Chapter 1142 - Second Dimension

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Chapter 1142: Second Dimension

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The establishment of the war platform was considered to be simple.

That was by creating a battlefield in the void, then two gateways that lead to two worlds and it would be finished.

The steps were simple, but it was as difficult as shoving an elephant into a refrigerator.

The two worlds were not formed yet. Hence, they would just start by creating this battlefield world.

Following Fang Ning’s instruction, Sir System reluctantly took out an artifact to act like the war platform.

This artifact came from the former purple dragon soul. Apparently, as the gods and deities were falling, the True Dragon Clan that loved treasures did not miss an opportunity to profit from the misfortune.

On account of their nature, Sir System previously had a futile attempt in haggling for more artifacts and dragon weaponry. It was delusional wishful thinking and its skills were mediocre compared to the experts. Failure was reasonable under such circumstances.

The artifact had the external form of a pure, sparkling and translucent crystal wine cup. It emitted faint white rays of light.

“Hmm, then we’ll call it Battle of Saint Cup. The victor gets one wish that’d be granted,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“You’re the one responsible for granting wishes. Don’t ask me for money.” Sir System quickly blocked up the opening.

“The interpretation of a wish would be on me. If I can’t grant them, then there’s no point in wishing them,” Fang Ning spoke eloquently.

The war platform had been created, the artifact was able to illustrate different types of sceneries under Sir System. It was also able to restrict the maximum capacity of one’s strength. Unless a chap that surpassed a god-level power were to barge in, it would be impossible to break through the defense.

Of course, when channels were still being established, these people would be screened out in advance.

“Alright, let’s wait for the two worlds to form. I’m going to sleep.” Fang Ning looked at the Celestial Cup and felt satisfied. He then went back into the System lounge for his slumber.

Sir System said angrily, “A pig no matter day or night.”

This time the slumber was extremely long.

Fang Ning woke up and it was not due to Sir System’s calling.

He glanced at the electronic calendar hanging in the System Space and was horrified. It was thirty-one thousandth and four hundredth year of Shenyuan.

“What the f*ck, I slept for thirty thousand years?” Fang Ning was in disbelief.

“Oh, my bad. There’s no electricity just now, and the calendar jumped to wrong numbers,” Sir System said as it adjusted it back. “The one-hundredth sixtieth year of Shenyuan… This is the correct one.”

Fang Ning was relieved, so he only slept for five years, that sounded about right.

“How was it, have the two worlds outside been formed?” He urged.

“It’s still very early. You think the process is akin to steaming rice eh, wake up from a nap and immediately get congee.” Sir System scorned.

“Sigh, this is just boring. I can’t even sleep anymore because I slept too much,” Fang Ning said resentfully, “That reminds me, son of a b*tch. What level are you now? I’m almost two hundred years old.”

“Oh, let me check. Sorry, I’m only level 65.” Sir System asserted eloquently.

“Sh*t, the world’s about to be formed and you are only at level 65? Do you wanna get hit?” Fang Ning was furious.

“So what about it? It’s always been harder to level up as it goes further up. Just drag it out to later, wait for the new world to form then try leveling up again.” Sir System was unperturbed.

What could Fang Ning do since the power to level up all rested on the other party’s hands.

He gave it a thought, then decided to go to the Draconic Arcane Realm to wait it out.

As he tried to drill through, it could not be done.

“What’s happening? Where’s my realm and my villa?” Fang Ning was surprised.

“It’s turned into a pile of data long ago. Otherwise, do you think you’d be able to survive in the void,” Sir System said expressively.

“What you’re saying is, my wife, father-in-law, and mother-in-law are all in the second dimension now?” Fang Ning said as he was overwhelmed with shock.

“Not entirely correct, do you want to take a look. The scene was quite great, the whole family’s together, except for you.” Sir System gloated.

“I, I,” Fang Ning was furious, then cautiously continued to ask, “Everything’s reversible though, right?”

“Sigh, all reality’s a phantom and all phantom’s a reality. Just grasp this opportunity and Almsgiver should be rid of common customs. You’d be able to peacefully cultivate immortality. After all, as the creator of a world, one should not have so many attachments. It’s only troublesome.” Sir System consoled.

“F*ck off, once the new world’s created I’ll move my whole family back in. Build a Penglai mountain of Immortals 1 and live a happy and prosperous life,” Fang Ning said earnestly.

“You’re daydreaming, as the owner of the world, how could you practice favoritism? Aren’t you afraid of repeating the disastrous mistakes?” Sir System scorned.

“It’s no big deal. Just deduct fifty percent of my share, there’s no need for your resources,” Fang Ning said resentfully.

“That’s good enough. Frankly speaking, as long as we’re alive then that’s alright. We don’t need powers, being a mortal seems alright as well. As long as we don’t die.” Sir System appeased.

“You’re right. Mortals’ entertainments are enough. The Immortals consume too much. Next time, our world shouldn’t contain those high-ranked demons or low-ranked demons of any sort. As long as mental activities are active then it should be enough,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Oh, I’ve realized something as well. The real usage of spiritual powers.” Sir System replied in a serious tone.

“Come here and take a look at this dying creation giant.” Sir System pointed.

Fang Ning then looked at the bronze-colored giant that was lying in the void.

One could only see that the other party was inhaling more air than it was letting out. The whole body has turned into a grayish color.

System Notification: [System activated Ancient Level ‘Spirit Gaze’]

Fang Ning was then able to see white-colored silk webs that were spreading in the void. The center of the silk webs was the giant’s head.

The silk webs were transformed from an endless void into things that had material existence. It then entered the giant.

“So that’s how it is, the internal part of the world brings about spiritual powers. This sort of spiritual powers came from the void as it transforms virtually into reality. This is the ultimate mystery of a world’s growth!” Fang Ning understood the concept thoroughly.

“That’s right. The Upper Realm was doomed due to gods, deities, and saints over-consumption of spiritual powers to maintain their own existence. They’re powerful and the vitality consumption was only the external image. What was really consumed were spiritual powers.” Sir System confirmed.

“That means that the Earth’s universe can exist for a long time. Only that we’d need to extinguish those burning stars. Their efficiency in producing spiritual power’s too low. A Sun only needed a few million energy to form a human civilization.” Fang Ning said sternly.

“Yep, so your path to the big universe’s summed up quite well. Now all the theories and practicals are well prepared, the rest is…” Sir System was unable to finish its sentences and Fang Ning cut it off.

“The rest is for you to work it out,” Fang Ning said as if it were obvious from the start.

“You’re daydreaming again. Let’s split the work, do you want to work on the interior or the exterior?” Sir System asked eloquently.

“Humph, what’s the difference?” Fang Ning asked as he grabbed and scratched his head.

“The interior works are naturally the task to control all kinds of chores within the world. Which includes handling BUGs, adjusting the roads, and appeasing people’s hearts. The exterior works are within this void, monitoring external movements, and that includes this Battle of Saint Cup,” Sir System spoke eloquently.

“Hmm, they’re both bad choices eh? Can I just meddle on both sides?” Fang Ning asked with a headache.

“No, you’re just trying to be lazy. You could only choose one from the two,” Sir System replied.

“Then I’ll do the exterior works. After all, I’m still a man.” Fang Ning justified.

Penglai is a legendary land of Chinese mythology. It is known in Japanese mythology as Hōrai. In Chinese mythology, the mountain is often said to be the base for the Eight Immortals