Chapter 1132 - Put into Practice

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Chapter 1132: Put into Practice

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The Neuroanatomy of Sleep and Dreams was the new ability that was indeed specially made for Fang Ning. A whole year had passed once he commenced training.

Yes, he had slept in the green lounge of the System for an entire year.

His breath was faintly discernable at this moment, resembling a patient on their last legs.

Today, Sir System placed a piece of A4 paper on Fang Ning’s face and urged. “Hey, Mr. Rich Boss. Are you still alive? If you’re going to die, let me know quickly and sign the Body Conveyance Contract so I’ll be saved from any inconvenience later on.”

“Not a chance. My body is simply entrusted to you; its ownership is not yours.” Fang Ning mumbled, waking up from his dream at last.

“Until which level have you cultivated now?” Sir System asked, “Why do you look like you’re about to die?”

“Why do you speak in such an unpleasant manner?” Fang Ning tossed the white paper on his face aside. “I’ve cultivated until the third stage of the sixth level and reached the state of the turtle breathing.” 1

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“That’s good, the next step is being a turtle that lives a long life.” Sir System praised.

“Nonsense, I’m the embodiment of the True Dragon. How is it possible that I cultivate and transform into a turtle?” Fang Ning was very dispirited. “Isn’t it true that the True Dragon indulges in sleeping as well? The turtle, thus, isn’t the only one that likes to sleep.”

“Eh, what you said made me recall a piece of information. Previously during the peaceful period, the humans began cultivating a type of new Dragonization Ability. The more one sleeps, the higher the level of cultivating the ability.”

“You didn’t tell me about this earlier?” Fang Ning asked while his heart slightly wavered.

“What’s the point of telling you? It’s the humans’ freedom to cultivate whatever ability they want. If they get hurt in the process, it’s on them,” Sir System said in a nonchalant fashion.

“That’s true,” Fang Ning said thoughtfully, “With my identity, I shouldn’t be someone who implements the rules again; instead, I should be someone that formulates the rules.”

“Then who will be executing the rules?”

“Of course, it’s you.”

“I won’t do anything without money.”

“Wait, let me compile a quintillion dollars for you; in fact, they’re authentic US dollars, euros…” Fang Ning promised simply. “If not, gold is plausible as well. It just so happens that we passed by a few golden planets.”

At this moment, Heavenly Book baby came into the lounge secretly.

“Master, I have something to tell you.”

Fang Ning got up from his bed hurriedly, having a serious look on his face.

He asked attentively, “What’s wrong, my baby? They’ve digitized so they ought to stop working by now. Isn’t it supposed to be alright?”

“Precisely. I’d like to ask what should we do next? I’ve been idling for a year; I feel really bad for the affection that’s given by Master.”

“Would you look at that. If Sir System is asked to do some work, he’ll be picky and demanding money. My darling, on the contrary, won’t ever discuss money. You’re not as good as a child.” Fang Ning seized the opportunity to reprimand Sir System.

“Sir, who would be swayed by you in such a manner?” Sir System asked angrily.

“Didn’t you influence the Black Dog this way? Working hard for more than ten years, he received nothing but a canine mech as his wife.” Fang Ning scorned.

“Not bad, at least he gets to stay alive. A lot of people can’t keep their lives now.”

“I’d rather not talk nonsense with you any longer. Now that the ability I’ve cultivated during my sleep is resolved, we have to proceed moving forward on the way to the Master of Universe.” Fang Ning changed the topic of the conversation forcefully.

“You go on then,” Sir System said, unconcerned.

“What sort of attitude are you showing? So apathetic.” Fang Ning became speechless but continued to say, “Before I started cultivating, I remember that you were still very enthusiastic. Didn’t I just give you some chicken soup?”

“The chicken soup you gave a year prior had expired long ago,” Sir System said in disdain.

“Oh, I see. As expected, one doesn’t remember the number of years during the cultivation. I actually thought that I have to cultivate for 500 years once I begin; I didn’t expect it to be only one year.” Fang Ning sighed. “Forget about it, Iet me think how I should complete the second step. The third step can only be completed once the world is stable.”

“Do we start doing the second step now?” Sir System asked curiously. “Also, how should we do it?”

Fang Ning was about to say something but he suddenly took a deep breath and sighed. He shook his head while saying, “Oh dear, I’m merely an ordinary guy who’s naturally lazy. An idiotic assistant like you, nevertheless, dares to plot a scheme against the entire universe. You’re overestimating yourself.”

“I don’t understand.” Sir System became very annoyed that he got scolded for no reason.

“Master, you still have me.” The Heavenly Book baby immediately made its presence prominent.

“It’s still not enough. My baby, you’re essentially lacking,” Fang Ning shook his head and said.

“Countless numbers of elites and geniuses are recorded inside me,” Heavenly Book baby recorded and replied.

“The elites are admittedly many yet the knowledge scope is limited. It’s impossible that we inform them about our true powers, making it difficult for them to plan for me. The prospect is unpredictable,” Fang Ning answered while shaking his head.

“What’s wrong with you today? Have you become silly after sleeping for a year? We always made people obey by force previously. Now you want to plot a conspiracy against them? Do you also need someone intelligent to scheme a plot for you? Charging forward recklessly will get the job done,” Sir System said with contempt.

“Stupid.” Fang Ning rebuked. “We can conquer the world instantly but how will we govern the world immediately? The first step is to seize the external resources with force; now that your force has already coerced the external resources to integrate with the world voluntarily. The second and third steps need intelligence to govern the universe, in order to obtain a chance for World Advancement. How hard can this be?”

“Then what do you want to do?” Sir System asked impatiently.

“To reduce the wear and tear of the universe. For instance, extinguishing planets and more. Such matters shouldn’t be personally done by us; instead, we should design a type of rule and system that let others do the work for us.” Fang Ning only then revealed his real intention.

“You’ll design it then.”

“If I know how to design it, why am I having a bad headache?” Fang Ning justified.

“Oh, I see. In that case, you can assign a task to the Heavenly Book, giving a number of rewards for terminating a planet and such,” Sir System said.

“How stupid, there’s only so much manpower the Heavenly Book has. How will passing down a task help with anything? We ought to settle the present issue; it’s best that a rule can be set up to encourage frugality and punish dissipation,” Fang Ning said, having a headache.

“Isn’t this simple? Just have more sleep?” Sir System reasoned.

“Uh, that’s actually a good plan. Sleeping more will naturally deplete lesser but there’s a catch. This will conflict with the third step; as it requires the living creatures to develop more wisdom and yield more spiritual power. Only then, the world will truly be upgraded,” Fang Ning stated, shaking his head.

“That’s easier; produce them while dreaming will do the trick.”

“Uh…this idea of yours is indeed easy.” Fang Ning thought long and hard. It seemed feasible yet infeasible at the same time as it was all Sir System’s unfounded imagination that lacked definitive evidence.

As a programmer, he was very aware that such a strategy derived from the imagination would be influenced by whatever setback.

Like the attack he made previously against the Heavenly Pillar of the Immortal God World, he believed that it would attract the direct resistance of the Gods and Deities. However, he did not expect that they had destroyed the roots directly by tearing the entire Upper Realm apart in advance.

Such a situation happened due to the assumption he conceived about the responses of the Gods and Deities. He did not fully grasp the target information of their spies; hence, causing unforeseeable calamity.

“My inside information isn’t concrete enough after all. The understanding I have concerning the world and Origin is no more than hearsay. They aren’t derived from books, but some enlightenment fragments from powerful beings. I haven’t truly encountered any.” Fang Ning sighed.

“Since you don’t want to speculate, why not you put into practice yourself? That’s simple, I’ll leave you in the interior of a planet to let you experience what exactly the so-called Origin is.” Sir System suggested.

“Uh, isn’t that dangerous?”

“What do you mean dangerous? That planet is currently digitizing in my System Domain. All it takes is to operate it backward. It’s not treacherous at all; I’ve deleted the perilous living creatures.” Sir System explained.

Fang Ning clenched his fist, nodded and said, “Alright. For the sake of the future, I just have to suffer for a while. Let’s see after making an investigation first.”

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