Chapter 1137 - Return to Chaos

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Chapter 1137: Return to Chaos

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“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss. Wake up, wake up quickly.” Sir System urged anxiously as if there was a new major discovery.

“What’s wrong? Don’t disturb me from sleeping…no, I mean cultivating.” Fang Ning tossed and turned on the bed, unwilling to open his eyes.

“Oh, I’ve finally found out my biggest purpose,” Sir System said with excitement.

“You don’t have to find out what your biggest purpose is; you can just ask me.” Fang Ning mumbled.

“Uh, you say it then,” Sir System said, disbelieving.

“Your biggest purpose is to take care of and work for me. When I’m the God of Creation in the future, you’ll be managing the Heaven and Earth and working for me as per usual. If so, we won’t need whatever Gods and Deities or Saints. We won’t have to waste the Origin’s power on providing for these parasites and need them to enlighten the people.” Fang Ning reasoned.

“…” Sir System became unhappy and said, “Damn it, I was figuring out what my purpose is with great difficulty but how come does it sound so easy when you say it?”

“I can’t do anything about your intelligence that’s extremely limited.” Fang Ning laid on the bed with his limbs stretched apart like a starfish.

“By the way, I’ve discovered the Dragon of Destiny. It seems like it may split the Heaven and Earth apart to create the world.” Sir System changed the topic by force.

Once he heard what Sir System said, Fang Ning scrambled to his feet from the bed and pondered with his eyebrows furrowed.

A while later, he opened his mouth and said, “This is very important news. Since it’s trying to separate Heaven and Earth, it will certainly be in the midst of chaos. As long as we follow it, we can find the void and get out of this world.”

“Ha ha ha ha. What do we do if we fail by chance?” Sir System asked shyly.

“You were the one who wanted to create the world. Now you’re also the one who’s being hesitant. What exactly do you want?” Fang Ning responded impatiently.

“Don’t people get greatly influenced by the environment and the people around them? You’ve influenced me.” Sir System justified.

“Get lost, you can’t be hesitant about this issue. I’ve thought about it long and hard; I’m certain that I have to do it. In fact, it’s bound to succeed,” Fang Ning said confidently.

“When did you think about it?”

“You’ve thought about it beautifully.”

“It’s alright. It’ll work as long as I want to make it happen,” Fang Ning said proudly. In any case, he discovered the advantage of dreaming.

“Let’s cut the crap, I have to look for the heritage of the Gods and Deities when they fall. Besides, we have to send men to watch them closely. Are we going to call for the Black Dog again?” Sir System asked.

“No, the separation between the Heaven and Earth is extremely important so they will definitely evacuate. With its small physique, how can the Black Dog withstand it?” Fang Ning asked, softhearted.

Forgot about having strenuous labor, it would be unfair to make the little brother risk his life. It was best to treat people the way one wanted to be treated. He himself never risked his life, let alone counting on the little brother to do so.

“I guess I can’t do anything but letting my No.2 to appear,” Sir System said with irritation, “I originally wanted it to collect the junk.”

“If this is the case, you go set it up then. I’m going to sleep therefore don’t look for me if nothing is happening.” Fang Ning crawled inside his blanket and covered his head.

“You can’t die from sleeping,” Sir System said, upset. It always felt that it was a huge mistake to find this ability for Mr. Rich Boss.

It gave him a perfectly legitimate reason to be lazy like how it was in the past.

The System Incarnation was left nearby, hiding amidst the dust of the nebula.

For others and even the devoted Black Dog, keeping watch over the movement of the rival was an exceedingly dull and difficult job.

The System Incarnation merely inherited the characteristics of Sir System so it did not possess real living emotions. It deemed this task simply as a standby.

More than three years had passed since the monitoring process initiated. The dragon-shaped vortex seemed to be absorbing some kind of nutrients as it kept on growing.

It was estimated that the time concerning the birth of the Destiny Dragon was drawing nearer.

On the contrary, the surrounding of the starry sky in the universe had increasingly complicated changes. Having changes that were hard to distinguish even by the gods, the substances and rules of both worlds had mysteriously combined with one another.

The description of the future changes which the mighty beings told Fang Ning previously, the shadow cast mentioned by the River God and the substances that squeezed together mentioned by the Death — they seemed to be somewhat inconsistent now.

The universe originally expanded without any limitation but it started contracting at this moment as if it was stimulated.

Countless substances exploded fiercely. The whole universe resembled boiling water in a pot; everywhere was at its maximum temperature. Strange, terrifying, flames, darkness.

Every type of contradiction, opposition, and conflict was striving to be the first in line to blow up, wanting to push the entire universe to the verge of destruction.

Under this circumstance, few powerful beings who wanted to cause trouble had now retreated one by one in order to get through the horrifyingly destructive natural disaster.

The dragon-shaped vortex was included among the calamity.

The Purple Dragon spoke to the White Dragon, “It’s time for us to leave, as the universe can no longer resist the clash of the substances and rules. It’s about to return to chaos.”

The White Dragon nodded. “You have a point. We ought to leave after drawing the last wave of power. The other True Dragons should be offering the power of their flesh as well. They’ll be reborn once the Heaven and Earth have been split apart.”

“Alright, I’ll inform them at once. Oh yeah, there’s one more fellow; he’s one of the True Dragons. Do you want to try informing him as well?” The Purple Dragon said hesitantly.

“Hmph, do you think he’ll believe us? It’s absolutely impossible. Let the fellow go to hell. He’ll definitely want to beat us to death first,” the White Dragon said in disdain.

“That’s true. What a pity, the fool doesn’t even know that he’s being used. His brain has been instilled with the consciousness of love and justice, becoming extremely boring. I can’t communicate with him at all. It seems like he can’t dodge from this predestined misfortune.” the Purple Dragon jeered.

“Whatever, having or losing him doesn’t make a difference.” the White Dragon said matter-of-factly.

The two dragons, subsequently, began to intertwine with each other and released waves of silent dragon groans outward at the same time. As the System Incarnation observed outside, True Dragons could be seen appearing out of nowhere. They then plunged into the dragon-shaped vortex and lumps of bloody fog erupted.

The dragons had various sizes, strengths, and colors but they were undoubtedly pure-blooded, overflowing with prestige and power.

The dragon-shaped vortex, however, would grow a lot bigger every time it swallowed one True Dragon. Its surface area had already become so vast that it could not be described.

“This isn’t right, four True Dragons are missing,” the White Dragon said in shock, after counting once, “Why are Long Wu, Long Da, Long Er, and Long San not coming?”

“They’re probably dead. It’s normal if they can’t endure the predestined misfortune formerly since they’re new dragons and their powers aren’t strong.” The Purple Dragon objected.

In the eyes of the elder dragons, some dragons of the new generation were clearly not significant.

“What a pity, they do have potential. We can’t be blamed if their fate is as such. Let’s go in,” the White Dragon said while it shook its head.

“Life is death, death is life, living until dying, dying until living, incessant reincarnation, solipsism, and idealism, everlasting vitality.”

The dragon-shaped vortex commenced contracting and expanding afterward like a huge heart, looking like it might explode at any time.

Right at this moment, an Azure Dragon appeared suddenly and it gazed at the pulsating dragon-shaped vortex.

“Mr. Rich Boss, wake up quickly. We ought to set off outside of the universe.” Sir System urged.

Fang Ning became wide awake hurriedly. A big map really had to be changed this time.

Whether it was possible to continue living, achieve entrepreneurship and open a company would depend on this time.

No matter how lazy he was, he must not be lazy at this moment.

Via the viewpoint of the Sir System, he saw outward of the throbbing dragon-shaped vortex.

Such a spectacle was hard to imagine, resembling how mortals gazed upon the galaxy and ants stared at the firmament.

The dragon-shaped vortex was seen pulsing faster and faster to the extent that Fang Ning could virtually hear the sound of the heartbeat “lub-dub”. He realized that they would vanish anytime.

This “anytime”, however, would be calculated as months or years in terms of the mortals’ time.

“How do we follow it?” Fang Ning asked.

“I woke you up because I wanted to ask you the same thing,” Sir System said bluntly.

“Uh, I actually have a plan. Call the great green insect to come out and feed more food to it.”