Chapter 1135 - The Secret of the Gods and Deities

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Chapter 1135: The Secret of the Gods and Deities

Half a day later, the pink fog that covered the EcoSphere had completely disappeared.

As Fang Ning looked carefully, the three planets, stars, planets and satellite in the System Enchanted Boundary revolved normally as if nothing had changed.

It seemed that the Origin of that world had died. What a pity, my Heavenly Axiom son only lived for less than 2 days.

At this moment, the Azure Dragon had already exited from the System Enchanted Boundary.

“How was the situation inside, Sir System?” Fang Ning welcomed Sir System politely.

Sir System replied smugly, “Now I know why the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm insisted on getting rid of the gods.”

“Why?” Fang Ning asked earnestly.

“Apart from me who’s the God of the Gods, a few gifted mortals appeared and ascended to god status during the evolution. Can you expect what the outcome is after they ascend to god status?” Sir System questioned.

“Can you just answer all at once? You want to keep on teasing me?” Fang Ning said in exasperation.

“Oh, let me tell you then. The gods with god status actually don’t have to contribute their spiritual power to the Origin’s Consciousness. The Origin from that planet mentioned before that it depends on absorbing the spiritual activity of the humans to mature, yet the gods started to absorb humans’ faith after they start appearing. The gods themselves hardly contribute any spiritual power to the Origin’s Consciousness yet they even want to seize it. Despite the number of commoners have increased under the management of the gods, they still can’t make ends meet.” Sir System justified.

“So this is what happens.” Lightning flashed across his mind and Fang Ning understood immediately.

Following the destruction of the Upper Realm caused by the Gods and Deities, he once guessed that the positions were not left behind for the gods in the previous Earth of the universe; hence, making the other person involved to decide to kill anyone.

As the Heavenly Axiom revolved, they resembled the Sun where they did not have much authority but only power regardless of how strong they were. The Heavenly Axiom could depose them at any time.

Thinking about it, the so-called god status essentially were not required to contribute their spiritual power to the Consciousness of the Origin like the commoners and living creatures were required to.

Similar to the stratum of the scholars and officials in ancient times, they enjoyed multiple privileges from the law and taxation. Officials would not be given any preferential treatment while undergoing punishment; successful candidates of the imperial provincial examination would be exempted from the fields. 1 Although they seemed to be governing the country for the ancient empire, they actually turned out to be vermin corrupting everything in the empire.

This was not the same case in the new age; the wealthier the person was, the more they were taxed. In principle, they did not have any privilege before the law.

This was the improvement of the era.

“Yep, this huge secret is finally exposed. The usage quantity of the artifact that I’ve wasted once isn’t in vain after all. If that’s how it works, we ought to be friends with the gods and have fun together so we won’t have to pay taxes.” Sir System reasoned.

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“You really need some lecturing.” Fang Ning rebuked bluntly, “Didn’t I mention before that the Hero of the Gods does it for the Heavens and Earth? These gods only covet for momentary benefits. However, they didn’t end up well when the Heavens and Earth collapsed. We have to prevent such incidents from happening so we’ll have morality.”

“Eh, this logic of yours is incorrect. The Gods and Deities are not imbeciles. Why don’t they take the initiative to pay the tax? They won’t benefit if the Heavens and Earth fall into ruins.” Sir System retorted.

“Hmph, childish,” Fang Ning said with contempt, “The scholars and officials in ancient times were smarter than one another but how did they do it? They worked hard to acquire lands, compelled people into slavery and ruined the tax system of the imperial court. How many among them could detach themselves from the benefit of their stratums? There were a few reformers who suffered in the end. The Gods and Deities were similar as well. They were aware that they won’t live as long as the Heavens and Earth, having a life span of several million years whereas the Heavens and Earth have a few of ten billion years. Under this circumstance, they would accumulate their powers as much as possible so they can live longer. As for the crumbling Heavens and Earth, they would not think too much unless there’s a pressing issue.”

“Uh, this is so complicated. What the Sage said is right, everything about modern history is the recurrence of history.” Sir System sighed.

“That’s right.” Fang Ning pulled himself together, “Hmph, the four Ancient Dragons previously told us that we’re no longer the Dragon of Destiny. In my opinion, our destiny has just begun.”

“Oh, our destiny is to continuously reap the gods? To kill one whenever one appears? There has to be a solid reason to have a punitive expedition,” Sir System said, having a hard time.

“Of course it’s solid. Do you know why the Heavenly Axiom needs the gods?” Fang Ning asked.

“That’s because the Heavenly Axiom is too stupid. It can’t deal with such a big place and enlighten so many living creatures, especially the various kinds of creatures that keep emerging in the Mysterious World. It has no choice but to allocate a lot of authority.” Sir System said certainly.

“I’m so glad that what I studied during my dream in the world isn’t useless.” Fang Ning praised. “This is reality. Technology, thus, will be the means to resolve this issue. The technological power won’t deplete the spiritual power; instead, it’ll only exhaust substance power to settle this issue once and for all. It’s one of the advantages brought by the unification of both the Upper and Lower Realm.”

At this point, Fang Ning could faintly feel a gigantic inside story appearing before his eyes!

Perhaps the unification was actually acquiesced by the Heavenly Axiom of both Realms. The response they had towards the attack of the Gods and Deities was most probably going with the flow; they were not truly resisting.

“Well said, Mr. Rich Boss. This suggests that the technology will be used as a means to administer all living things and bestow their spiritual power to the Heavenly Axiom. We’ll then monitor beside to prevent the gods from interfering with the process. The problem is I can’t seem to figure out what’s in it for us? If the gods who are supposed to interfere, do not appear all long, I’ll be doing my job for nothing,” Sir System said gloomily.

“Are you aware of what you’ve just said? A Sage was right when he said that one cannot keep staring at money. Those who stare money wholeheartedly won’t earn any money in the end. Rather than staring, one will eventually earn lots of money from working overtime to do well and get the job done.” Fang Ning advised earnestly.

“The Sage who said this is definitely a boss.” Sir System said with certainty.

“How do you know?” Fang Ning was shocked. The fellow was very smart to one’s surprise. This did not sound good. “This is because I always tell the Black Dog in such manner.” Sir System replied with confidence.

“Shameless.” Fang Ning scorned.

“We’re more or less the same,” Sir System said bluntly.

Fang Ning decided to yield. Now that he had cleared up and understood the path he would take in the future, he did not wish to have an internal conflict with Sir System. If Sir System started to refute, he actually may not be its opponent.

“Alright, alright. You will receive benefits naturally. Take the previous Heavenly Merits as an example, you got something in return although you suffered a fracture. This shows that the newborn Origin of Time and Space still notices the contribution — made by all living things — that’s given to the Heavens and Earth. We will gain some benefits naturally if we work in a low-key manner.” Fang Ning comforted.

“Yeah, right. I’ll have the power to make my own decision only when I’m the boss. The Origin of Time and Space is merely a liar.” Sir System did not believe this sort of trick long ago.

“Then what exactly do you want to do?” Fang Ning asked troubled. “We have obviously planned the three-step development strategy.”

“The strategy has to change regardless. It’s actually very simple. After going through the world in my dream just now, I understood how to expand an Origin’s Consciousness and increase the process of the world. We can be our own boss, create the world and be the God of Creation. This way the final benefit will belong to us,” Sir System said proudly.

“Your ambition is so much bigger than mine. You’re not a hero; you’re clearly the Founder of Devilish Cult who’s sneaking into the righteous martial arts world,” Fang Ning said, dumbfounded.

“Look at you. These are the lessons that filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the cold look the four Ancient Dragons gave you previously? No matter how good your work is, you’ll be fired when you’re useless, old, pregnant, giving birth, can’t move, or even having a lower price-performance ratio.” Sir System advised.

“…” Fang Ning stared blankly for a while, thought about it and said, “You’re right, this isn’t like opening a company or spending several thousand dollars on an agent company to help you get the job done within a month. Creating a world is far too difficult.”

“There’s no such thing as impossible, as long as you’re willing to climb,” Sir System said solemnly.

“Oh, who’s going to climb?”

Chinese imperial examinations were a civil service examination system in Imperial China to select candidates for the state bureaucracy. For more information, do visit