Chapter 1116 - Interstellar Transmigration Plan

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Chapter 1116: Interstellar Transmigration Plan

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The booming sales that corresponded to the sales of techniques were the civilian products invented by the crab people —— mechs. They were equally popular, both screaming hot sales to the point where the supply was inadequate to the demand.

Approximately a year ago, the other party began their attempt in exporting high-intelligent mech pets to Earth. Ever since they received favorable reviews from important businessmen, they began to increase export volumes and quickly replaced the position of pets in the past pet market.

One did not need to worry about their eating and sleeping habits, vaccination issues, them ruining your home, not needing to spend on expensive pet food, and one would still be able to enjoy the privilege of raring pet animals such as cats, dogs, and birds.

Moreover, dogs and cats that were merely consumers and saboteurs in the past now had various functions such as acting as guide dogs, collecting parcels, cleaning houses, calling the police, and carrying out emergency first-aid.

The problem of stray pet animals that had existed for a long period had naturally disappeared along with the development of science and technology, just as the food and clothing problems.

The crab people’s Foreign Trade Association was currently discussing with the people on Earth the issue on exporting high-intelligent mechs for the civilian use. It was just pending approval.

That was because everyone was worried there might be ethical problems. Intelligent cats and dogs were one thing. After all, smart dogs and cats were often shown in films and television works.

However, if ther were intelligent mechs that were comparable to humans, many problems would surface.

Although the civilian version was not approved, the military version had been introduced straight away, even with conditions of transferring technology and production lines attached.

As for goods that the crab people required, they naturally asked for all sorts of techniques and objects that could be used in cultivation.

On top of that, they were like humans on Earth ten years ago, learning how to walk by taking little steps like toddlers.

However, at this time, different voices sounded.

In the Land of Inheritance, at the Cultivators Assembly.

“Those who don’t belong to my clan surely have a different heart. We must block the cultivation trade with the crab people otherwise we’ll end up training new competitors for ourselves,” one of the white powerhouses suggested generously.

“If we block it, sales will just drop. The future is an open world and Earth is slowly embracing the whole universe. If new cultivation techniques are promoted right now, it’ll be just in time for us to promote our technical standards. I’m sure you Westerners are most skilled in this,” a yellow powerhouse retorted.

Everyone exchanged looks of confusion. Why did the situation seem reversed? The yellow people had always been the most conservative, whereas the whites were the most open-minded, no?

However, those who were present at the moment were all elites and powerhouses who used to be think-tank experts in international issues, so they managed to offer solutions quickly.

A reference to the past trade standards was all needed. Some techniques and products were limited, whereas some were open to all.

Intelligent mechs that were fully anthropomorphic were banned from imports, but semi-personalized mechs for homecare were allowed.

Of course, the so-called intelligent mechs were of weak intelligence, it was just that their algorithm and computational powers were far beyond mankind’s current technical level.

These crab people invented a preliminary version of a quantum calculator that was more practical based on this basis, and that was why the program could be very advanced.

The development of mankind’s technology and skills often began somewhere, then slowly spread across the world through communication.

The universe was just a substitution now, to search for more civilizations, and then to communicate more knowledge of science and technology, which was another strategic goal.

After discussing the foreign trade issues with the crab people, it was time for the conference’s free exchange session, where over ten of the powerhouses began to discuss freely.

“I received a message from my secret channel. Apparently, some people are secretly engaged in the Interstellar Transmigration Plan.”

“Interstellar Transmigration Plan? What’s that?” Everyone looked at each other.

“It’s like this. There are hundreds of Pond-level cultivators who are now able to live in space. With the opening of the Milky Way Highway, they are now collecting techniques and resources in preparation to escape to another planet similar to Earth. Through cloning humans and building cultivation bases, they’re able to satisfy their own cultivation resource needs…” The black powerhouse said in a defeated tone as he shook his head.

“Where did you hear this news?” Ren Ruofeng’s expression tightened. He was surprised he did not know this.

Sure enough, as the virtuous raised one foot, the devil raised ten. Despite the Spiritual Nets Above Snares Below and the Biological Management Chip techniques, Pond-level powerhouses enjoyed the privilege of being chip-free. This left them with loopholes.

“Oh, someone of my bloodline just joined the Interstellar Transmigration. I sensed it through my blood when he was cultivating techniques. This fellow’s a descendant whom I value very much, and he didn’t even inform me. This shows how attractive this plan is in their perspectives,” the black powerhouse said with a hint of anger in his tone.

“They’re learning from the former migrants, but just a low version of it. However, in comparison to the migrants controlled by the Upper Realm, they at least have the liberty of delegating their cultivation resources. In the current cultivation market especially, only a large amount of magical energy points is needed to purchase all sorts of products and even perfect reincarnation services. No wonder these people are tempted,” Ren Ruofeng said in a bothered tone.

Human minds were complicated since everyone had ideas and plans of their own. Even if the human community was established, the different groups within the community would eventually split as the external environment changed due to different interests and opinions.

It was evident that this group of people who were engaged in the Interstellar Transmigration was disregarding ethics and morality since they intended to use technology to clone people and exploit the clones.

Such things had been vividly reflected in previous sci-fi films, and now it was finally happening in reality…

When the black powerhouse finished speaking, the cultivators all fell silent. Some of them were spotted with a glimmer in their eyes as if they were tempted by the idea as well.

In the face of strength and longevity, what were ethics and morals even? An ordinary mortal’s life was already considered unimportant, needless to say, clones were nothing.

In today’s society, magical energy points were money, perhaps even more tempting than money.

Apart from the so-called “true love” that had always been a myth, it could pretty much buy everything. Even and gold could not buy longevity, no matter how wealthy people were in the past calculated carefully, they could never live over two hundred years old.

Now, on the other hand, if one was lack of Cultivation Proficiency, a billion magical energy points and a few pulls of strings, one could easily request the Great Bodhisattva to hold the perfect reincarnation and even receive an extremely high Cultivation Proficiency.

Of course, the price was now much higher because of the rapid increase in the production of magical energy. Perhaps 1.5 billion, perhaps even 3 billion magical energy points now. It seemed that even the Bodhisattva knew how to change prices accordingly…

In the past when cultivators considered the issues on ethics, they would rather take a detour. Instead of relying on large quantities of clones, they would search for the Great Venerable Dragon God from the River of Blood to create newborns just to avoid the issue.

After all, humans who were born in the River of Blood were considered of a bloodline more valuable, so there was no worry about them being used as tool men.

However, the concept of clones was that they were born to be tool men, and that was all becoming reality now.

The Vitality Transformation Equipment, clones, all-purpose bacteria, and the Milky Way Highway… The maturity of these many techniques was enough for powerhouses to generate interstellar transmigration, open sub-bases, and accomplish their ambition of building a slave empire.

“Our priority right now is to block the technique and prevent it from being used by those who are ill-intentioned. The Milky Way High especially, we must step up security and prohibit private transmigrations. All storage artifacts must be strictly checked through as well.” Ren Ruofeng gave his last stalling tactic.

This problem was destined to be completely impossible to solve because it went against the huge unparalleled benefits. Just like three poisons that accompanied human history, it could only disappear only for a short while.

The other cultivators stared at each other and exchanged a quick nod. Obviously, nobody would object on the surface, but nobody could guarantee their actions as to what they do privately.

When cultivating techniques and evil science and technology came together, the energy that erupts would be beyond one’s imagination.

As for the black powerhouse who exposed this news might not do it out of good intention. He might have been probing around or stirring up trouble.

Ren Ruofeng thought to himself silently.