Chapter 1133 - Mission Accomplished

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Chapter 1133: Mission Accomplished

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Once Fang Ning exited from the System Space, he saw a huge chartreuse planet traversed in a faraway location, clearly looking like it had a very little water source.

He was about to enter the planet but his footsteps halted when he began contemplating.

He told Sir System, “This isn’t practical. The information I’ll receive — from merely entering the planet interior to sense the Origin — is too unilateral. You ought to invent a miniature Solar System. The experimenting process should eliminate as much external interference as possible. You’ll subsequently create an enclosed enchanted boundary. Lastly, a probing instrument is required to detect if the planet’s Origin power is really rising. Only then I can finally validate whether the previous conclusion I made is accurate or not. Whether human labor and spiritual activity can really upgrade the Origin’s power of the planet; thus, bringing the Advancement of the World.

“So annoying,” Sir System muttered, “you have so many problems.”

“Cut it out. Science cannot tolerate the slightest bit of carelessness; it is a solemn and serious matter. Similar to the discovery of photosynthesis, it eventually became certain — after testing step by step — that the plants depend on light, carbon dioxide and water to form organic substances; this thereby achieves a significant process. The transformation from inorganic to organic matter is an undeniable upgrade. For the Origin who has consciousness, the inorganic matter is pointless. Only when it transforms into an organic matter, it indicates the beginning of every life and a world that’s full of vitality.”

“Too long, I don’t understand,” Sir System said puzzled.

“You don’t have to understand. You’ll do as I instruct you,” Fang Ning replied angrily.

“What do you think I should do for the first step?”

“You’ll build an enchanted boundary first. A sun and a planet will then be placed. Lastly, you’ll actuate the planet. This, therefore, is a sealed EcoSphere.” Fang Ning commanded.

“It’s obviously 4 steps.” Sir System scorned.

“It’s all the same. Hurry up and get it done. I still have to think about how to make a probing instrument,” Fang Ning said as his head pounded.

“I already know how to deal with the first step but it’s a different case for the probing instrument. I’m merely a stupid system after all.”

“Get a move on and stop yammering.”

Fang Ning then saw a screen flashing with cyan words that appeared in a remote location. It rapidly expanded and formed into an enormous spherical shield.

It must be the System Enchanted Boundary set up by Sir System.

As for what the theory was, it could be reckoned that it itself did not even understand.

Fang Ning was mulling over the size of his soul. If it grew bigger or it was always as large as several hundred thousand Chinese miles, it would be so much easier to observe.

The chartreuse planet which he saw a moment ago almost resembled the scenery of the EcoSphere placed on the table before his eyes.

He then saw the huge Azure Dragon behind him who disappeared. When it appeared again a while later, its claw was already holding an endlessly blazing sun.

This was the might of God.

The sun was inserted into the enchanted boundary. Under the impact of gravity, the chartreuse planet from before gradually approached the counterpart.

This was obviously in Fang Ning’s eyes. In reality, the speed should be very fast.

“Alright then, I’ll be presenting God’s first driving force,” Fang Ning said, putting on an act.

The Azure Dragon, subsequently, extended its claw and activated the planet. It started to revolve around the sun afterward.

“Very good, this will do.”

“It’s a bit too rough. I’m honestly worried for the lives of your experiment,” Sir System said with irritation.

“Be content, scientific experiments will always shift from being rough to precise.” Fang Ning was still very pleased yet he thought of something. “This won’t work. A satellite is needed for tidal locking; you ought to put one up there. Essentially, the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom isn’t maintaining the ecosystem now. We have to try our best to imitate the Sun and the Earth-Moon System that appeared before the recovery of the vitality.”

“Are you done rambling? You do it yourself then. I don’t have the skills to blindly look for trouble with you,” Sir System said very impatiently.

Going through so much hassle just to validate a conclusion was not as straightforward as killing monsters and looking for treasure.

“You’re indeed an incompetent System. I’ll do it, give me your body,” Fang Ning said in exasperation.

Spending a month, Fang Ning finally completed adjusting the enormous EcoSphere System.

The Sun, Earth, and Moon corresponded with the stars, planets, and satellite. The main parameters were vastly similar to the former Solar System.

“So tiring, no wonder the fellow wasn’t willing to make adjustments,” Fang Ning said, sweating profusely; the beads of sweat were mainly broiled by the stars…

“The difficult issue is waiting behind you. Although I’m idiotic, I know that the Earth spent four, five billion years to create civilization. Can you afford to wait?” Sir System sneered brazenly.

“I have a way to solve it. I need to find a tool that can test for the upper limit of the Origin’s power first,” Fang Ning said with his eyebrows furrowed.

“In any case, I don’t know how to do it, so don’t look for me.”

“Oh God, am I becoming foolish? As long as the Origin of the planet generates consciousness, I can just ask it directly. After all, it’s not Schr?dinger’s cat who can’t speak,” Fang Ning said once he smacked his head.

“Yep, you are really foolish,” Sir System replied as it rubbed salt into the wound.

“I am smarter than you,” Fang Ning responded, irritated.

“Alright, everything is prepared; the only thing lacking is the meteor.”

“What do you mean?” Sir System asked, flabbergasted.

“The life of the Earth was derived from the meteorite. You go find me a meteorite that contains living information. I want to throw it downwards.”

“Find it yourself. I don’t know how to.”

“Isn’t that easy? You just have to dig up a piece of rock from the seabed of the digitized earth.” Fang Ning scorned.

A while later, a meteorite containing amino acid and other living information fell on the chartreuse planet.

“Alright, everything is settled,” Fang Ning said, relieved.

“What do you mean it’s settled? Don’t you have to wait for several billion years?”

Fang Ning pondered what was said and asked, “Uh, Sir System, do you know how to speed up the time?”

“Piece of sh*t, what do I need you for?” Fang Ning reprimanded.

“Oh, so when you said ‘I have a way to solve it,’ you actually meant you’d solve it by asking me?” Sir System asked gloomily.

“Whatever.” Fang Ning became speechless. “I’ll ask someone else.”

“Who is powerful enough to hasten Time and Space? Plus, it’s such a big lump.” Sir System was not optimistic at all about this.

“Are you silly? Don’t I still have members of the same clan? The Ancient Dragons will definitely know how to. Even if they don’t, the Creator Dragon will know as well.”

“Since you want to seek the Ancient Dragons, why don’t you just ask them directly whether the outcome of the experiment you want to verify is correct or not?” Sir System retorted.

“You don’t know about this. Not only do I want to do an experiment, but also I want to experience it myself. The verdict asked and the verdict I’ve personally verified are two completely different courses of events,” Fang Ning said with much reasoning.

“Do as you please. Do you know where the Ancient Dragons? The True Dragon World is also probably destroyed. They certainly have changed to another location.”

“Isn’t that easy? Go spend another ten thousand Heavenly Merits.”

After a long time, Sir System fumed with anger and said, “I’m really dumb. I truly am. I knew that I’ll have to pay in the end.”

“This is the purpose of your existence.”

The next day, Fang Ning used the Heavenly Fortune skill to reach the nebula.

Its size was far larger than the sun.

Anyway, the enormous Azure Dragon became a small ant when standing in front of the orb.

“The skill shows that the Ancient Dragons are hiding inside this huge orb,” Fang Ning said assuredly, “Sir System, try asking if the Ancient Dragons are present first.”

“Oh, I can recall it now. Isn’t this the Revered Treasure of Nature that belongs to the Water Faucet? It mentioned that it was a gift given by his wife during his 6 billionth birthday. I’m so envious that it has such an amazing wife.” Sir System almost drooled as he spoke.

“Do pay slightly more attention to your image. This is ultimately my body,” Fang Ning said in disdain.

A silent groan of a dragon appeared, sweeping past the huge orb.

Four gigantic dragon heads emerged simultaneously from the huge orb, gazing at the tiny Azure Dragon before them.

As Fang Ning raised his head and looked at them, he became very stunned.

After the shock, he quickly told them of his request.

“Your mission has already ended. You’re no longer the Dragon of Destiny, so we won’t help you anymore. Considering that you’re still a True Dragon, go away,” The Fire Dragon’s head said while spitting raging flames.

“…” Fang Ning became utterly confused in an instant. How did this come about?

Last time they gave me treasures and trained my body. They turned out like this after not meeting for more than ten trifling years?

Just when Fang Ning was pondering hard but still remained puzzled, the four dragons along with the huge orb disappeared.

“Mr. Rich Boss, what should we do now?” Sir System said angrily, “These people are obviously abandoning you after you helped them to achieve their goals.”

“Hmph, look for the Dragon of Destiny and let it do the job of asking them,” Fang Ning said sternly.

“Sigh, you’re so troublesome.”