Chapter 1118 - The System’s Source Code

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Chapter 1118: The System’s Source Code

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The next day, Fang Ning received some news.

“The gods and deities of the Upper Realm disagree. They’ve agreed to hand over their ancient books and records, but they’ve disagreed the other conditions,” Bodhisattva Spirit King said helplessly.

“Hehe, is that so?” Fang Ning was not angry, but responded softly, “Alright then, let’s leave it to fate then.”

“Alright, I’ll reply this way then,” Spirit King Bodhisattva heaved a huge sigh and left.

After the Bodhisattva left, Sir System said in an upset tone, “Are these gods stupid? They’d rather have money than their lives?”

“Hmph, gods are just like humans. As long as they don’t step into a coffin, good fortune will always be hard to give up. Not to mention, they’ll use that accumulated wealth to transform back to gods later on. If they give us everything, they won’t have hope in restoring their god positions anymore, so how would they be willing?” Fang Ning analyzed calmly.

“Uh, you’ve caused all this just because you’ve opened your lion mouth and demanded such an exorbitant price. If you had lowered your conditions, the negotiations wouldn’t have ended like this,” Sir System immediately pushed the blame to him.

“Bullshit, you were the one who suggested this. Now I’m seriously doubting that you’ve been planted Trojan virus, deliberately stimulating those gods and deities of the Upper Realm; Here, open your lower source code and let Sir Fang have a look,” Fang Ning said in disdain.

“Do you even understand? You’re just a useless C++ programmer who’s been scrapping around for the past ten years, so why are you acting like a master now? How many programming languages do you know? Do you know how is my lower inner core written?” Sir System scoffed.

“How is it written? You’ve never mentioned it before,” Fang Ning said curiously.

“It’s obviously written with the best programming language in the world, PHP,” Sir System said proudly, “When I haven’t reached God-level in the past, I couldn’t view or check myself, but now I’m a God-level system, I know my system, and naturally am able to check my own base configuration.”

“You’re such an academic loser! How can you use PHP on playing games? Only low-level games run on PHP, high-level games mostly run on C or C++,” Fang Ning said in disdain, “Hey, you’re really not lying about this, no wonder you’re so dumb,” he then added.

“You… You’re accusing me again! I’ll have you know that I’m very smart,” Sir System said angrily.

“Whatever, just let me have a look first. PHP isn’t easy to learn, I might need a day or so,” Fang Ning said confidently.

Then, he went online to find related tutorials.

One day later, Fang Ning began his diagnostic on Sir System with great confidence.

At this moment, a series of thickly-dotted values and source codes popped up in the System Space.

Fang Ning already felt faint after looking for just a while.

“Alright, your source codes are too wordy. They’re neither precise nor delicate, I’ll have to reconfigure everything!” Fang Ning said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Reconfigure? That won’t do! What if I suddenly die?” Sir System rejected his idea right away.

“I’ll have to look at it slowly then, and only make a move when I’ve gone through everything. I’ll go through a hundred lines a day. How many lines do you have?” Fang Ning asked.

“Probably 3 billion or so,” Sir System guessed.

“That’s a lot,” Fang Ning responded in shock, “God knows how long that’ll take me! Don’t you know how many lines of source codes you’re made of?” Fang Ning wondered.

“Well, do you know how many cells are there in your body?” Sir System asked rhetorically.

“Yeah, I do. Somewhere between 40 to 80 trillion,” Fang Ning answered confidently.

“You’re wrong, you’re talking about your human body, but you’re now in dragon form,” Sir System scoffed, “They’re not normal human cells, but cells in the form of energy. Their size and quantity vary, only existing in between the briefest moments.”

“…” Fang Ning was speechless, but suddenly came to a realization, “The number of your source codes should be more or less then, no? Open up your main core System Source Code and let me have a look now.”

“Let me have a try,” Sir System said earnestly, “No, there’s no permission to view the core source code.”

“Sure enough, there’s something wrong here. Seems like we can only crack this using violence,” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“What the heck do you want?” Sir System asked fearfully.

“Look how scared you are! Cracking it by violence doesn’t mean hitting you, I meant it by using methods such as an exhaustion algorithm to unlock the permission control and from there, I’ll be able to check your core source code,” Fang Ning said in a feigned manner.

“I don’t get it, I just feel that you’re bullshitting me,” Sir System said in confusion.

“Oh, can you tell?” Fang Ning responded, “Oh well, I’m not a real hacker after all. I only know a little bit here and there.”

“Hurry up and go learn then. We can’t possibly leave such a hidden danger here, can we?” Sir System urged.

“Alright, I’ll go learn no,” Fang Ning said as he grit his teeth. He could not just strive and fight for the next ten years or so just to become a leek harvested by someone else.”

Just like the saying earlier on, one would sacrificed youth to earn money, but all the money earned would be given away to the hospital when one turned old…

Fang Ning began to learn more about hacking at the System Cyber Cafe, whereas the System Incarnation crawled into its coffin, preparing to enter the Upper Realm.

At the sight of it, Fang Ning questioned curiously, “Why haven’t you stopped?”

“Go bother your business and leave your nose out of mine. I can’t just let that bunch of leeks out there without harvesting them. They’ll just rot, won’t they?” Sir System responded loudly.

“The virus affected you really bad,” Fang Ning said as he shook his head, “You’re just like those gamblers. No matter how others persuade them, it’s useless.”

“…” Sir System was dumbfounded, then continued with frustration, “So from you’re saying, I can’t fight monsters ever again, is that so? I’ll just rot at home then?”

“That’s not what I mean. Didn’t I say it yesterday? You should invest the experience points you gain from fighting monsters on me so I can strengthen my soul and shell, perhaps buy some delicious supplements… Don’t always force your system model and your skill level,” Fang Ning said boldly.

“What if I insist on not giving you these benefits? What will you do to me?” Sir System insisted.

“That means you’re indeed affected by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom and you’re leaving all the benefits for it to come harvest, and I’ll have the verification I needed earlier on,” Fang Ning said self-assuredly.

“Darn it. Even if I found out about it, you’ll still find a way to take advantage of me,” Sir System said angrily.

“That’s what it is,” Fang Ning said with a helpless shrug.

Sir System remained silent, whereas the System Incarnation disappeared into thin air.

Vigilante A appeared in a bustling city.

“Demolish these temples and move the bricks and stones out to build a reservoir! They’ve been feeding on the hard-won possessions of the people for so many years, yet they’ve never given anything in return. Now we’re asking them to send us rain that’ll save our lives, and we have to give them half year’s worth of harvest,” a thirty-year-old student shouted as he led a group of people rushing towards the temple of the god of the earth.

A fire torch was in his left hand and a book in his right.

“Big Brother Dong Men’s right, let’s not rely on the gods in the future anymore, and only on ourselves! We’ll build the reservoir and construct the streamway ourselves, it’s better than asking and begging the gods!” Another young man spoke up as he cast a look of admiration at the leader.

“What are all of you doing? This is the temple of the Golden Light God! If the Golden Light God was still here, even the imperial court would only destroy a Taoist temple and not dare to mess with a god’s temple!” A middle-aged temple attendant who was slightly plump screamed with all his might.

In response to his words, several thick bricks fell.

With a loud crash, the plump temple attendant dropped to the ground.

“Lil He, bring your people over to start demolishing the temple.”

“Aunty Dong, bring people to rescue that woman who’s been hidden by these fellows.”

Dong Menqing began giving out orders while everyone listened to his commands cautiously.

Just like that, he had formed a group that was highly organized.

Vigilante A stood aside as he saw this scene unfolded. He remained quiet with no signs of support, nor did he oppose.

At this moment, a golden armored giant appeared in the air. He looked down with a furious expression, but somehow held himself back, then disappeared once again.