Chapter 1145 - Limit Test

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Chapter 1145: Limit Test

Fang Ning and Sir System finished their negotiation and were about to send out a test version of the world.

Before the release, he naturally wanted to browse through it once to make necessary changes as he went along.

Just after looking at the first item, he began to make suggestions.

“This, Sir System, one of the drawbacks of the human civilization in the past was the inheritance of civilization. Each generation had to learn from scratch and the accumulation of knowledge was too slow. Previously it was a world of science and technology, but there was no leader. Currently, since we’re the ones running the place, we can’t just let things slide. We should change the fact that when a person dies, their soul doesn’t fade away. Only then can we retain the previous generation’s memories and knowledge.”

“If we go forward with your idea, the ethical relationship would surely turn into chaos. If the souls don’t fade away and not recycle itself, how can we grow the world’s spiritual power? You need to stop the bullsh*t,” Sir System said in despise.

“Take a good look at your lack of imagination. Why do you want to abide by the pattern of our previous generation? Isn’t it better if we allow everyone to be born naturally? We can settle on a time to refresh new batches of corporeal bodies. The outstandings souls would be reincarnated first and that’ll trigger each generation to strive harder with all their might to improve themselves,” Fang Ning said eloquently.

“Hiss, there’s an inexplicable familiarity to what you’re saying.” Sir System was puzzled. “Isn’t that similar to that online game you love so much?”

“That’s right. Take a good look at those guys who are normally indolent. When they’re playing games, they’d be able to do it day and night. If there’s a place where others are willing to spend money to help you earn a living, it’d be the in the game world. It proves that the game world is more arousing if compared to the real world, in enabling people to be more subjective and initiative!” Fang Ning talked with full confidence. “Since we’re creating a new world, why not directly imitate the setups of an online game?”

“D*mn, you’re just saying whatever you want. When we’re creating the Matrix world, why didn’t you write them down? You briefly went through the test process and threw the remaining tasks at me. Now, you want to alter it from the start.” Sir System was infuriated.

“Oh…” Fang Ning shrunk his head and quickly replied, “Sorry, at the time I wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate. I didn’t expect that you weren’t able to grasp the essence of my mind, I thought our hearts were connected telepathically from an earlier time.”

“Who’s telepathically connected to your lazy*ss heart?” Sir System muttered. “But, your brain is quite good. Plus, the test work we were doing previously, won’t it be wasted?”

Fang Ning felt that Sir System was calming down and he quickly tried to appease it. “How’s that possible? We’re just adding on the online game layer, the kernel’s not affected. We’ll still use your world settings, low levels of magic and military forces. Technology will still be king.”

“Oh, then it’s fine,” Sir System obliged.

“Yes, then you should alter it immediately. Add on the settings I mentioned, then I’ll personally go in and test it out. Sound good?” Fang Ning pretended to seem diligent.

“F*cker, don’t try and fool me. You’re just trying to snatch the GM character…” Sir System scorned immediately.

“Hmph. you son of a b*tch, can’t your IQ level stay constant all the time?” Fang Ning complained.

Near a big river that continually flowed at great speed.

Once Sir System had finished altering the world, to put it bluntly, Fang Ning did receive a character from Sir System. However, it was not the glamorous GM character but rather an awesome good-for-nothing character.

According to Sir System, the limit test had to be done. Consequently, this character satisfied one of the limit values. The rest of the testing then fell on Fang Ning’s hand.

This character’s race was still human as Fang Ning was not familiar with any other race anyway.

At that moment, he was only a one-month-old baby. He was lying on his stomach and inactive, weakly looking at his surroundings.

Behind was the big river and from time to time, sounds of crying could be heard. Underneath him was sand and occasionally, one or two adults walked past him. After picking and poking, the babies were picked up one by one.

Following his settings, all humans were born from a few of the big rivers. When they turn into babies, people would fish them up ashore to foster them. Everyone was not blood-related, there were only the fostered fostering another.

He imitated the model of the previous River of Blood.

However, when it was his turn, the feelings were not splendid at all.

At the beginning of each month, babies would boom in every big river. With that, each ethnic group would occupy a section of a river and fish out their population.

The moment Fang Ning was fished out, his atrophied legs were obvious. So, right away, he was abandoned and thrown onto the riverbank.

Yes, his character was born naturally deformed.

Fools, this was the god of creation. Whoever that possessed a good heart would have a higher probability of achieving a positive outcome and transcend from this case.

Fang Ning looked around with his eyes, hoping that a good-hearted person would be willing to adopt him.

After waiting for a long time, an old man finally walked over. He looked at him and showed sympathy. “This fellow, I’m gonna do a good deed and send you off to be reincarnated once more. Next time, be reincarnated into a good fetus. The name’s Lee Qingzhang, on our next encounter please do pay back the favor.”

‘F*cker, why is he feeling so right and confident in drowning a baby?’

While Fang Ning was furiously thinking about that, he was thrown back into the river.

He was drifting in the river, and according to the settings, there was no need to worry about newborn babies being drowned because once they drift into the sea, the sea would reincarnate them.

It sounded cruel, but taking into account the panel of the game and the settings of the game that souls would never be wiped out, it did not seem that bad.

However, Fang Ning did not want to die this way. Sir System would have a good laugh about it.

Even if it was a good-for-nothing character, Fang Ning would play until it had embarked on the peak of life.

He then began to speak in Moore code with his simple cries as he was in the river.

“I have a treasure. I’ve hidden it in a certain place. Whoever raises me till I’m 18 years old, I’ll give him the treasure.”

Although it was foolish, but f*ck it. There was never a shortage of fools in online games anyway.

Furthermore, Fang Ning did have treasures.

Fang Ning continued to float away until finally, he met a smart guy.

When a middle-aged man heard his voice, he got on a wooden boat and paddled to Fang Ning’s side before he picked him up.

“My friend, you said you have treasures. I’m not convinced that you do, but I believe that since you’re clever, you’ll do well in this lifetime. In your next lifetime, I hope you’ll pick me up as well,” the middle-aged man spoke out.

“Uaa Uaa, UaaUaaUaa,” Fang Ning hurriedly replied. He could make no other sound aside from this foreign one.

“Yes, yes. Even though you’re terrible at talking, I understand what you’re saying.” The middle-aged man nodded.

Fang Ning was speechless. Using Moore code to talk as a baby was a setting for the world. All babies’ souls knew the language naturally since all souls still have their memories. Once reincarnated into a baby, they immediately have a clear awareness and could fully have active communication.

However, Fang Ning did not have this ability. His soul was not injected with this additional knowledge, he was only able to know this much due to the Octopuses in the past. Rather, he picked up some of it as he went along.

After being picked up by the middle-aged man, Fang Ning felt relieved. Now, he need not be worried about being a dead king.

After a stroll, Fang Ning arrived at a village not far from the river and was brought into a large stone house by the man.

As souls were not destroyed, the property was hereditary. Everyone would try to build a house made of stones that could be passed down for thousands of years. So next time when they were reincarnated, they would still be able to return to it.

Upon entering the house, two old women were cleaning the surroundings.

“You’ve worked hard,” the middle-aged man said politely to the two old women.

“Just trying our best at our age, no need to thank us,” an old woman looked up as she spoke, while the other one did not speak.

Fang Ning was placed on a stone shack on the east wing. Then, he was covered with a layer of fur and a bottle of milk was given.

Fang Ning held the bottle silently. Finally, he had time to open up his game panel and viewed the time background.

“Time: One-hundredth and fiftieth year of the Great Wilderness.

Character: Fang Ning.

Cultivation Base: None.