Chapter 1124 - The Dragon God Saving The Market

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Chapter 1124: The Dragon God Saving The Market

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Upon hearing this, Sir System became enraged. “Are you planning on saying that even the wise are not always free from error? Isn’t this error of yours a little too big?”

Those numerous experience packs had all gone up in smoke just like that. How could it not pain Sir System to think of it?

If it was not for the God-level Maxim restricting it right now, it would have hung the Host up to be beaten…

Oh, there was no need to hang him up and beat him. It could just seize the Host and get him to torture himself.

Fang Ning hung his head in dejection. He had nothing else to say.

He had to admit that he had underestimated the resolve and intelligence of the gods and deities. They were gods after all, so of course, they would not be so easily tricked by an ordinary person like him.

He could only pass the responsibility on to someone else. He muttered, “It’s all the fault of the Upper Realm’s saints and Heavenly Axiom. They didn’t even keep watch over these people properly. How could they have let them pierce the Heavens?”

During the eighteenth year, eighth month and third day of Shenyuan, the Heavens of the Upper Realm had been broken and the vitality of the two realms began to intermingle into one.

“Stop talking nonsense. Tell me, what should we do now?” Sir System demanded.

“Uh, actually, we don’t need to panic like this. Isn’t it just the Heavens falling? Let me go out and survey the situation first. Give me the incarnation,” Fang Ning instructed.

After requesting to use Vigilante A’s body, he walked out of the System Space.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King and the River God of the Sky River were not surprised to see Vigilante A appearing from the mouth of the Azure Dragon.

This was just the God-level incarnation of the other party. There should be another one somewhere.

“Dear elders, may I know what the overall situation is outside? How will the Earth and the Universe be evolving now?” Fang Ning asked worriedly.

“Ah.” Bodhisattva sighed first. “The Upper Realm’s Earth will first project itself onto the Universe like a shadow and then slowly transform into reality, combining itself with this space. During this process, there will be violent clashes between the Maxims. Right now, the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom should have suffered severe damages and is now on the brink of death. I’m afraid the Heavenly Axiom’s consciousness of this world has already met its end. The two will slowly merge until a new Heavenly Axiom’s consciousness is born to govern this new world.”

Fang Ning was overwhelmed with horror. It was no wonder that the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom had wanted to deal with the gods slowly. Unfortunately, the actions of intelligent beings could not be entirely predicted after all. The idea of boiling the frog in warm water had always been a humbug.

Now, this matter had become more serious as it seemed to be turning into a peasant revolt, wherein whoever was not afraid of death would then be able to unhorse the emperor.

The Heavenly Axiom might appear to be superior and out of reach, but given what had happened, it seemed like it had a great many flaws and vulnerable points as well since it could not even stop the counterattack of these gods and deities!

At present, another piece of news had arrived, further proving the truth in Bodhisattva’s words.

The green-skinned frog had sent a message to him in his mind, saying, “Master, this is bad. There’s a huge problem with our portal. Those who want to go to the Upper Realm can’t go there, and those wishing to return can’t do so either. I’ve also gone to ask Axiom Daddy, but I haven’t received any response at all.”

Fang Ning replied bluntly, “There’s no need to contact him anymore. Your Daddy is dead.”

“Ah…” The green-skinned frog seemed even more shocked than Fang Ning. “My Axiom Daddy is only in his teens and he has already died? What a sullen life he has lived.”

“Isn’t that so? Anyone who wants to wear the crown must be able to bear its weight first. Your Daddy’s neck wasn’t strong enough, and has now succumbed to the weight of the crown.” Fang Ning sighed.

“What should we do now?” asked the green-skinned frog with distress.

“You should just return to my place first. When the situation is more stabilized, I’ll go and take a look.” Fang Ning was at a loss for ideas too, so he had to gather some information first while countering each problem that came his way.

Then, Fang Ning said to the other two gods, “Dear elders, I’d like to check and see the changes that have occurred. Would you like to come along with me to Earth to take a look at their current situation?”

“Ah, under the circumstances, we might as well go and take a look first. Perhaps it might not turn out to be all bad news. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise in some way?” The River God sighed.

Thus, the three gods vanished together in a flash of light.

For the gods, traveling over the distance of a few hundred light years was not a problem.

There were lightning and thunder everywhere in the sky. Meanwhile, on the ground, the earth quaked and the mountains shook all over. The situation was just like the scenes described in ancient myths.

The only fortunate thing was that perhaps this was just the start of it, so the affected area of the disaster was not very large. However, one could imagine that if this were to go on any further, the situation would definitely reach a critical state. If that happened, Earth would probably look like how it used to be at the beginning of its birth.

“How, how is this possible?” Fang Ning felt his heart grow heavier as a thick sense of guilt sprouted in him.

He hurriedly said, “Sir System, quickly come over and steady the situation.”

“You caused all this trouble and you’re asking me to clean up your mess,” Sir System said angrily. “Why are you worrying about these things? They can’t affect us anyway.”

“How can I not care about my homeland? Stop talking so much and hurry over now. You should know what to do,” Fang Ning urged.

“Hmph, if I don’t come over, what can you do about it anyway?” Sir System said indifferently.

“Idiot, before this, the consciousness of the Heavenly Axiom was present here, so your System Domain could only set foot on a secluded planet. Now that there’s no one in charge here, are you still not going to come quickly and take over this place?” Fang Ning said with disdain.

“Oh, I was just joking with you. Am I the type of system that doesn’t care about the lives of others?” Sir System changed its tone at once.

“Of course you are,” Fang Ning scorned.

In the next moment, the Azure Dragon appeared.

The huge dragon stretched out its huge claws and rested Earth in its hand.

Then, rows upon rows of digits flashed by, and the entire planet turned into a digitized planet in an instant.

Meanwhile, the lightning and thunder, as well as earthquakes had all subsided.

The countless people who were panicking in terror finally calmed down.

“Ah, the Dragon God has saved the market!”

The sound of people crying tears of joy came echoing from the planet resting in the Azure Dragon’s hand.

“This is great. I’ve just invested in the herb farm company outside. Now, I don’t have to worry about being tied down to it.”

“Truly, at this critical moment, we can only depend on the Dragon God. The other gods and deities would never care whether we were dead or alive. They’re all people who won’t act without some incentive.”

Fang Ning was stupefied when he heard these words before realizing that these voices should be coming from within the arcane realm.

The number of humans on Earth’s surface was still quite small, so they would not have been in much danger.

For the people inside to arcane realm, the most important thing was their external investments.

They had not realized that this was a disaster that was affecting the entire universe, so they were only taking it as an ordinary calamity.

“Ah, ignorance is bliss. Never mind, we don’t have to notify them so soon. Let’s wait for some time first,” Fang Ning said to Sir System in a compassionate tone.

“You’re obviously scared of getting a scolding. You’re covering it up so well,” Sir System said disdainfully.

“You don’t have to call me out like that,” Fang Ning said, embarrassed. “I’ve no choice either. I didn’t intend for things to turn out this way.”

He was indeed afraid of being blamed for this entire incident. Later, he would have to take some time and think of a way to put the blame on the gods and deities before telling the people.

Luckily, they had attended to the situation in time, so there were no major problems that had occurred.

‘Wait a minute, could the other planets be facing the same situation as well?’ When Fang Ning thought of this, he immediately felt a headache coming.

“Sir System, go check and see if the other planets with our base are also facing the same situation. Might as well place them all under the System Domain,” Fang Ning suggested.

“No way. Each time I expand the System Domain, it consumes a lot of resources,” Sir System said.

“Let’s pick the ones that are more important then. We’ll focus our attention on the Twenty-Eight Mansions. As for the other planets, they’ll have to depend on their fate then,” Fang Ning compromised.

“That’s more like it. There’s no one on those planets anyway. We don’t need to worry so much,” Sir System justified.

“Ah, I’ve never expected that we’ll have to cover such a wide area this time around. No wonder the higher the level we get, the more cautious we have to be with our every move. I’m still too young and inexperienced,” Fang Ning said, trying to exonerate himself.

“Right. You’re already a fifty-year-old man this year. You should be at the age where you know your destiny and you have the nerve to say that you’re too young?” Sir System said straightforwardly.

“You’re making groundless claims again.” Fang Ning refused to believe its words. “You clearly said before that I’ll always be eighteen. Fifty years old? It’s all a figment of your imagination. I’ll never believe it.”