Chapter 1117 - Another Trick

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Chapter 1117: Another Trick

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At the First Mansion of the Horn in the Milky Way, the System Kingdom where the System Domain existed.

On this day, a young man arrived from space.

It was the Bodhisattva Spirit King, and thanks to the humans, he had recovered more than half of his magic in the past ten years or so.

After all, even a pig that had a billion magical energy points could become?Zhu Bajie?1?, what more someone like him.

Sir System was also extremely envious. Although its system functions and features were all-rounded, it was only unable to help people reincarnate. That was the only thing it could not do.

“Bodhisattva, long time no see! I hope you’re doing well,” Azure Dragon said softly.

“Hehe, thanks to the Venerable One, the past few years have been alright,” the Bodhisattva Spirit King said with a nod.

“That’s good then. May I know why are you here, Bodhisattva?”

“The gods and deities of the Upper Realm have asked me to come and make peace. They have agreed to the Venerable One’s conditions, but they’re hoping for the Venerable One to protect them for the next ten thousand years after they’ve gathered and descended to the mortal world. In exchange, they’ll surrender all knowledge and ancient books gathered in the Upper Realm. My friend asked me for this favor and I couldn’t get myself out of it, that’s why I’m here to pass along the message,” Bodhisattva Spirit King said helplessly.

Those people from his hometown were not to be provoked, and this was equally common on the powerhouses.

Sir System quickly called Fang Ning, who was in bed, and told him the incident.

“What do you think we should do now?” Sir System asked.

Fang Ning responded with admiration right away, “These gods are really smart, very realistic and practical indeed. Once they figured out they can’t beat us, they’ve immediately recognized our power and gave in.”

“Stop uttering nonsense, do you want to accept their request?” Sir System asked in an annoyed tone.

“Hey, how can you hesitate?” Fang Ning was shocked. “If we follow your initial intentions, we should reject them straight away. After all, killing a god can earn us up to ten billion experience points. You were excited too before, wanting to communicate with the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom or something and acting as a harvester for the gods and deities of the Upper Realm. Why did you change your mind in just the past few days?”

“That’s because I just finished reading a book called No Pie Will Fall From The Sky, and after thinking about it, I think it feels right,” Sir System said anxiously, “When we fought the God of Plagues previously, the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom took the initiative to help me incarnate. Do you think it’ll still harvest me after I finish harvesting all the sacred gods and deities of the Upper Realm?”

“Tsk, I’m surprised you’ve thought of this. Indeed, a system who has been away three days must be looked at with new eyes,” Fang Ning responded in shock. Sir System had always been quite dumb, but it had thought of this somehow.

This was as if there was a bug in the program as if artificial intelligence had grown awareness.

“I’m alright, aren’t I?” Sir System responded proudly.

Fang Ning thought of his guess earlier about the true origin of Sir System, and the harvester of all the gods and deities of the Upper Realm that was created by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom.

Obviously, the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm was definitely not a helpful lad like?Lei Feng?1?, so it was no doubt that it had its purposes in doing things. In addition to what Sir System had said earlier on, it was all very obvious now.

Perhaps the other party had already left a back door open in Sir System’s lower source code, and was now waiting to become the Master of the Universe to make the big move!

That was what Sir System mentioned about being harvested by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom!

At this thought, Fang Ning immediately sat up from the sofa.

He could no longer lie around anymore!

It was no wonder the other side chose someone like him. A guy like him with such an attitude, a hopeless procrastinator, was the easiest target to control.

If the protagonist was a hardworking one who grew along with the help of the System, the other side would be unable to control the person.

After all, the so-called Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm was not even able to completely control all the gods and deities of the Upper Realm.

At this thought, the panic and fear in Fang Ning’s mind dissipated plenty.

If he could just be a little more hardworking and become more ambitious, he would certainly be able to surmount the other party’s control!

Uh, but that seemed tiring… Maybe he could wait for a few more days, then decide on something after the situation was determined?

This idea naturally emerged in Fang Ning’s head, which he swiftly suppressed right away. That would not do! If this was dragged on, he might be fooled by the other party’s evil trick.

With that, he said slowly, “Sir System, your ideas are very good, but they’re all ungrounded fantasies. We just need to verify this now.”

“How can we verify it?” Sir System asked urgently.

“Well, let’s just do this deal with the gods and deities of the Upper Realm this time. We’ll not kill them, but we’ll have to slightly change the trading conditions,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“I don’t understand. What can this possibly verify?” Sir System asked blankly.

“In this case, we’ll just have to see if our rotten luck stays with us to prove that the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom isn’t shadowing us. If we continue to be unlucky, it means that we’ve violated the means of the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom, and that means all this is affected by it. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with everything that’s been happening.”

“Brilliant, that’s wise indeed,” Sir System immediately fawned.

“Oh, it’s alright,” Fang Ning gave a modest response, “However, we’ll still have to amend the conditions of the deal. Since we have an advantage now, we can’t let the gods and deities of the Upper Realm to have the final say.

“Of course, of course. Ten thousand years is too long, let’s just protect them for a hundred years. Besides that, handing over their ancient books is not enough. They’ve milked the common people dry, so they must surrender all the plundered possession to me as well,” Sir System said boldly.

“That’s not a bad suggestion, but everything should be handed over to me instead,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“What?” Sir System turned furious immediately, almost turning its face against the friendship between both the system and the host.

“You’re stupid, really,” Fang Ning sneered, “Aren’t you worried about being harvested by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom? Let me tell you then. As an aborigine of this universe, it’ll have to start a war with this universe’s Origin’s Consciousness if it wants to harvest me. Therefore, using all the benefits on me is the most insured move.”

“…” Sir System was utterly speechless. After a moment’s hesitation, it continued, “Why did I just only realize that the person who’s going to harvest me isn’t the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom, but you, Host.”

“Now, you’re tainting my innocence without proof once again,” Fang Ning said bitterly, “I’m doing all this for your sake. If you don’t want to be harvested by the so-called Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm in the future, the only solution is to help me quickly raise myself.”

“I used to ask you to be more hardworking and cultivate to become a god, but you were the one who stayed lazy, weren’t you? Not only do you procrastinate, you also have a problem with working hard. You lack perseverance, and you’re just like a fisherman who goes out to sea for one day, then take the next two days off to dry his nets.” Sir System said in disdain.

“Well, the past can’t be recalled, and only fools will immerse themselves in the past.?On the other hand, we should look towards money?1?,” Fang Ning added as he forcefully changed the topic.

“Yes, you’ll just have to look at my money now,” Sir System said unhappily.

Fang Ning was too lazy to even bother with the System. Since he had made up his mind, he returned to his dragon body and spoke to Bodhisattva.

“Venerable One, what you’ve said is true. If that’s the case, I’ll let them know about it,” the Bodhisattva Spirit King agreed right away, clearly with no intentions of interceding for the gods.

“Sorry for troubling you then, Bodhisattva.”

“It’s no problem. Every fruit has its root. It is finally time for the gods and deities of the Upper Realm to pay back for the sins they have committed in the past,” Bodhisattva said with an open mind.

With that, Fang Ning got up and sent away the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

Instead of passing through the Portal, the other party disappeared in the vast sky with a flash.

“Seems like Bodhisattva’s god status will soon be recovered.” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“You should hurry up and go cultivate then. If we can save a little of the resources, we’ll save that little.” Sir System had yet given up.

“So that’s how it is, I understand now. This stingy nature of yours is precisely given by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom. It wants you to accumulate as many resources as possible so it can enjoy a wonderful harvest. Take a look at your System Storage Area, do you know how full it is?” Fang Ning asked loudly.

“…” Sir System was speechless. It did not expect something he had said casually in the past would let its Host overthink to this stage, and the point was its Host made sense.

“Damn it, why do I feel like I’ve been tricked by you again?” Sir System said hesitantly.

“I really didn’t this time around. You’ve fantasized everything up by yourself, I’m just making reasonable interpretations here,” Fang Ning denied straightaway.