Chapter 1140 - God Is A Programmer

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Chapter 1140: God Is A Programmer

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After a while, the purple dragon soul handed a long scalpel to the Azure Dragon moodily.

Fang Ning whispered to the System. “Look at that long face, I wonder what happened.”

“I don’t know either. We only wanted one extra book. Does it have to brood over this?” Sir System snorted.

“Exactly.” Fang Ning agreed. “The book is of no use to it anyway. How many times can this thing be used?”

“Alright, Great Venerable Dragon God, your scalpel is ready, but please try to avoid a C-section and attempt a side cut instead. If there’s a lack of hardship in the birth of the world, its potential for growth will be limited in the future.” The purple dragon soul said weakly.

“Huh, you’re knowledgeable about this. I’ll try.” Fang Ning nodded in agreement.

What followed next was a series of indescribable procedures. Sir System got some flesh and scales from the Rainbow Dragon’s body. They were actual flesh of the True Dragon and had a long history.

“Sir, you do love to take advantage of others…” Fang Ning was amazed by the System’s action.

“But of course, I need to save for the future after all.” Sir System asserted.

Fang Ning had no idea how much time had passed throughout the entire operation. Anyway, he had slept three times and woke up three times. Assuming no one disturbed him and each slumber lasted for a year, three years had probably passed.

“Ok, the world is finally born, just like Ne Zha 1.” Sir System announced gladly.

“Where is it? I want to see.” Fang Ning urged impatiently.

Fang Ning had a look via the System View and saw a giant with a copper skin tone lying under the body of the dying Rainbow Dragon.

“Huh, is this giant the new world? It has just been born and it’s so big. Strange, indeed.” Fang Ning gasped.

“What a load of balderdash. This giant still needs to absorb nutrients from this void and continue to grow. Once it’s grown, it’ll then die. After its death, it’ll become the world. Its eyes will become the sun and the moon, its hair will become stars, its blood will become rivers, its bones will become mountains and valleys… 1 I didn’t make this up. It’s one of the ways the world is created as recorded in the ‘True Dragon World Creation Tome’.” Sir System explained.

“I see.” Fang Ning eyed the naive giant with pity. It had not even opened its eyes, yet its fate had already been decided by others.

What a tragedy. Just like mortals, no matter how robust and vigorous and gifted one was, no one escaped death in the end.

Fang Ning felt emotional. He had no right to sympathize with others, for he could not even control his own destiny.

A moment passed again, and the giant finally opened its eyes. What it did right after waking up made Fang Ning stop sympathizing with it!

It swallowed the dying Rainbow Dragon!

The scene reminded Fang Ning of a gruesome manga, “Attack on Titan”.

“It brings with it an intrinsic, original sin. This world is doomed to face destruction again!” Fang Ning cursed.

System Notification: [The Host has made an indescribable prophecy and generated an indescribable consequence.]

“Huh, what’s the meaning of this?” Sir System inquired curiously.

“I have no idea.” Fang Ning threw his hands in the air. “Ok, don’t bother about it, we’ll go create a world full of truth, kindness, and beauty on our own.”

“Hmph, you’re so immature.” Sir System jeered. “Surely, that sort of world won’t have any combat effectiveness.”

“Listen to your own words, didn’t the five Bronze Saints rely on love and justice to defeat their unassailable enemies?” Fang Ning argued. 1

“That’s because they’re the protagonists in the manga. If you, the supporting character, were the one taking the lead and depended upon love and justice, most people would have died and only a few would survive.” Sir System advised him patiently.

“I don’t believe this crap. Am I supposed to create a King of the Gods Space Mode in order to ensure combat effectiveness? Impossible, the act of guarding will stimulate the greatest potential and combat effectiveness of humans.” Fang Ning emphasized.

“As you wish. Anyway, I won’t be the one who’ll suffer losses when the time comes.” Sir System chuckled.

“Why?” Fang Ning frowned.

“I’ll look for another home before you die.” Sir System quipped.

“No way, you son of a b*tch. We’ve been through the massive changes in the world and we share a revolutionary friendship. How can you give it up so easily? Moreover, where are you going to put your Heroic Achievement?” Fang Ning said anxiously.

“Eh, although what you said sounds nice, my life is still important. Trying doing it again and again. Who knows, perhaps, there’ll be much more potential.” Sir System muttered.

Fang Ning was temporarily relieved. He declared excitedly. “Great, everything is set. We can finally start creating the world.”

“Bang!” A huge tome that was as tall as a hundred-story building landed on Fang Ning and had him pinned to the ground.

“Dammit, what the hell are you doing?! Are you jealous of me?!” Fang Ning yelled.

“What I meant was, if you want to create the world, you should first master this encyclopedia of world creation.” Sir System scoffed.

He noticed five large words on the spine of the tome, “True Dragon World Creation Tome”.

“Huh, haven’t you mastered it?” Fang Ning asked. “Can’t I just command you?”

“Are you insane?! You don’t even know a thing. How are you supposed to command me?” Sir System said dismissively.

“I’ll just learn it then.” Fang Ning grumbled. “Sigh, I never thought that pretending was a tough job too.”

“Bullsh*t, a slacker like you wants to pretend?”

Fang Ning lifted his head to gaze at the massive book. His heart raced furiously. “Am I supposed to spend an eternity to learn this up?”

Sir System sniggered. “If you don’t want the world you create in the future to revolve for only seven or eight days, you’d better master this technique. You keep insisting on the values of love and justice, yet you aren’t willing to educate yourself. This isn’t the way things work. The enemy upholds the law of the jungle where the fittest ones survive.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Eh, then I shall make sense of the summary first. You shall look into the details.” Fang Ning remarked slyly. “I believe in you.”

He did not wait for the System to decline and began to climb the book.

He reached the highest point and flipped to the first page.

“World Creation Summary, first there’s light, then time is created, Space Order, then Material Order… my head’s about to burst.” Fang Ning could see stars around him.

“Read it properly and don’t look for any excuses.” Sir System lectured him.

“Sigh, why are you able to master it effortlessly?” Fang Ning was envious of the System.

“Nonsense, didn’t you mention that I was created by the Heavenly Axiom? This is my ability.” Sir System grinned.

Fang Ning could not rebut the System, so he mumbled to himself, “I’m such a pitiful 60-something old man. I can’t believe I still have to study at this ripe old age.”

He was not sure how much time would pass by studying the book. After all, according to the System Space’s calculations, when the one hundred and fifty-fifth year of Shenyuan arrived, Fang Ning would have only understood three pages.

“Fine, I’m not gonna do it repeatedly. That’s enough, I’ve comprehended the summary. Time to get to work.” Fang Ning remarked enthusiastically.

Sir System inquired, “Which method of World Creation do you intend to choose?”

“The Matrix method. I’ll create a virtual world first. After repeated testing to strengthen the System, I’ll make the virtual world a reality.” Fang Ning explained.

“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, you’re good at planning. I’m beginning to admire you again.” Sir System praised him.

“Hahahaha, so. Whatever it is, I’m still a programmer.” Fang Ning grinned.

Ne Zha is a deity from Chinese mythology. His mother gave birth to a ball of flesh and he emerged from it as a young boy when his father attacked the ball with his sword, thinking it was a demon. As soon as he was born, Ne Zha could speak and walk.

A reference to Pangu, the giant who created the world in Chinese mythology.

The five Bronze Saints are the protagonists of the manga series “Saint Seiya”. In Chinese, the five characters are collectively known as 五小强 which means “the five Xiao Qiang” literally. Xiao Qiang is a slang used to refer to cockroaches due to their toughness. Hence, the five Bronze Saints are referred to this way due to their resilience and unshakable morale.