Chapter 1136 - Dragon of Destiny

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Chapter 1136: Dragon of Destiny

Sir System was very ambitious, wanting to become a boss and creating the world.

Objectively speaking, it was not related to trust or anything, but only venturing an enterprise.

Fang Ning’s previous plan, after all, was equivalent to finally being allocated with the share of the company by a kind boss after working hard with overtime.

Since a lesson was learned from the mistake made by the Upper Realm, would the new boss still distribute shares?

When Fang Ning thought about this, he thought that he or the mighty beings who told him about this path already had some assumptions.

The Upper Realm in the past belonged to the Saint and Heavenly Axiom to venture entrepreneurship together. As the senior figure, they would get the shares with the least difficulty.

The current situation was, nevertheless, different due to the unification of the two Realms. Judging from the application of the Heavenly Merits, the Origin of Time and Space was not dead.

Fang Ning became fairly diffident when he thought about starting from scratch.

“Eh, it’s pretty nice to live in this world; there are many tall figures supporting us. If we create a world, we have to undertake whatever comes our way ourselves.” Fang Ning sighed.

“Are you aware of what you’ve just said? The Sage once said that a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general isn’t a good soldier. No matter how good you feel living here, you’re controlled by somebody and your safety isn’t ensured.” Sir System instigated.

“Uh, I didn’t expect that a lazy hoodlum like me who was entrusted to you all along, would become a God of Creation. Is there any valid sense?” Fang Ning sighed unbelievably although he was slightly moved.

“Wait, since you want to venture entrepreneurship, you have to find a place to register the company. We’re currently at the Heavens and Earth, where do we look for somewhere hollow again?” Fang Ning queried.

“This is easy. Just use up ten thousand Heavenly Merits,” Sir System said matter-of-factly.

“Idiot, you have the ambition but you don’t have the appropriate skills.” Fang Ning rebuked. “You asking the Heavenly Axiom where to venture business is no different than asking your boss how to set up a new company. Do you know how grave the aftermath is?”

“What sort of aftermath will happen?” Sir System asked, unperturbed.

“The former is undeniably getting fired, while the latter is getting killed by the Heavenly Axiom,” Fang Ning said fiercely.

“That’s dreadful,” Sir System was shocked and said in an insecure manner, “The Heavenly Axiom looked rather foolish, it won’t be so vicious right?”

“What do you think? The operation of nature has its own rhythm and rules. This sort of existence doesn’t have any personal emotion; it operates according to its interests and the rules. For instance, you’ll still get injured when your hand touches the burning iron, regardless of how great your contribution is.” Fang Ning sighed.

“What do we do now? I didn’t expect how difficult it is to have entrepreneurship,” Sir System said with irritation.

“If it’s that easy, when will it be our turn with so many gods and Saints around?” Fang Ning asked in disdain.

“Then what do you think we should do?”

“Let me think, we’ll discuss once we postpone for several hundred years. We’ll talk about it when I’ve fully cultivated the Neuroanatomy of Sleep and Dreams.”

“This is indeed your style.”

“Oh, by the way.” Fang Ning remembered something that happened prior. “I’ve mentioned before that I want to find the Dragon of Destiny. Do look for it while I’m cultivating. It’s best to be prepared for the future.”

“Oh, understood,” Sir System responded.

“Why are you so well-behaved now?” Fang Ning asked, surprised.

“Isn’t it obvious that I have to rely on you to open a business? Anyhow, I want to have 51% of the shares.” Sir System said as he seized the opportunity.

“You’ll be the CEO at most, without any share. It’ll be impossible for you to have any share in your lifetime.”

“Then I won’t be working for you now,” Sir System said bluntly.

“Fine, I’ll give you the share but it has to be fifty-fifty.”

After they finished talking, Fang Ning went to sleep.

The cultivation style of the new ability was truly simple…but how was it possible that the method of becoming a god was this easy?

Fang Ning brought the doubt along with him as he fell asleep and dreamed.

An Azure Dragon soared into the universe. At this moment, both of the Upper and Lower Realms had unified for less than two years and they were in the most intense changing period.

Huge planets could be seen clashing and pressing against each other everywhere. They then connected and became flat land.

Such rapid change was unprecedented. It was difficult to describe with words; people who saw what happened would be flabbergasted.

The Upper Realm was originally a vast flat land. Casting it downwards looked like the universe was forcibly pressing the sphere to make it flat.

During this process, it was natural that countless planets shattered, innumerable nebulas dissipated, and numberless stars exploded.

The benefits, however, were not lost overall. The energy conservation law was controlling the world of substance. Not only it would not have energy shortages, but also it could create something out of nothing and circulate continuously.

The Azure Dragon ignored the surging substances all along and glided around with ease while knowing the rhythm of the moving objects. It, thus, did not get injured for the slightest.

It finally arrived in front of a whirling vortex.

There occupied two Dragon Gods which were longer than the Azure Dragon. One of them was purple while the other was white. The vortex looked like a spiral shape of a dragon from afar.

“Mr. Rich Boss, wake up. I’ve found the Dragon of Destiny,” Sir System said, giving himself credit for what he had done.

“Let me sleep in for a while, we’ll talk about it next month.” Fang Ning turned around on the bed, not budging at all.

“You’re extremely lazy. It’s fine to sleep in but I’ve never met someone like you who wants to sleep for a month once you begin sleeping,” Sir System replied angrily.

“It isn’t a big deal. We don’t have to feel anxious, now that the Heavens and Earth are turning upside down. You can hide aside and observe what they’re doing.” Fang Ning mumbled and fell asleep soon after.

The Azure Dragon, hence, hid in the vicinity. It was quite serene, probably because both of the True Dragons still had great power.

A while later, the two dragons could be heard talking.

“The strike on the Gods and Deities was unexpected. Who gave them the courage to do so? It’s better to stay alive than to die. It wasn’t necessary for The Upper Realm to perish.” The Purple Dragon sighed.

“Hmph, if it weren’t for the dragon who appeared later. It doesn’t even know that the Heavenly Axiom is plotting a scheme against it. Acting as the front line of killing the Gods and Deities for nothing. The Gods and Deities are, nevertheless, clever because they didn’t waste their energy wrangling with it. Instead, they went to remove the roots of the problem.” The White Dragon gloated.

“Thus, we’ve arranged a bit of a situation just now and it has become chaotic again. The universe is currently returning to chaos. We don’t exactly know which land the Heavenly Axiom favors to open up and create a world to reconstruct the Heaven and Earth,” the Purple Dragon said, indifferent.

“It’s naturally the dragon soul that we have in our hands; it has combined with every power of the True Dragons from the Upper Realm. Even if the Saints have lost their authority, they can’t stand a chance contending against it. It is the new Creator Dragon,” the White Dragon said confidently.

“Don’t be so certain with your words. The Gods and Deities, Saints, as well as some holy immortals of this world won’t let this opportunity slip by easily. Everyone knows, after all, the one who creates the world will have the highest probability of achieving sainthood,” the Purple Dragon said while shaking its head.

“Ha ha. The probability to fall is the highest as well which may benefit the younger generation. Everyone isn’t stupid; they want yet don’t want the position at the same time.” The White Dragon said simply.

“I, however, have heard news from a Devil recently, saying that the Heavenly Axiom of this world will no longer institute Saints and even god status to anyone. This is one of the causes why the Gods and Deities rebel,” the Purple Dragon said after inquiring.

“It’s very possible. The universe essentially had a great deal of civilization in the past that were not formed from the chaos. Although both of the Upper and Lower Realms have combined together, the Heavenly Axiom still hasn’t perished. Unless the Heavenly Axiom is destroyed and a young master arises, ministers will only then appear; executing the former practices of having a monarchy and officials to rule the world once more.” the White Dragon had evidently researched a lot in detail.

“One can truly tell what the bigger picture is from a small clue. The society of the mortals can reflect the location of the Great Path. It’s no wonder that they make many irrelevant interpretations regarding the theory of Interactions between the Heavens and Mankind, but the interpretations aren’t really pointless.” The Purple Dragon chuckled in some admiration.

“Yes, the universe is wonderful in this way. The structure of a sand granule is exceedingly similar to the structure of the entire universe. Meanwhile, the societal compositions of the lowest class and highest class are somewhat similar. These are in accordance with the Great Path.” the White Dragon agreed.

The Azure Dragon listened to what they conversed to its heart’s content by the side. The two dragons were apparently pontificating and talking about many secrets. These secrets had validated once again of what was known previously.

Who would have thought that the highest class that was involved with the Saints, Gods and Deities and Heavenly Axiom was hardly any different than the operation of the mortals’ society?