Chapter 1126 - Solid-Ethereal State Shift

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Chapter 1126: Solid-Ethereal State Shift

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Upon hearing this, Fang Ning turned pale with fright and quickly left the System Space to see what was going on outside.

At the moment, the Azure Dragon was still resting on the planet where the Second Mansion of the Horn was located. Since the amount of vitality it had inhaled and exhaled was too large, it would pose too heavy of a burden on Earth.

Then, he saw that under the huge legs of the Azure Dragon, aside from the original shadow of the dragon, there was another dragon-shaped shadow now!

This dragon shadow was very strange. It was probing around the dragon body, flickering in and out of sight, as if it was thinking of a way to attack the dragon. This sight sent chills up Fang Ning’s spine.

“This won’t do. We have to kill it off. How dare it try to take over my dragon body!” Fang Ning said decisively as soon as he had calmed down.

“There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a shadow. Even if I had a hundred ways of launching an attack, it’s still useless because I won’t be able to hit it at all,” Sir System said with frustration.

“Useless!” Fang Ning said with contempt. “You can’t even manage to solve this one problem, and you have the nerve to call yourself a God-level system?”

“Yes, yes, I’m useless indeed. I shall ask the genius Mr. Rich Boss to do something about this then,” Sir System admitted.

“…” Fang Ning clutched his head in pain.

“Never mind. Three heads are better than one. Let’s discuss this with the others. There are so many other geniuses, and we’re not the only unlucky one anyway,” Fang Ning said with despair.

“Useless. That’s the only move you know. What use do I have for you then?” Sir System quickly retorted.

However, Fang Ning turned a deaf ear to these words and went back into the System Space.

Right now, this was probably the only safe place left. He did not wish to see his soul have a shadow too.

Fortunately, based on the current situation, only physical matters would have the shadow of the Upper Realm projected onto them.

After returning to the System Space, Fang Ning called the Heavenly Book baby over and told it to notify all related personnel about the cause and effects of this incident. Of course, he decided to cover up the part where he had attacked the Heavenly Pillars. Instead, he had planned to describe this as a scheme of the gods and deities who wanted to protect their own positions as gods, explaining that they were disregarding the lives and deaths of all living beings and were intending to let the two realms merge into one…

He also included what the Bodhisattva Spirit King had said.

As for how soon a solution could be found, it would depend on whether or not there were any geniuses among these people.

Fang Ning was aware that his level of intelligence was superior to most people, wherein he would rank among the top five out of one hundred people. However, he also knew that he was definitely not a genius, for if he did not work hard enough, he would fail in an instant.

Nonetheless, he knew that there would certainly be geniuses out there, the type where they could easily score full marks on a test. Such geniuses surely existed.

After completing these tasks, he went to lie on the bed in the lounge, pulling the blanket over his head.

“What is this? Do you think that, by covering yourself, this mess that you created will disappear?” Sir System huffed.

“As a wise man once said, when your eyes are open, the flowers may seem to be in full bloom, but when you close your eyes, they will disappear. That’s why I’m closing my eyes. Whatever I can’t see will not exist,” Fang Ning muttered half-heartedly.

“…You’ve really lost your mind now,” Sir System said with resignation.

“Wait, I have an idea,” Fang Ning suddenly said after lying there for a few moments.

“Hurry up and tell me then.”

“Since the shadows projected by the Upper Realm have to attach themselves to physical matters, do you know any Solid-Ethereal State Shift ability?” Fang Ning asked.

“You mean I should take on an ethereal state?” Sir System asked in response.

“Yes,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“I’m already an ethereal entity…” Sir System said, annoyed. “From your puberty days until now, have you ever seen my real face before?”

“I really haven’t,” Fang Ning said without a choice. “Aside from hearing your voice, I’ve never seen what you look like. You really are a faceless entity.”

“And now, I’ll turn you into a faceless creature as well,” Sir System said angrily.

System Notification: [The System has transformed the Host’s body into a digitized body.]

Fang Ning quickly went out of the System Space, lifting his head to look at this huge dragon body of his.

Starting from the horns of the dragon, there were ripples of wavelets, followed by strings of digits, racing downward as the entire dragon horns took on an ethereal state.

Soon after, the same thing happened to the dragon’s head, torso, claws, tail…

As every part of the body had successively been transformed, Fang Ning noticed that indeed the two shadows had both vanished.

“Hahaha, I’m safe at last. Oh, there’s also my wife and our subordinates. Let’s transform theirs into digitized bodies too,” Fang Ning urged. “Wait, this is reversible, right?”

“Of course.” Sir System did not try to pick a quarrel with him anymore. The host’s mind was full of weird ideas. It seemed like he could always find a way out of a desperate situation somehow.

“That’s good. Let’s survive through this first then.” Fang Ning finally released a sigh of relief. After thinking further, he spoke again, “In this case, any physical matter within your System Domain can all be digitized, right?”

“Yes,” Sir System admitted.

“Well, that makes things easier. Let’s digitize all the planets under our core circle of power to survive through this event. When the Heavens and Earth become one, we can reverse back to our original state then,” Fang Ning said, inspired with enthusiasm.

“Ah, Mr. Rich Boss, your brain is really smarter than mine after all. Why couldn’t I have thought of that?” Sir System sulked.

“Hehe, I’ve already told you before. You’re a tool that’s meant to be used to harvest the gods and deities of the Upper Realm. How will the toolmaker ever allow the intelligence of his tool to surpass his own? That’s why…” Fang Ning trailed off.

“That’s why what?” Sir System asked.

“That’s why your stupidity has been decreed by fate, and there’s no need for you to struggle against it anymore.”

“What a bitter life I have,” Sir System said resentfully.

“You’re lucky enough that the gods of the Upper Realm have helped remove our crisis with their suicidal move. When the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom dies, the danger of you being killed off will be gone as well,” Fang Ning scorned.

“Oh, I see.” Sir System suddenly became excited. “Well then, I won’t have to transfer the money to you anymore. I can continue to keep it with me now.”

“F*ck, so this is your area of intelligence. You’re a professionally made tool indeed,” Fang Ning said in exasperation.

“I’m sorry, but this is truly my area of intelligence,” Sir System said frankly.

Three days later, in the System Hotel.

Death had invited Fang Ning over.

“Your Excellency, I’m indebted to you for your protection all these years. Now, the time has come for us to part,” Death said in a very courteous manner. There was no air of evil and death about him at all.

“Oh, you seemed so comfortable with your stay here. Why do you have to leave? I’ve never collected any rental from you and always extended your stay period for free.” Fang Ning was reluctant to let him leave.

After all, the other party truly had God-level wisdom and had helped him solved many conundrums before.

Death was stunned for a moment. He had performed too well before this, and the other party had now become unwilling to let him go instead.

Nonetheless, this had also been within his expectations. So, he replied, “We already have an agreement at the start of this. Our ten-year deadline has passed a long time ago. I’d also like to go out there and find an opportunity to become a god again.”

“Ah, what a pity. I’m a person who doesn’t like parting with friends.” Fang Ning sighed. “However, since Elder Death wants to leave, I shan’t insist on making you stay. Please leave your name in this book, and let’s keep in touch in the future.”

As he was speaking, Fang Ning took out the Heavenly Book and handed it over for the other party to sign it.

After scrutinizing it for a moment, Death did not notice anything odd with it, so he wrote a false name…

With that, Fang Ning sent him out of the System Space.

The Culinary God was coldly observing this from the sideline, not speaking a word.

After Death had left and Fang Ning had returned, he finally said, “It seems like this supreme deity thinks that his time has finally arrived, and he’s planning to gather all the emerging Death Energy in this universe.”

“I can see that,” Fang Ning said, nodding in agreement.

“And you still allowed him to leave?” said the Culinary God, astonished.

“I’m a man of good faith. Since he wants to leave, then let him leave. He’s previously helped me out a lot after all,” Fang Ning said in a matter-of-fact way.

“Childish, naive, foolish…” The Culinary God left these three words behind before returning to the System Hotel with his hands behind his back.