Chapter 1130 - Dimension-Reduction Attack

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Chapter 1130: Dimension-Reduction Attack

Fang Ning took out a crystal die and uttered something.

“Using my current location as the point of origin, the direction where my chest is facing is the x-axis, my right arm is the y-axis and the top of my head is the z-axis. A three-dimensional coordinate system is established. If the bequeathal of the God of Sleep and the God of Dreams lies in the first octant, give me a 1; If it lies in the second octant, give me a 2 and the categories will be ordered as such…”

“But you can only roll a maximum of 6. The three-dimensional coordinate system has eight octants.” Sir System felt skeptical.

“Shush.” Fang Ning said and, at the same time, he secretly changed the six-sided die into an eight-sided one.

After that, he tossed it into the air. The die rolled around with a clacking sound and flew away…

His eyes went wide when he saw this scene.

“What, what’s the meaning of this? Does this mean that you, Mr. Rich Boss, will never obtain the bequeathal of the two gods?” Sir System was stunned as well.

“Enough nonsense, I get it now. We’re in outer space and there’s no gravity at all. The die must have flown away.” Fang Ning replied frustratedly.

“No problem, I’ll provide some gravity for you.” Sir System proposed.

“It won’t be accurate then.” Fang Ning was irritated. “Since it’s a Heavenly Fortune, how will it still work with your interference?”

“What should we do then? It has been three or four months since the two worlds collided. Look around you. Are there any more planets that can stand on their own feet?” Sir System said dejectedly.

“Forget it. Let me think, the method of rolling a die is not workable. This means that randomization methods based on the law of universal gravitation have failed. I have to find another randomization method which fits the current time and space.” Fang Ning furrowed his brows.

“You go find it. I can’t help you.”

“Yes, I’ll code a program to generate random numbers.” Fang Ning’s face lit up.

“Won’t your program be an external force too?” Sir System asked in disbelief.

“Pfft, I’m a native of this universe. Whatever program that I code will be a native program and it’s certainly considered as an internal force.”

Soon, Fang Ning got out a laptop and began to code a mini-program for randomness.

Naturally, as a seasoned programmer, he was aware that the random numbers in a program were pseudorandom numbers. If the time interval between two randomizations was shorter, the same random number would appear.

Nevertheless, he could make the time interval longer. Ultimately, he wanted to allow the Origin of Time and Space to take full control of this randomization.

Immediately, he wrote a program for an eight-sided die.

“As per the above descriptions, let’s begin.”

Fang Ning began to click on the die on the laptop’s screen.

This time, something actually happened.

“Looks like it’s the first octant, let’s teleport a distance of one light year and see.” Fang Ning decided on the spot.

“I always feel that you’re too reliable. This first octant is boundless anyway, you’re just giving work to yourself.” Sir System scoffed.

“You’re right.” Fang Ning replied bashfully. “Looks like my randomization program needs to be more precise.”

He returned to the System Space and used the random numbers to meticulously create the direction he was headed towards and the distance.

The pseudocode was as follows:

Firstly, an eight-sided die is tossed to decide which octant would be chosen. Space partitioning would be conducted to reduce computational complexity.

Next, in the designated octant, a random vector of a direction vector was tossed again to determine the direction and distance.

After reaching the targeted location, the above two steps would be repeated.

By iterating endlessly until the direction vector reached 0 the cycle would stop and the target location would be discovered.

“Sounds so complicated. I can’t believe that I’m already a God-level System, yet you still can’t run away from the life of a programmer, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System sighed. “Is this why they say that there’s a plan for all of us?”

“Didn’t you know? A wise man once said that God is a programmer. Time, space and the universe aren’t continuous but formed from the quantum realm. It’s the same regardless of energy or matter.” Finally, Fang Ning finished coding the program and left the System Space.

On the afternoon of the second day, the 24-hour effect of the Heavenly Fortune wore off.

Fang Ning did not know how many light years had he teleported. At last, he stood before a gigantic hill. The hill was veiled by a pink fog.

The hill was hundreds of thousands of Li long and it laid just like that among the stars in the universe. Instead of a mountain, it might as well be known as a strange, huge meteorite.

“Great, we didn’t spend these ten thousand Merits for nothing. Look at this hill, Sir System. If you shrink the full figure and display it again, doesn’t it look like a sleeping giant? Apparently, the God of Sleep and the God of Dreams are one and the same.” Fang Ning gasped.

“That’s not entirely true. Both of us are together too. Can you say that we are one object?” Sir System objected.

“Absolutely not. You’re an object, I’m not an object.” Fang Ning stressed.

“Mm, that’s nice, since it isn’t something fun.” Sir System admitted.

“Quit fooling around and let’s get to work. Call this fellow and wake him up.” Fang Ning ordered.

“Are you insane? He can’t hear me even if I call him. It’s better that you poke him with a rod. We do have a staff which hasn’t been used in a while.”

“True that.” Fang Ning removed a staff from the System Storage Area which had been stored there for a very, very long time. He remembered that it was left behind by the four-headed snake monster.

When he looked at it now, it was a low-level weapon.

Although the huge staff was embellished with diamonds, it still appeared inferior before the hill giant.

Fang Ning flew upwards, located the giant’s eyelid and poked it.

He was floating in mid-air and he poked a few times, but there was no movement from the giant.

“Looks like he’s dead. In that case, let’s dismember him and look for materials. This is a god’s cadaver.” Fang Ning sighed.

As he spoke, the hill giant who was shrouded within the pink fog got up without warning.

“Who dares to disturb my slumber?” His tone was wrathful and he was obviously in a rage.

“What the f*ck?! He dares to pretend to sleep in front of me.” Fang Ning muttered angrily. “I totally forgot that he used to scold us. Sir, let him have a taste of his own medicine.”

“That’s easy. Since he pretended to be asleep, I’ll digitize him. You can reprogram everything according to your whims and fancies.”

System Notification: [Begin expansion of System Domain.]

“Cool, you’ve developed another new move.” Fang Ning praised the System.

“It’s all thanks to your teaching, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System replied humbly.

All of a sudden, a layer of shapeless waves spread out towards the massive hill giant and covered it.

The hill giant realized that he was in danger and wanted to shrink his body to flee.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. The domain expansion occurred in a matter of seconds.

The massive hill giant became a painting. The colors of the painting were vibrant and gave off a majestic vibe. The painting breathed life into the image of the sleeping giant.

“Awesome, Sir, System! You’ve also mastered the dimension-reduction attack!” Fang Ning exclaimed in surprise.

“So so, who told this fellow to strike such a nice pose? It would be a pity to not paint a picture of him.”

“You’ve got a point.” Fang Ning nodded and brought the painting with him to the System Space.

Although Sir System was merely putting on a front, Fang Ning knew that it was because the hill giant had not much power left. It looked huge and intimidating on the outside, but in fact, it was just a shell.

Or else, a god who was residing in his own domain would have definitely resisted the System Domain.

“A phoenix that has fallen from grace is nothing compared to a chicken. Oh, what a cruel world.” Fang Ning mumbled to himself and walked towards the System Hotel.

There was another god over there. Most likely, both gods were acquainted with each other, so the former could be a middleman.

After all, one slept after eating and ate after sleeping. The acts of eating and sleeping could not be separated from one another.