Chapter 1128 - Let All Devils Run Wild

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Chapter 1128: Let All Devils Run Wild

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After Fang Ning had managed to console Sir System, he began to delegate the relevant tasks.

“Alright now, this is all for your own good,” he said. “The reason the Upper Realm died was because the gods and deities were holding the mortals in fetters, making it hard for these tens of trillions of mortals to contribute more spiritual power. Eventually, this caused the Heavens and Earth to struggle to make ends meet, and as its vitality became depleted, it no longer had the power to maintain the Order of the Heavens and Earth.”

“Wait,” Sir System suddenly said, “you’ve said before that I’m just a tool that’s meant to be used to harvest the gods. Now that the Heavens and Earth are becoming one and the gods and deities are mostly dead, even if that Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm were to die, it seems like much of my role here is done. I should be near my end now, and I probably won’t be able to seize you for much longer. Ah, as for this important matter of becoming the Master of the Universe, I won’t be able to give you much help then. It’ll be better for you to rely on yourself for this.”

“…” Fang Ning instantly became speechless. His words had completely backfired on him this time.

However, he was puzzled as well. This fellow had never slacked off before. Why was it making so many excuses for itself today?

Could it be that… It had been influenced by him?

“You’ve been making all these excuses for yourself. What’s really on your mind?” Fang Ning eventually asked.

“It’s nothing. I just feel like my future is hopeless, so I’m not motivated to do anything right now. Anyway, in the end, the one who’ll become the Master of the Universe is you, so this has nothing to do with me at all,” Sir System said in a very dejected manner.

Fang Ning became speechless again. “Look at what you’re saying. You really think you’re a disposable tool? A wise man once said that a person must not improperly belittle oneself. The old gods might have died, but there will be new gods rising later on. When the time comes, you can make another round of harvest. As long as you constantly maintain your own advancement as a tool, you can never be eliminated, so you have no need to worry at all about this problem of not having a future. Moreover, when I become the Master of the Universe, will I still need to burn any bridges?”

“Sss…” Sir System exclaimed in surprise. “Indeed, you won’t. Well then, I’ve rediscovered my motivation now.”

Fang Ning wiped the nonexistent sweat from his forehead. It was getting harder to trick this fellow. Now, even the proverbial chicken soup he used to feed it would have to be of a higher grade.

“What? What is this chicken soup that you’re thinking of?” Sir System asked.

“Nothing, I was just thinking of what to eat for dinner.” Fang Ning hurriedly dismissed his current train of thought. He had almost forgotten that this fellow was capable of peeking into his mind.

“What dinner? Hurry up and get to work already. We have to become the Master of the Universe before anyone else does,” Sir System urged.

“…” Fang Ning was left speechless.

As time went by, the changes in the universe grew bigger with each passing day.

As the oldest place that had been in most contact with the Upper Realm, the Solar System was the very first unlucky victim.

Three months later, out of the eight planets, aside from Earth which had been placed under the protection of the System Domain by the Dragon God, the other seven planets had started to be squeezed together.

The Bloodstone Devils on Mars had suffered heavy casualties. Only a handful of high-level Bloodstone Devils had managed to survive under such high-pressure conditions.

This was the terror of this extraordinary era. Regardless of however much intelligence the Lower Realm had and how advance its institutional systems were, under the crushing weight of a supreme power and order, all of that boiled down to nothing.

This was also why the mortals of the Upper Realm had not been able to resist their imprisonment for over a trillion years. Instead, they were trapped under a feudal empire, where the rise and fall of dynasties would repeatedly take place.

The wind and clouds began to circulate in madness while fire blazed as magma erupted everywhere. When the moment came for the seven planets to converge, no words could describe the scene of this event.

When Fang Ning went out to take a look, his eyes were nearly blinded by what he saw.

“This won’t do. The storm is too heavy out there. I should hide in the System Space first and wait until the situation gets calmer before going out to work,” Fang Ning said to Sir System.

“It’s better to work during the storm. Then, we’ll be able to beat our competitors,” Sir System said unsympathetically.

“It’s easy for you to say that. What if I die? I should cultivate in isolation first. Give me all those pills you have right now.” Then an idea struck Fang Ning. “Since you can digitize material objects, then you should be capable of coding some pills. Won’t we be able to create things without losing anything then?”

“You do it then…” Sir System said, annoyed.

“Uh, I don’t know how.”

“Well, that’s the end of it then, because I don’t know how to do it either,” Sir System scorned.

“But I have an idea,” Fang Ning said gladly. “You can digitize a pill first, and then make a record of its composition data. After that, you can digitize some other materials and splice them up into the same composition data before un-digitizing them. By doing so, we’ll have the Golden Touch 1.”

“Since you’re so smart, you can start learning how to code pills then. Didn’t you once manage to program a perfect piece of Vitality Transformation Equipment in my System Domain?” Sir System said.

“Damn it…” Fang Ning huffed. “I’m working for you then.”

“No, you’re working for yourself. In the end, you’re the one who’ll become the Master of the Universe, so why should I waste my effort on this,” Sir System justified.

“What’s the use of having those threads of yours if you’re leaving them with nothing to do?” Fang Ning said with dissatisfaction.

“Of course they’re in use. I’ve always been cultivating to deepen my various system skills and increase my power — unlike you, never persevering in your cultivation.” As Sir System was still speaking, a thought occurred to it. “Since you can code your own pills, then you won’t need to use any of those items in my System Storage Area then. If you lack anything, you can just code it yourself.”

“…” Fang Ning left, feeling utterly defeated.

Meanwhile, the stellar system where the planet base established by the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers was located had already been enveloped by clouds of dense fog, which appeared to be some form of an enchanted boundary that was shielding them from the disastrous changes outside.

The Ten Great Devil Saints had completely descended.

They had no choice but to descend since their old home was already gone…

“How hateful. These gods and deities couldn’t win, so they went ahead and risked their lives instead. Since when have they been so courageous in the first place?” roared a giant furiously, its voice echoing through the entire planet.

“I’m afraid the saints might’ve played a role in this as well. If the minds of the gods had been manipulated, then they would have been capable of doing anything. Wasn’t that Heavenly General a good example of this?” a dwarf said coldly.

“Damn it. The plan we laid out has just started, and now it’s already been messed up. The gods and deities really deserve to die,” said the giant resentfully.

“Humph, most of them have already died anyway,” said the dwarf with disdain.

The other eight Great Devil Saints did not speak. Even the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers, who was currently in the form of a black ball, remained silent too.

“Large Numbers, you’re proficient in the study of mathematics. Can you calculate how much time it will take for this universe and the Upper Realm to merge?” the giant asked the ball.

It was only then the black-colored ball spoke, “We’ll be able to see the first signs of them merging a hundred years later. Then, the process will begin to stabilize ten thousand years later, and will become completely stable a hundred million years later.”

“It’s going to take that long? Do we even have that much power to keep the enchanted boundary in place?”

The Ten Great Devil Saints glanced around at one another, being on guard.

In times like this, whoever consumed the most power would become the unfortunate one in the future.

Although the two realms had become completely connected, allowing their real bodies to descend while retaining their full powers, the outcome was not all that wonderful.

Due to the violent clashes between the Maxims of both realms, the cultivation path of these Ten Great Devil Saints had entirely been destroyed. Now, the power they were capable of unleashing could not even reach God-level.

This was probably part of the plans of the saints as well as the gods and deities. They would definitely not allow anyone else to take advantage of this situation.

“Previously, this realm had invented the Vitality Transformation Equipment. As long as this star continues to burn, holding out for a hundred years won’t be a problem.” These words from the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers calmed the emotions of the other devils.

“Humph, I wonder how the other gods and deities are doing now. It would be nice if we could loot a burning house somewhere,” the dwarf suddenly instigated.

“It may be better for us to stay put for now. Let’s just forget about it. It’s too dangerous. Right now, the Maxim outside is rapidly breaking out. It’s hard to even fly, much less teleport.” The giant had taken on a peaceful attitude instead.

“Humph, it’s precisely because it’s hard that we should grab this opportunity. If not, why are we even devils?” said the dwarf harshly.

The other eight Great Devil Saints exchanged a glance and laughed.

“Indeed. This is the time for us devils to rise.”

“Yes, now’s the time to let all our devils run wild.”

Referring to the story of King Midas, this ability, which is also known as the Midas Touch, allows one to turn everything one touches into gold.