Chapter 1138 - Outside The Universe

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After the great green insect got out of the Draconic Arcane Realm, Fang Ning managed to stuff its belly with food and got an answer about following the dragon-shaped vortex. The former made a new request.

“Right, Great Azure Dragon, since you mentioned that this world is going to return to a state of chaos, please bring my previous father and my sisters along too.” It gazed at Fang Ning with its pair of insect eyes and pleaded.

“Say that you agree.” Sir System interrupted.

Fang Ning was puzzled. “Huh, why are you in such a good mood today? I thought I have to use my wits to persuade you again.”

“Rubbish, how could I, as a boss who’s about to establish a business, not recruit free labor, no, these reliable allies?” Sir System said firmly.

“I should’ve known that it would be like this.” Fang Ning shook his head.

Sir System would never show kindness.

Therefore, Fang Ning agreed to the request which touched the great green insect. It was crucial to note that it was not easy to look for a safe place to stay now. Moreover, the mighty beings who dared to protect an entire clan got fewer and fewer as time went on.

The ones who were able to escape the chaos crisis were supreme deities, major gods and those who were on a similar level to the Pantheon Kings.

Regular gods simply did not have this capability.

“Great Azure Dragon, you’re amazing, my sisters were right about you.” The great green insect squealed with euphoria.

“Uhh, your remarks make me feel weird all over. I’m a married man,” Fang Ning replied earnestly.

“Hey, you’re jumping to conclusions.” Sir System butted in immediately. “They won’t be attracted to your lazy *ss.”

“F*ck off, don’t mess up my mood.” An irritated Fang Ning shooed Sir System away. “We’re about to venture on a new world. Think about what other things we’ve left out and let’s bring them along.”

“Don’t you worry about this. Right, do you want to get some more things to take away?” Sir System refused to give up.

“Forget it, we can’t always steal other people’s belongings, can we? We should treat what belongs to us as our rewards and take them away, whereas, we can’t violate the Chivalry Rules and take what doesn’t belong to us,” Fang Ning said sternly. However, if things are willing to follow us, we won’t reject them.”

“Eh.” Sir System smiled in admiration. “Mr. Rich Boss, don’t worry, I’ll make them do so willingly.”

One year later, when Sir System finished packing its luggage and belongings, the dragon-shaped vortex finally underwent its last transformation.

All of a sudden, a Rainbow Dragon leaped out from within it. After scanning its surroundings, it let out a great roar and departed in the end.

At the same time, an Azure Dragon followed it.

At the following moment, Fang Ning realized a change in the scenery before him. It felt like his entire form had sunk into a void. His soul and his body felt empty as if he had lost all of his vital essences.

What sort of scenery could induce such a feeling within him?

Neither beginning nor end, neither arrival nor departure, and neither light nor darkness.

In short, he could not find one reason to justify his current state.

He was familiar with the so-called Chaotic Space back when he fought with the God of Plagues in the Upper Realm. However, during that time, there were still concepts of light, space and time.

Evidently, that was just a battlefield for mighty beings provided by the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom.

Where he was situated now was an actual void! Outside the universe!

“Sir, are you still there?” Fang Ning’s thoughts raced in his mind.

“Still alive.” Sir System responded monotonously.

“Oh, that’s a relief.” Fang Ning felt better when he realized he was not alone.

“Can you give me some light?” He asked again.

“Erm, I can’t do this at the moment. Hold on, there should be light after a while.” Sir System replied.

Fang Ning did as he was told and waited patiently.

True to the System’s words, a bright light appeared, and a dragon showed up within the light.

It was the Rainbow Dragon!

Fang Ning knew he was about to witness the creation of the Heavens and Earth by the Dragon!

He was unsure, though, whether it was going to transform into the giant Pan Gu and cleave the world of chaos apart with an axe 1, or to tear the world open with its dragon claws?

However, what happened below greatly surpassed his expectations!

A bright light appeared and the Dragon flew towards a particular area.

Fang Ning instructed the System to follow it closely.

They had no idea how much time had passed as there was no way of telling the time.

A huge ball materialized before him!

If not for the murkiness of the huge ball, he would have thought that he bumped into the four opportunistic and useless Ancient Dragons again.

He could not tell exactly how big the huge ball was either. At one minute, the ball seemed vast and colossal to Fang Ning, and at the next minute, it seemed like a ball of a regular size again.

This weird sensation made Fang Ning feel suspicious.

Nevertheless, he thought that it was normal. It was this suspicious feeling that proved the normality of the scene in front of him. He was in a void, after all.

“Is this ball our universe from before?” Fang Ning asked.

“Absolutely, you are so blur.” Sir System affirmed.

“What do you mean by ‘blur’? There’s only one answer all along.” Fang Ning snorted.

Next, the Rainbow Dragon swallowed the huge ball!

What?! The universe had been devoured?!

Fang Ning was bewildered. Was this how the creation of the Heavens and Earth worked?

Then, the Rainbow Dragon coiled up and laid its head on its body. It closed its eyes to rest as if it was digesting the huge ball.

“This can’t be right, Sir System. This fellow is too feral. It actually dared to devour the universe?” An astonished Fang Ning spoke.

“I envy its great appetite. Hey, I almost forgot, I should have let Daqing eat it. What a shame, what a huge loss.” Sir System groaned.

“Don’t even think about it. It’ll be stuffed to death.” Fang Ning scoffed.

“You underestimate its capabilities.” Sir System retorted.

“I don’t dare to overestimate it.” Fang Ning scrutinized the giant dragon that was in the midst of digesting its food and mumbled. “Don’t tell me, the aggregate of dragon souls created by the Purple Dragon and the White Dragon is actually the Creator Dragon of the Upper Realm?”

“Even if you ask me, I haven’t the faintest idea. No one can answer your question right now,” Sir System replied feeling annoyed, “We’ve already left the original universe anyway.”

“Yeah, we can only float around here desolately.” Fang Ning sighed.

Despite the presence of System Space, it was still not an actual world.

“Don’t be so depressed. Learn from others and we can also create a new world.” Sir System encouraged Fang Ning.

“Your chicken soup stinks 1, I can’t have it.” Fang Ning did not have the energy to entertain the System.

Sometime later, when Fang Ning was about to sleep, the Rainbow Dragon opened its eyes suddenly.

There was an expression of agony on its face. Its entire body began to stretch out and its abdomen clenched.

“Huh, what’s going on with it? Indigestion?” Sir System was baffled.

“Erm, why do I get the feeling that it’s ready to give birth?” Fang Ning had a bold idea.

“Ahh!” Sir System was taken aback. “You have such wild imagination. It’s just one dragon, how is it going to give birth?”

“You idiot, it’s an aggregation of countless dragons. Haven’t you heard of the story of the Virgin Mary?” Fang Ning ridiculed the System.

“I’ve heard of it and it’s the Dutch version too. Are you referring to the Virgin Birth?” Sir System exclaimed.

“Exactly. Apparently, the creation of the Heavens and Earth which they were talking about is the birth of the world by the Creator Dragon,” Fang Ning said firmly.

“Awesome, but I don’t have this ability.” Sir System gasped.

“What are you thinking about? I don’t even expect you to have this kind of ability.” Fang Ning sneered.

“Are you saying that you already have this ability?” Sir System chirped gleefully.

“F*ck off, I’m a man, and a real one too.” Fang Ning snapped back.