Chapter 1144 - Beta Version

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Chapter 1144: Beta Version

It was just that that time, the reason for retreating was not a good reason. It was because the retreat was caused by others.

When it was progressing, flowers were blooming, fires were raging, the time was right, with favorable geographical and social conditions;

When they had to retreat, their burning house was looted, hails were added to snow, fortunes were gone and the heroes were unable to rise.

As soon as the data world disappeared, a cloud flew towards the Azure Dragon.

“Hehe, Venerable One, why the rush? Are you not going to absorb more Innate Energy?” Among the cloud lump, profound laughter was heard,

“No, I’m full now. You can continue to absorb,” Sir System replied in a terrible mood.

“Creating a world, the heart’s truly big but unrealistic. What’s so great about creating this world? Even if the other

mountain’s stone can polish jades

, it’s merely an uninspired imitation,

set out to be tigers but end up as dogs

,” the cloud said faintly.

Sir System asked in wonder, “What’s this guy saying?”

“It’s saying you’re a dog,” Fang Ning said directly.

“Oh, that’s fine. It’s not like I care.” Sir System was not affected.

Afterward, the Azure Dragon flew away.

However, at that moment, the cloud came and blocked its path.

“What are you doing? Do you want to make an enemy out of me?” Azure Dragon asked coldly.

“Hehe, now that you’re full from eating, it’s time for you to pay back. Just come back out the next samsara.” The existence of the cloud had finally shown its true colors.

“Mr. Rich Boss, what if I can’t defeat it. Just wait online, this is urgent.” Sir System tried to appear fierce though it was scared.

Fang Ning was finally feeling tensed, normally he would joke around. But right now, it was a crucial life or death moment, he was unable to talk nonsense.

His brains were running at full speed and finally thought of a way out.

“I’ve got it, say these words…” Fang Ning passed along the huge amount of information spiritually.

Hence, just as the cloud was about to charge ahead, the Azure Dragon spoke coldly, “I heard that saints use Merits to reach illumination. Is it true?”

“If you’re thinking of using these simple words to delay the time, then you’ve failed. This is the void, there’s nowhere for you to hide.” The being inside the cloud did not answer directly, nor denied.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter whether or not you want to answer. I’m just going to tell you that I’ve delivered a newborn for this ancient bronze-colored giant before, and naturally obtained a high level of Merit. If you kill me, you’d not come back as a saint in the next samsara!” Azure Dragon said in a powerful and resonating voice.

The being inside the cloud stopped when it heard this.

After a short while, it turned its head and went back beside the ancient bronze-colored giant.

The Azure Dragon then turned around and left the scene, although it knew the distance in the void does not matter. There was just a psychological comfort in knowing that they were getting further away from the danger.

Sir System was terrified, “It’s all thanks to you Mr. Rich Boss. It’ a fortunate thing that I hadn’t led you to your death prior to this, if it weren’t for you I’d be dead just now.”

“Hiss, you’re really shameless. So you were still harboring such evil intentions?” Fang Ning said hatefully.

“Heh, I’m just making a joke to ease the tension. You don’t have to take it seriously,” Sir System said embarrassed, “Nevertheless, the world’s really ingenious. If last time I hadn’t helped the Creation Dragon in giving birth, I’ll really have no other moves to use.”

“Therefore, it’s always useful to do good deeds, Ultimately, doing too many bad deeds will bring about many enemies and obstacles. Doing too many good deeds, even though it wouldn’t bring about lots of benefits. But, it does increase the chances of encountering fortunate events in the future,” Fang Ning said as he sighed a little.

“You’re right. We’ll do more good deeds next time,” Sir System said obediently, “Truthfully, strength still rules above all. I don’t want to have such narrow escape anymore, it was really close just now. If there were no tricks for that Merit just now, there was really no other method.”

“Not necessarily,” Fang Ning said dimly, “There’s still another way.”

“What way?” Sir System asked immediately.

“Just throw ourselves to that world, it won’t be that easy to kill us then,” Fang Ning said coldly.

“However if that happens, then we’ll probably be in chaos, and lose all our consciousness.” Sir System was startled.

“As long as you still exist then it’s all good, that world of chaos will definitely not be able to annihilate your existence,” Fang Ning said inspiringly.

“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, you’re so good to me. It really made me feel moved.” Sir System was gobsmacked.

“Sigh, you’re moved too soon. I was actually saying that we’ll activate the Biomechanical Fusion, then go in. That way I’ll be in one piece as well,” Fang Ning said in embarrassment.

“I knew it, it’s impossible for you to sacrifice yourself to save me.” Sir System was disappointed.

“Of course,” Fang Ning replied dumbfoundedly.

He was a good person but he was more afraid of death.

“Forget it, I’ll have to work harder now. Don’t talk to me, I’m feeling hurt right now,” Sir System stated in resentment.

“Sigh, you’re right. Those saints were just chess pieces. We’re just getting started.” Fang Ning also felt he was deeply attacked.

The five saints just now were just has-beens, and only one came over yet Sir System felt helpless. If five of them came together, would not mean they were instantaneously f*cked?

Old resourceful were after all, old resourceful, they had accumulated deep and formidable strength. If they wanted to suppress someone, it would be easily done with no difficulties.

After dealing with such a huge blow, Fang Ning decided to sleep. No, he decided to cultivate.

If he were able to cultivate into God level then he would be of help to Sir System.

Fang Ning then sank into slumberland.

Very soon, he had a dream.

In the dream, the five saints did not let him walk away nor did they let go of the world he created.

They feared his merits of becoming a midwife to the Heavens and Earth, hence they trained a stubborn and foolish man to destroy him instead.

The dream was long and different from the dreams of ordinary people. It was logical, Fang Ning tried to think of a lot of solutions in the dream, but he failed.

The world he created was destroyed, the System fled. It was as if he was in a big dream and had returned to the era in the past…

Fang Ning woke up in shock.

“That dream was really terrifying. Even the devil in me felt violated.”

“In that case, you might as well change your cultivation ability.” Sir System instigated. “I can’t give you artifacts, but I can give you dozens of sets of cultivation ability to Path of God.”

“Hiss, you’re just oh-so capable.” Fang Ning sighed. “We can’t play around with this. We don’t know what the saints are thinking, and what are they plotting? How could we just farm slowly then attack them? Those scenes only happen in novels, it doesn’t happen in real life.”

“Then, what’s there to be done?” Sir System asked helplessly.

“I think, the only way to cap them was that their need to be saints again in the new world, it’s their door to salvation. That was the only reason they let us go just now. If they’d killed us, they wouldn’t be able to be saints anymore. They’re destined to die in the future, but that’d be millions of years later. That’s the price they’re unwilling to pay.” Fang Ning analyzed.

“So, we should stop them from becoming saints?” Sir System was confused.

“That’s inevitable. Sigh, it would be terrific if the Ancient Dragon was still willing to shelter us. We’d have time to farm and develop. Now we could only rely on ourselves.” Fang Ning thought long and hard.

“Alright, wait for the new world to take form. I’ll throw in System Incarnation and stir up trouble for them,” Sir System said hatefully.

“That’s good. I’ll try to think of other ways,” Fang Ning said calmly, “Oh right, we’ll need to present out the world without delay. We have no means to present out the full version right now, but we could send out a beta version.”

“There’ll be lots of bugs.”

“We’ll fix them as we move forward.”

“Then, you present it out.”

It’s a Chinese idiom 他山之石可以攻玉, meaning that talents were borrowed from abroad to develop the nation effectively, or could be improved oneself by accepting criticism from outside.

From the Chinese idiom, 照猫画虎反类犬, meaning failing to achieve what one set out to do.