Chapter 1120 - Gather The Nets

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Chapter 1120: Gather The Nets

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In the Upper Realm, where an extraordinarily tall mountain, which was formerly a celestial mountain, stood.

However, today, it had lost the Immortal Energy it used to have. The crowned cranes and spirit deers were also missing, and there were weeds growing everywhere. It was only when there were some clouds and mist lingering about that the mountain would reveal a shadow of its otherworldliness.

At the moment, Vigilante A was leaving a message on the highest peak.

“I would like to meet with the God of Sleep and the God of Dreams in my dream to study the secrets of nature together.”

The words were powerfully written with sharp and picturesque strokes, concealing a sense of profoundness. When the others came across this message later, those with an extremely high endowment would definitely be able to perceive the supreme celestial arts within these words.

After leaving the message behind and making a certain communicative mark, Vigilante A flew away feeling pleased with himself.

Three days later, as he hurriedly flew back, he found a new message on that highest peak.

“You are just a dog of the Heavenly Axiom. How could you even be worthy of studying the secrets of nature.”

Fang Ning, who had returned to studying the System Source Code, was anxiously called over by Sir System to the big monitor screen.

“Richie, someone publicly called you a dog,” Sir System gloated.

Fang Ning was furious at first, but upon closer scrutiny, he immediately replied sarcastically, “The person is referring to you, okay?”

“You’re Vigilante A. How can the message be directed at me?” Sir System questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious? Aren’t you the harvester that has been brought in the picture by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom? So, of course, you’re a dog of the Heavenly Axiom,” Fang Ning justified.

“Uh, we can’t be having an internal strife amongst ourselves. We have to be united against external threats. These wretched gods are really pushing us to do this the hard way. We’re asking to borrow their abilities to show them respect, and they’re publicly calling me a dog instead. I was still worrying about not being able to find an excuse to wage a war with them. Well, now, they’ve given me one,” Sir System said, enraged.

Fang Ning was fuming as well. Of course, he was aware that, from the viewpoint of the senior nobilities, all the upstarts were naturally among the most despised groups of people.

Such was the case among the gods and deities too.

“If you’d like to talk about excuses, isn’t it actually very easy to find one?” Fang Ning laughed coldly. “I was just too lazy to look for one previously, and I didn’t want to be too overt, but right now, it seems like our kindness has been taken as a sign of weakness by some people. Well then, we should let them know what it means to be helpless against an unstoppable situation!”

“Oh, Mr. Rich Boss, you’re the most powerful of all. Hurry up and tell me, what should we do?” Sir System urged.

“You can just wait and watch,” Fang Ning said, full of confidence.

“You’re just trying to make things seem mysterious again. I’ll keep bothering you about this then,” Sir System said irritatedly.

“What would you know? If I told you everything, would you still give me money then?” Fang Ning scorned.

Fang Ning used the body double of Vigilante A to go and meet Ren Ruofeng.

“Mister Ren, I need your help on an important matter,” Fang Ning said gravely.

“Please go ahead, Venerable One.” Meanwhile, Ren Ruofeng had some thoughts swirling around in his mind. Supposedly, with his level of cultivation base, he should not be able to participate in a fight among the gods and deities.

As Fang Ning conveyed his idea to Ren Ruofeng; the latter was struck dumb with amazement, and then became very excited.

He was surprised that the day to launch a counterattack had finally arrived. If this plan turned out to be successful, he might not be entirely without the hope of seeing the position of a god for himself.

Instantly, he said in a clear-cut manner, “How dare I not commit my life to this?”

The opportunity was right before his eyes. If he were to hesitate and ponder over it some more, then he would not be a truly wise man, but an ordinary person.

Furthermore, since when had any of the Venerable Dragon God’s plans failed throughout all these years?

It was all happening in accordance with the will of the Heavenly Axiom.

After that, Fang Ning went to meet another person, namely the River God of the Sky River.

“The Venerable One is truly ambitious. By doing so, there will be no more room to salvage the situation between us and the gods.” The River God sighed.

“Humph, they’re a bunch of rotten bones in the graveyard who are still clinging to the ancient ways of doing things. We should’ve settled accounts with them much earlier. The Heavenly Axiom has already been very merciful to have allowed them to live until today,” Fang Ning said with a strong sense of righteousness.

The River God’s heart swayed. Naturally, he had heard that the reason this Great Venerable Dragon God was able to take advantage of the situation and rise above the others was most likely because he had the support of the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom. Therefore, the more he fought, the stronger he grew. He was able to defeat those stronger than him all the way, and in the end, even the gods and deities had no way of keeping him under control.

It seemed like the time had finally come to gather the nets!

Who could tell how much benefit it would bring them when these accounts were finally being settled?

His Divine Power had just been significantly restored, so if he could gain some benefit from this for himself, his future achievement might be even higher than before!

With such a huge advantage placed before him, and as he considered the power of the Heavenly Axiom, he clenched his teeth together and said, “In that case, I should neither talk about nor consider our past friendships anymore. It’s also better to let them get a clear view of the Great Path sooner.”

Fang Ning nodded in agreement. He knew that this fellow would not take action unless he could benefit from the situation somehow, so Fang Ning could easily convince him to join in.

Of course, most importantly, they still had to depend on Sir System’s might and combat abilities.

With a strong might as their core, as long as the leader was not defeated, they would naturally be able to gather together countless assistants to realize the force of leverage, where one capital stock could be used to leverage tens and hundreds of others.

After obtaining these two helpers from among both the immortals and mortals, Fang Ning did not delay the matter any longer and brought them back to the Upper Realm immediately.

Initially, he wanted Sir System to help them out personally. After all, while Sir System might be unreliable in other areas, its combat power had never disappointed him before.

However, that cowardly thing refused to budge. It would rather use thirty trillion experience points to strengthen the System Incarnation, which was Vigilante A, than lead the others into battle.

Sir System said stubbornly, “How can you tell that isn’t a scheme of the gods, who are intentionally using reverse psychology to lure me to their home ground in order to kill me?”

Fang Ning was speechless. “I’m not even afraid. What do you have to fear? In the tens of thousands of novels I’ve read, I’ve never seen a system as cowardly as you.”

“Of course you would have nothing to fear. There are so many other people out there like you. Your life isn’t worth anything, so the gods would not even bother to lay a trap like this for you. A system like me, on the other hand, is one of a kind, so my life is invaluable. The wise men of the past are right to say that a prudent system should not place itself in danger…” Sir System said straightforwardly.

Fang Ning was seething with anger, but was helpless as well. He considered using the System Source Code to reprogram this fellow, but was also afraid of affecting its combat power, so he could only drop the idea.

He resentfully entered into the casket, and before leaving, left a few words behind, “How dare you say such things to me. Just you wait. The next person I’ll be dealing with is you.”

“I’ll be waiting then. When the time comes, you’ll forget about it anyway.” Sir System might be afraid of many things, but it was not scared of its host…

Fang Ning’s spiritual sense entered into the body of Vigilante A and was together teleported away.

In the easternmost land of the Upper Realm.

A colossal azure-colored column stood erect at the end of the Heavens. It was faintly visible and hidden in nihility, only visible to the gods and saints.

“The Immortal God World is located in the skies above the Primary World, and is propped up by the Five Great Heavenly Pillars,” said the River God of the Sky River while pointing into the distance at the column. “Aside from providing support, it also bears the responsibility to absorb vitality and incense from the Primary World and to supply these resources to the Immortal God World.”

“In other words, in order to overturn this great mountain known as the Immortal God World that has always been suppressing the poor people of the Primary World, we must seal off this Heavenly Pillar?” Fang Ning asked in a serious tone.

“Exactly.” The River God was very readily selling his friends out. “Right now, the Immortal God World should still be full of vitality since it isn’t just capable of exploiting the remaining vitality of the Primary World, for I heard that they’ve opened a passage to the Lower Realm as well to reversely absorb the Lower Realm’s vitality into this world.”

“Those who fight against their fate will die a miserable death. Today, I will follow the mandate of the Heavens and comply with the wishes of the people by toppling this Heavenly Pillar,” said Fang Ning with a powerful and resonating voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, the River God felt his heart tremble. Although he had already heard and agreed to Fang Ning’s plan, the thought of witnessing this historic scene with his own eyes still rendered him shocked and amazed

This was a Heavenly Pillar that had existed for over a trillion years since ancient times!

It once supported the prosperity of the entire Immortal God World as the core world of whole Upper Realm by leeching off the wealth of the people.

Contrastingly, while Ren Ruofeng was also deeply moved by this moment, he did not have that big of a sensory experience. After all, he had also lived through a period of time where three big mountains had been overthrown. (TN: These “three big mountains” refers to the three forms of oppression — imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism — in old China. The Chinese people had fought for more than a century to overthrow the “three big mountains” and gain their human rights.)

This time, it was just happening on a bigger scale, but the nature of the event remained the same.

“Who dares to be so outrageous and speak such words of insolence?” echoed a voice all of a sudden from the faraway Heavenly Pillar.