Chapter 1119 - The Bequeathal Of The God Of Sleep

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Chapter 1119: The Bequeathal Of The God Of Sleep

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Thus, Vigilante A went around exploring the Upper Realm as instructed by the real body, seeking opportunities for exploitation.

Unfortunately, the gods and deities were not fools either. At least the stories from “The Investiture of the Gods” would not easily happen to them. 1

Why would they care about the sufferings of the mortal nations?

After all, such upheaval and crises would only last for a few thousand years. As long as they were able to persevere through this predestined fate, they could naturally deal with these matters later on.

That was why the ancient myths and legends were meant to be taken as entertainment. If one were to look for logic in such stories, then the person would be underestimating the intelligence of the gods.

With that, half a year quickly passed by. However, aside from the many ancient books and records it had managed to collect, the System Incarnation did not achieve anything, and had not even been able to hunt down a god.

This disappointed Sir System very much, and it could not stop grumbling to its host, who had been meticulously studying the System Source Code.

“This Maxim is such a bother. There are so many experience packs around, yet I can’t find any excuse to harvest them. This is really giving me a headache.”

“Stop complaining and bothering me while I’m studying.” With two dark circles around his eyes, Fang Ning was quickly analyzing the row upon row of System Source Code before him.

There was no way of telling how much effort it would require for him to identify the core source code from among the three billion rows of System Source Code that had been exposed.

However, in the past half a year, he did not come out empty-handed either. After all, as a Lake-level powerhouse, his mental capacity was for greater than all the so-called genius hackers from before.

“Are you actually capable of doing this? It seems like you’re a good-for-nothing as well. All this while, you’ve been messing around with this, and yet you’ve achieved nothing at all,” Sir System belittled.

“Hehe,” Fang Ning laughed coldly. “Do you think what I’ve been doing over the past half a year or so had all been in vain?”

“Isn’t that so?” Sir System asked.

“I shall let you see how impressive I can be,” Fang Ning said while editing a particular source code.

System Notification: [The System questioned the Host for no reason at all, and has been silenced for 3 minutes.]

“…” Sir System could not speak.

“Sss, I, I’ve really shot myself in the foot,” Sir System immediately said dejectedly. “I’ve actually exposed my own weakness points of my own accord. Now that I think of it, all those talk about the influence and dominance of the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom were false. I’ve been deceived by you after all. You’re just trying to use this situation to improve your own fate.”

“You’re groundlessly besmirching a man’s innocence again,” Fang Ning said, feeling wronged. “My previous analysis has been entirely reasonable and fair, and conforms very much to the conspiracy theories. How can you find anything wrong with it? Moreover, to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal, to get rid of others once they have served their purpose, to eliminate trusted aides when they have outlived their usefulness… Aren’t these the most common events happening in dramas? There have been so many incidents like these happening throughout history. You can see it in the cases of Han Xin and Lan Yu too. 1 We’re just the Han Xin of the Era of Mythology.”

Sir System was shocked to hear this, and hurriedly say, “Oh, I’ve been mistaken. I shouldn’t have suspected you. However, how should we overturn the situation now?”

“I’ve already told you how to do it, that is, to feed me more and let me grow faster. The best thing is to create a cultivation ability that can allow me to become a god by just sleeping. I’ve tried developing a similar method once, but it was too weak. After I’ve cultivated to a certain level, it began to lose its effects,” Fang Ning instructed.

“Uh, then let’s make this task our top priority,” Sir System said. “As for the matter of becoming the Master of the Universe, we’ll have to delay it then, right?”

“Of course. Anyway, it’s not something that can be achieved within just a few years. It will take us at least tens of thousands of years, or even a few hundred thousand years to accomplish it. In any case, after finalizing our strategy, we can have the others execute it,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Alright then. Let’s make an ability for you first. However, I don’t have it with me here, neither do I know what would suit you. You’ll have to go and look for it yourself in order to find something that fits you,” Sir System said with resignation.

“Too bad you can only seize my body but not my consciousness and soul,” Fang Ning said regretfully.

“Well, that’s for sure — unless you’d like to become schizophrenic and cause your own soul to have a breakdown,” Sir System said with disdain.

Fang Ning ignored this second-rate good, feeling slight regret for being too big of a procrastinator. In fact, he should have focused his attention on creating a complete ability that would allow him to cultivate to become a god even in his sleep.

He had made something like that earlier on, but with his and Sir System’s capabilities back then, it was of course impossible for them to create an ability that could lead them directly toward becoming gods. After all, Sir System had not yet become a God-level system at that time, so how could it have helped him accomplish such a task?

Moreover, Sir System despised using lazy methods the most, and had always been a system that rewarded him by making him work overtime, so it would not assist him wholeheartedly with this.

This was also the case right now.

Therefore, Fang Ning could only rely on himself.

After giving it some thought, Fang Ning went to the System Hotel first to inquire the two gods.

“You would like to have an ability that can help you become a god even in your sleep? Well, it’s definitely possible,” Death said frankly upon hearing his question, “In the Upper Realm, both the God of Sleep and the God of Dreams can meet your request. However, their endowment requirements are very high. For those who don’t qualify, they won’t even be able to start learning it. It’s like how insomniacs struggle to sleep. The more they try to fall asleep, the harder it is to do so. There’s no way to force it to happen. Instead, when they let nature take its course, they’ll be able to peacefully fall asleep.”

“Mr. Rich Boss, your endowment should definitely be enough. I haven’t seen you struggling to fall asleep anyway. Whenever you encounter any big problem, you’ll always sleep first before coming up with a solution,” Sir System said.

“Stop talking nonsense. Am I the kind of person who has no sense of priorities?” Fang Ning said angrily.

He then ignored Sir System and proceeded to say to Death, “May I know where to find these two types of abilities?”

“Hehe, these two gods are different from us. They have no shape and form, for they can only be found in the sleep and dreams of people. Even the sleep and dreams of gods belong in their domain. Even if the Upper Realm was only left with one god, they will live. If you would like to obtain their bequeathal, you’ll just have to see whether you’re fated to have it then,” Death said, shaking its head.

Fang Ning sensed the trickiness of the situation. What the other party said was true. In order to become an apprentice to a master, one had to find out where the master lived first. In this case, however, these two masters dwelled in the sleep and dreams, so there was practically nowhere one could go to find them.

“I’ve figured it out, Richie. You’ve always been sleeping in my System Space. No wonder you’ve never been able to meet them. Now, since you’re looking to obtain their bequeathal, you’ll have to teleport yourself to the Upper Realm and sleep there instead,” Sir System instigated.

“Are you asking me to seek my own death?” Fang Ning said dismally. “How would I have a sense of security if I’m not sleeping in the System Space? Won’t it all be in vain if I get invaded some evil spirits while I’m dreaming?”

“Well, there’s nothing else we can do then. With your laziness and cowardice, how are you supposed to get an opportunity at this? Like all those novels you read, if you’d like to meet the extraordinary, you’ll have to be willing to jump off a cliff first,” Sir System scorned.

“Let me think about this. I have to come up with another idea. Right, let’s have your System Incarnation leave some messages all over the Upper Realm. With such impending doom awaiting them, how is it possible for these two gods to still not show themselves and give me a chance? I’m the Destined One after all. Before I’m done exploiting them, my destiny can never be exhausted,” Fang Ning said confidently.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“You’re really stupid. If they gave you an opportunity and you became a god, what should they do then?” Sir System said doubtfully.

“Stop talking already. Hurry up and call the System Incarnation back to give it the instructions. I need this urgently.”

Sir System did not dare to disobey Fang Ning’s orders since he had already found the trick to silencing the system. Thus, it immediately asked the green-skinned frog to recall the System Incarnation from the Upper Realm.

After giving it the relevant instructions, it was sent out again

There had never been anyone else as cowardly as Fang Ning.

However, Sir System was the same as he was. It clearly had God-level combat power that was bolstered with various bonuses from the system, thus raising it to Supreme-God-level. If it were some other protagonists in its place, they would already be off killing the gods and destroying the Buddhas, roaming around freely.

Nonetheless, both of them were still hiding in a corner of the Lower Realm. They were neither able to find a valid reason to launch an attack, nor were they actively trying to create such a reason for themselves.

“The Investiture of the Gods” is an ancient Chinese novel about deities and demons.

Han Xin was a military general who contributed greatly to the founding of the Han dynasty, but was accused of treason and executed by Empress Lu. Meanwhile, Lan Yu was a Chinese general who contributed to the founding of the Ming Dynasty, but was accused of plotting a rebellion and put to death by the Hongwu Emperor.