Chapter 1122 - The Position Of A God

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Soon after, the River God of the Sky River and Ren Ruofeng reappeared at his sides.

“These people, who have been trying to resist their fate in vain, have all retreated. You can both start sealing it now,” Fang Ning said while he cupped his hands in greeting.

Ren Ruofeng did not have much of a response since the difference in power levels was too big, and hence he could not fear what he could not comprehend.

On the other hand, the River God of the Sky River sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Destined One was a terrifying figure indeed!

Those people who were guarding the Heavenly Pillar were the elite among the elites. Among the gods and deities, they were the ones who were specialized in the matter of warfare.

Nonetheless, how long did it take for these twelve elite Heavenly Generals to be defeated by the other party?

The River God found this hard to believe, and yet he had no choice but to believe it given that the Heavenly Pillar had been left entirely unguarded right now.

In reality, the Heavenly Pillar was originally born of the Heavens and Earth without the ability to absorb the vitality of the Primary World. Rather, this ability was added by the gods and deities.

Now that this True Dragon had suddenly changed its mind and had decided not to topple it anymore, the River God regained his peace of mind as well.

The two helpers immediately got to work.

Given this opportunity, Ren Ruofeng would definitely be able to learn a lot from the River God.

After monitoring the situation for a while, Fang Ning saw that there was nothing much going on. He was rather lazy to continue to keep watch over them as well since he could not understand what was happening anyway…

Thus, he left the System Incarnation behind to stand guard and returned to the System Space again.

“Indeed, it feels so good to stay at home since you’ll be faced with so many difficulties outside,” Fang Ning drawled while he leaned against the sofa. “If I weren’t forced by the situation, I wouldn’t have forced their hands as well by choosing to take that step and use this method of sealing off the Heavenly Pillar to settle accounts with the gods and deities.”

“Hypocrite,” Sir System said blatantly.

“What do you know? Right now, I’m still afraid that those gods and deities might actually destroy everything — the good and the bad alike. With our powers, we still won’t be able to stop them then,” Fang Ning said dejectedly.

“But you still went ahead and did it.” Then, Sir System’s tone became regretful. “It’s a pity that the other eleven of them escaped too fast. After putting in so much effort, we couldn’t even kill more of them.”

“Be grateful. They’re not NPCs who sit around and wait to be killed.” As Fang Ning said this, a sudden thought occurred to him. “Oh no, we should quickly ask all of our trusted aides and subordinates to come and gather in the System Domain first, so that they can survive through the coming hundred years. After the situation stabilizes, we can let them go back down.”

“You’re really soft-hearted,” Sir System scorned. “They’re just some insignificant people. Why would the gods even think about scheming against them? Even if these people were to be killed, I wouldn’t be harmed in any way either.”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. There will always be gods and deities who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and while we’re complying with fate, we’ll still attract a lot of enemies,” Fang Ning retorted. “I’m not a heartless creature like you. I’m human.”

As he spoke, Fang Ning called the Heavenly Book baby over to send a message to his subordinates and friends, wanting them to use the Milky Way Highway to enter and take refuge in the System Domain.

After sending the message, he proceeded to go to the planets outside. He had planned to find some space to build a few pavilions and palaces in preparation for these people to stay.

“Don’t build those useless things. Build a few more office buildings instead. We’re letting them come and seek asylum, not have a vacation,” Sir System reminded upon seeing what he was doing.

“F*ck…” Fang Ning was truly at a loss for words. This fellow was just making use of him.

However, he had no other choice. So, he could only change the leisure buildings surrounded by gardens and a few small bridges with overflowing streams in his mind to several cold and large buildings.

“Right, you don’t have to build anything else. Just add a few more doghouses. I heard that both Black Dog and Yellow Dog have quite a number of children now,” Sir System reminded again.

“You’re pretty well-informed on that,” Fang Ning muttered.

“Duh, they’ve been taking their parental leave for quite some times,” Sir System said. “I’m not like you. I have to worry about every single thing in this household.”

“Indeed. My money has all been stuffed into your pockets as well, and will be harvested by others in the end,” Fang Ning took the opportunity to say. “For safety purposes, you should hurry up and transfer all of it to me.”

“Dream on. I finally understand now. The person who’ll be harvesting me in the end isn’t anyone else, but you,” Sir System rejected.

“Ah, you’ll regret it — just like how those greedy fellows kept refusing to listen to the advice of others, and would only learn their lesson when the knife is about to fall on his head,” Fang Ning tried to convince.

“Don’t worry. The knife will never fall on my head. It’ll only fall on yours,” Sir System said indifferently. In any case, there was no way it would transfer the money.

‘Nonetheless, what Richie said made some sense too. I have to come up with a perfect plan. All of these treasures and ingredients that I’ve accumulated over the years must be kept in an absolutely safe place.’

[The System is evaluating…]

When Fang Ning saw this notification, he rolled his eyes and turned away. After a while more, it would be time for the Black Dog to go into action.

However, before that, he should go to the System Storage Room and add a little unique scent there.

He had no other choice, for he was taking precautions as well to prevent all his hopes and efforts from coming to naught.

The next day, Vigilante A’s subordinates entered one after another into the planet shrouded in the System Domain.

Otherwise, with Fang Ning’s temperament, he would be perfectly capable of raising a bunch of deceitful and crafty slaves.

However, everyone was feeling very moved by their current situation.

“He’s indeed a kind-hearted and generous master,” the Dragon Carp flattered shamelessly.

“He has shown concern for our safety and even asked us to come in advance to take refuge here. We must live up to the Dragon God’s expectations…”

The others were not as thick-skinned as the Dragon Carp. Only the Yellow Dog, which had brought along a litter of puppies, chimed in.

“Indeed, Brother Carp. We can never find any other masters as good as ours in this world. With all the rumors about the gods and deities going to war, who would ever have such cares and worries? For us to follow such a master, it must’ve taken us ten lifetimes to earn a karmic reward like that…” the Yellow Dog said earnestly.

The rest of them could only distance themselves from these two fellows. Although they had all accepted this as a fact, they could not bring themselves to say such things. They had a sense of shame after all.

Not long after they had settled in, following the will of Sir System, the Heavenly Book baby started to assign them to their respective office buildings…

Putting that aside, it was time to talk about the other matter.

In order to accomplish his goals to become the Master of the Universe and to harvest resources from the outside world, Fang Ning was currently preparing for the great war ahead.

It was either him or the Heavenly Axiom who was crazy enough to think of taking out all the gods and deities by relying on his own strength.

In the meantime, his opponents, who were the gods and deities of the Immortal God World, would not naturally resign to their fate as well.

In the Celestial Court, where all the gods were gathered together.

The main hall where the assembly took place had been overturned the mystery of nature that even the saints would not be able to know what was going on within it.

“The current situation is clearer than ever. The Heavenly Axiom is using the help of external forces and has disregarded all our contributions to the work of preserving the Heavens and Earth throughout the past trillion years. In fact, it has even intervened personally by influencing the state of mind of the Heavenly Generals! Everyone, we shouldn’t have any more thoughts of compromise and appeasement. Today, we have to start a war with the Heavens. If not, we’re as good as dead!” said a god who was coldly clad in black clothing.

“Previously, we’ve followed the orders of the Pantheon King and extracted a part of the soul of each god to be aggregated into one body and be reincarnated into the Lower Realm.

When it becomes a saint in the future, then all of us will be able to be resurrected. There’s no need to take this path to ruin right now!” one of the others protested.

“It’s precisely because the Pantheon King has given us this room for maneuvering that we must do everything we can today!” the black-clothed god said without missing a beat.

“Zhendian Heavenly King, in your opinion, how should we start this war?” another god asked.

“Hmph, we’ve all had a discussion about this a long time ago. When we’re left with no other options, we’ll combine our strength and destroy the boundary separating the Lower and Upper Realms. With that, the two realms will become one, and their vitality will be combined together. Thus, we’ll get to enjoy a few hundred billion more years of peace. It’s just that you were all too weak and scared to act on it back then,” said the black-clothed god.

“Sss…” The rest of them were mostly covered in cold sweat.

As gods and deities, their intelligence was at the peak of many people, but because of that, they had become more cowardly.

They knew very well the consequences of it. Facing such a major change in the Heavens and Earth, they would be lucky if ten percent of them managed to survive.

Compared to that, they would rather adopt other means.

“This plan is too dangerous. Instead of going ahead with that, why don’t we go down there and start over? I heard that there are already quite a few gods who have gained a foothold there, and their Divine Powers have also started to be revitalized. Isn’t this the case with the River God who’s sealing off the Heavenly Pillar right now?” someone else suggested.

“That’s right. In fact, the passage connecting the two realms has already been opened. It’s possible for us to arrange for a few people to bring our savings down there.”

Instantly, among the gods, the side that was advocating for a peaceful solution had regained the upper hand.

“Hehe, you’re all naive. That River God is a fool too. Right now, only his Divine Power has been restored, but his position as a god hasn’t been reinstated at all. I can tell you this. The Lower Realm will never have another god,” said the god in black clothing impassively. “In other words, even if you managed to go down and be reincarnated there, you would be no more than a few ants with slightly greater powers. Under the control of the Heavenly Axiom, you would not be entitled to any privileges.”

The others immediately became frightened, as they did not know how he had been able to hear about this secret.

“Well then, for the sake of giving ourselves more room for maneuvering in the future, we must take this path?” One of them came to a sudden realization, and finally understood the intentions of the black-clothed god.

Even if they could go down and be reborn, without the position of a god, they would be like the aristocrats of mortal nations. They would lose their inheritance right, and could be defeated and replaced by others at any time. Such a precarious way of life was not what they were seeking.

“Exactly so.”