Chapter 1139 - Becoming A God Today

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Chapter 1139: Becoming A God Today

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Meanwhile, a storm was brewing in the Rainbow Dragon’s mind — historically known as a Mental Storm.

“I see. When we unite, we are the Creator Dragon!” A purple dragon-shaped thought muttered.

“Yeah, the Heavenly Oracle works in mysterious ways. Initially, we wanted to imitate the Lower Realm’s system and create an aggregate of dragon souls, but little did we know that we summoned the Creator Dragon!” A white dragon-shaped thought replied.

“The blood of the Creator Dragon flows in the body of each True Dragon!” Hundreds of different dragon-shaped thoughts clamored.

“Stop making all this din, you old farts! What if the Creator Dragon faces difficulty in giving birth? Waiting online, it’s urgent.” An agitated voice appeared without warning.

“Is that you, Long Wu? Since when did you arrive?” The purple dragon soul gasped in shock.

“Does the Clan Leader have to report its arrival to an Elder like you? Or do all of you really assume you can succeed in this matter without my permission?” The voice echoed throughout the area but no one could detect where the Clan Leader’s thought laid.

“Alright, Clan Leader, this is your right.” The purple dragon soul decided to give in. After all, the most important matter right now was how to create the world and not to start an internal conflict. “Regarding your question, I intend to find a midwife for assistance.”

“Where’s the midwife?” The mass of dragon souls asked in surprise.

“Isn’t it outside looking at the Creator Dragon?” The purple dragon soul announced confidently.

“I see, no wonder you allowed it to spy on us. You’ve foreseen this day.” The white dragon soul remarked in admiration.

“Hehe, I’m just prepared,” The purple dragon soul replied modestly.

“Hmph, that’s easy for you to say. All of you have fallen out with that person long ago, and you expect it to assist you with the delivery now?” Long Wu taunted.

“Hehe, so what? We just have to give him some benefits,” the purple dragon soul said, “It claims to be righteous when it’s just another one of those fellows who do heroic acts for their own gain. We have so many artifacts and dragon weaponry here, and we have hundreds of dragon penises alone. How would he not be tempted by such rarities?”

“What the f*ck?!” All of the dragon souls cursed. “Elder, you’re too cruel. Let us keep our dragon penises.”

“You’re still the experienced one, whereas I’m too young.” Long Wu sighed. “In that case, Elder Purple, please lead by example and be the first to contribute your dragon penis.”

“So what? Look at yourselves, since you’ve already transformed into dragon souls, what’s the point of the old physical bodies?” The purple dragon soul scoffed. “So what if I contribute it? It’s not like it won’t regrow.”

Long Wu praised the purple dragon soul at once. “You’re magnanimous, indeed, Elder. Next time, I shall nominate you as an Elder again.”

The mass of dragon souls agreed wholeheartedly. How could they disagree with an Elder who led by example? If they disagreed, they would have to contribute their own penises.

Despite the logic in the purple dragon soul’s words, that was still a thought.

True Dragons differed from other clans. Dragons birthed tens of thousands of living beings and they could mate with other living beings. This showed how powerful the dragon penis was and no one was willing to hand it over to someone else…

As Fang Ning pondered over how the world was created, a purple dragon soul emerged from the head of the Rainbow Dragon. It carried a large sack with it and glided towards him effortlessly.

“Huh, it could actually see us?” Fang Ning drew in a sharp breath. “Sir, looks like your Invisibility Technique doesn’t work?”

Sir System snorted. “Rubbish, since when have I mentioned any Invisibility Technique? There’s only us in this area. It would be blind of it to not see us.”

“Are you saying that you’re following it openly?” Fang Ning wondered.

“It’s the truth.” Sir System responded pragmatically.

“You’re so big-hearted.” Fang Ning admired.

At the same time, the purple dragon soul approached them.

It was straightforward and announced. “Great Venerable Dragon God, I would like to make a deal with you.”

“What kind of deal?” Fang Ning asked.

The purple dragon soul then summarized the terms of the deal.

Fang Ning’s heart raced excitedly. Men over the age of 30 would understand that bigwigs would long for restorative products like tiger penises and velvet antlers. His high rank would grant him the treatment equal to that received by the Heavenly Jade Emperor in myths and legends.

Although he did not need such items right now, it was better to be prepared for a rainy day.

He immediately told the System, “This isn’t a bad deal. Quick, learn how to perform a C-section.”

“Why don’t you learn it?” Sir System snapped back at him.

“I just want the dragon penis and I’ll give you the artifacts and dragon weaponry. Plus, your skills are amazing and you’ll be accurate when performing the surgery.” Fang Ning persuaded the System.

“Fair enough, then I need to craft a 40-meter-long scalpel.” Sir System scanned the Rainbow Dragon’s body and remarked.

Fang Ning scoffed. “Instead of crafting it on your own, just get one from them. We’ve cornered the market now.”

“Right, Mr. Rich Boss, you’ve reminded me of something. Why don’t we ask for more and raise the price?” Sir System exclaimed.

“Young minds can be educated.”

Nonetheless, the purple dragon soul only agreed to the request regarding the crafting of the scalpel. It did not agree to the request about the price hike.

“Hehe, if you’re trying to fish in troubled waters, Venerable One, you’ve made an unwise decision. We simply refuse to delay the time, but if we wait for another hundred thousand years or so, there’ll be saints birthed from the world. When that time comes, there’ll be no shortage of people who can assist with the birth of the Heavens and Earth,” the purple dragon soul said wanly.

“Dammit, this fellow has a plan B.” Sir System was vexed.

“Just let it slide, at least it’s better than getting nothing at all. However, I still need it to answer me on the way to create the world,” Fang Ning said firmly.

Thus, Fang Ning included an additional condition.

This time, the purple dragon soul was somewhat taken aback.

“I didn’t expect the Great Venerable Dragon God to be so ambitious. Do you want to create the world on your own? Even the once great and influential Upper Realm ended up in a state of integration and rebirth, so how are you going to believe that the world which you create won’t face the same fate, your Excellency? I think you’d better find your own place in this new world.” The purple dragon soul advised Fang Ning.

“You don’t need to worry about this. You just have to tell me how I’m going to create a new world.” Fang Ning was impatient.

“In that case, I shall tell you everything truthfully. If you regret your actions one day, Venerable One, please don’t blame me for not advising you against this decision,” the purple dragon soul replied wryly.

After that, its spiritual senses fluctuated and it passed down a complex World Creation Technique to Fang Ning.

System Notification: [The System has learned the Ancient-grade technique “True Dragon World Creation Tome”.]

“Wicked, it’s an Ancient-grade technique. How many experience points have to be spent to level up one grade?” Fang Ning remarked in shock.

“Sigh, if I get to harvest the thousands of gods, I don’t have to worry about this, but the problem is huge now.” Sir System groaned.

“This world isn’t created for you, so how can you do anything according to your whims and fancies?” Fang Ning consoled the System. “It’s good enough that we have such a situation.”

“Cut the crap and hand me the sack. I need to store some dragon weaponry and artifacts to heal my wounded little heart.” Sir System pouted.

“Shame on you, you’re already an old System in your thirties.” Fang Ning remarked in disdain.

As such, the deal between both parties was set. Fang Ning kept the sack given to him by the purple dragon soul in the System Space. He emphasized that the dragon penis belonged to him, but he borrowed Sir System’s System Storage Room to freeze it.

“Alright, as expected, that fellow has already agreed to the operation. We can now wait for the birth peacefully.” The purple dragon soul returned inside the Creator Dragon’s mind and declared proudly.

This time, Clan Leader Long Wu reminded it wryly. “I forgot to tell you earlier, Elder Purple, that when this Creator Dragon revives the True Dragon Clan, it does so according to the current state. It doesn’t have any consciousness.”