Chapter 1141 - Competitive World

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Chapter 1141: Competitive World

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A bronze-colored giant was fast asleep.

In a close distance, a giant sphere was whirling right under its breath.

On the surface of the giant sphere, blue-colored numerals were flashing rapidly from time to time.

The Azure Dragon was looking at the giant sphere with its dragon eyes wide open.

Fang Ning then said to Sir System, “Enough fool, you knew that the giant’s not good news. Why are you so near to it? Are you not afraid that it’ll swallow up our world?”

“According to what you’ve said, this is a virtual world in between reality and virtual. It can’t swallow this world.” Sir System said eloquently. “You should know that it’s been taking in the purest form of Chaotic Energy, an innate element. If replaced with those ancient novels you’ve been reading, this stuff’s able to create a celestial being with only a mouthful.”

“Er.” Fang Ning’s eyes brightened up immediately. “If that’s the case, then gimme a sip…”

“Then you’ll go ‘bang’, explode immediately.” Sir System said with no restraint.

“Why?” Fang Ning was unconvinced, “You said one mouthful is enough to transform into a celestial being.”

“The environment that I was stating were the ones in your ancient novels. They had the protection of the Heavenly Axiom. They didn’t have to consider how much tolerance they had or the issues in absorbing and digesting the energy. How about you?” Sir System scorned.

“Nope, but the Heavenly Axiom’s dead. Who should I look for to protect me?” Fang Ning’s so-called short-lived idea was akin to a soap bubble, burst just seconds after it was born. He might as well go to bed.

After an unknown amount of nap time, Sir System woke him up.

“Quick, get up Mr. Rich Boss. Your Matrix World should be matured by now?”

“How’d you know it’s matured. Do you even know what you’re looking at?” Fang Ning muttered as he turned his body.

“Cause it’s turning black.” Sir System stated in confidence.

As soon as Fang Ning heard this he turned back over and looked through the System View.

Sure enough, the giant sphere that was originally flashing blue-colored numerals had turned dark.

“F*cker, what matured. That’s a black screen on standby, can’t you tell? There’s no need for you to manage it now, the program’s still running.” Fang Ning said angrily.

“Oh, I see it now.” Sir System replied embarrassedly.

Fang Ning then controlled the Azure Dragon and stretched out its claws to poke on the giant sphere for a brief moment. Afterward, the blue-colored numeral started to flash rapidly again.

“Really, creating a world together with a flunking System’s too bothersome. I don’t even know how many leaks the world will have in the future and how many dragons are needed to fix them.” Fang Ning sighed.

Sir System had no words. Just at that moment, the bronze-colored giant suddenly turned over.

However, the blue-colored giant sphere was really in between virtual and reality. The other party was completely unable to run into it.

“Hm, I think the giant’s breath’s feebling. It’s probably dying.” Sir System took the opportunity to change the topic to escape from the awkwardness.

Fang Ning took a closer look and Sir System was correct, the giant’s breath had weakened by a fair amount.

Ever since the other party swallowed the Creator Dragon, it had been in deep sleep.

It had been doing nothing and was depending completely on instinct to evolve the world. Now, it was already the eve of the birth of a world. As soon as it died, it would undergo Metamorphosis.

It was obvious that the world that it evolved and the universe that Fang Ning was on beforehand would have not much of a difference. It would still remain as the strong preying on the weak in order for civilization to rise.

“Sir System, we’ll be able to learn from it. We could take advantage of when it’s starting up a world and take a look around. Furthermore, to create a standard for a world we’ll need to compare then we’d decide what’s best. Didn’t you mention before, there’s no competition in a truly beautiful world? Then let’s be competitive with it and we shall see.” Fang Ning said in a serious tone.

“Hmm, you have a point. However, a wise man once said that people with no pressure are light as a bird, but a boat without pressure would shake everywhere. Your truly beautiful world, if I’m not looking after it, it’ll possibly be utterly defeated by others.” Sir System replied in disdain.

“Hmph, wait and see who’s right. Do you wanna bet on it?” Fang Ning said, trying to compete.

“What’s the bet?” Sir System was intrigued.

“If you win, you’d give me ten percent of your share of the world; If you lose, you’d give me twenty percent of your share of the world.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Deal…” Sir System had yet to complete its sentences and quickly retorted, “Your fart, do you really think I’m a foolish System?”

“Too bad, you’ve gotten too smart.” Fang Ning then continued regretfully, “Then, let’s do this instead if I win you’ll give me ten percent of your share. If I lose, you’ll give me ten percent of your share.”

“This is still…” Sir System almost agreed then immediately retorted, “F*ck, I’ll decide. If I win, you’ll give me ten percent of your share. If I lose then I’ll give you ten percent of mine.”

“Fine, that’s a deal. Looks like I’ll never be able to fool you anymore.” Fang Ning said in pitiful realization.

“You really are a hypocrite. You said you wanted to create a truly beautiful world, yet you’re a master swindler. Do you actually think that your creations would be pure, honest and good?” Sir System said in disdain.

“What do you know? There’s always someone that has to be on the dark side.” Fang Ning said in righteousness, “If I don’t go to hell, then who’ll go to hell?”

“Then this hell of yours, the quota would probably be full.” Sir System sneered.

“You’re finally talking like a human being.” The clear-headed Sir System rejoiced, “There are also indicators for world competition, the world’s growth rate, the mass of the world and also the world’s civilization level.”

“These aren’t direct enough. Do you know the most significant method to measure a competition index, there’s only one standard.” Fang Ning said in a heavy atmosphere.

“What’s the standard?”

“Mr. Rich Boss, you really are still clear-headed.” Sir System admired, “I thought you were a sand sculpture of the Virgin Mary.”

“As you said, it’s because I’ve known the cruelty of the wold when I was clear-headed. Hence, I’m yearning for a truly beautiful world.” Fang Ning said pretentiously.

“Fine, Fine. There’s no one else here. There’s no need for you to act.” Sir System dissed, “Since you put it that way, there we’d need to establish a war platform. Let the worlds have a platform that they could display their strength in.”

“You’re right, then this task’s up to you now.” Fang Ning said as if it were obvious from the start, “I’ll set a few principles for you. Firstly, they have to be about the equal amount of strength limit. A top-grade demon and a low-ranked soldier, then there’s definitely no point to it. Secondly, ensure that the scale of the war doesn’t spread to the original world. Do a proper job in the protecting operation.”

“I knew it, every time when it’s time to do the actual work you’ll push it all on me. Can’t you settle your tasks from the beginning until the end?” Sir System said sullenly.

“Then what’s the use in hosting you?” Fang Ning replied with force.

“You’re constantly retorting me with this, then I’ll not be hosted by you anymore. From this day onwards,?I’ll be a free and unfettered System. I’ll feed horses, split logs and travel around the world1…” Sir System said proudly.

“Hmph, fine. Let’s do it together. You should know this platform’s not only for me, are you not worried that I’ll stymie just so you’ll lose your bet?” Fang Ning said immediately.

“Hiss, you really are that thick-skinned. How could you just publicly blurt out these things?”

“He who stays near ink gets stained black1.”