.”