Chapter 1146 - Shock

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The world had only been in operation for 150 years, and civilization was still in the savage ages.

Fang Ning finished his milk and looked around. There were five or six children of his size hanging around the kang 1.

A house built of stone, with several windows on the stone wall and windows inlaid with glass, it seemed like productivity here was not too shabby.

They were fortunate to have such means of production, where at least one of the materials used to manufacture cross-over artifacts, such as glass had been created.

The milk bottle just now was also made of glass. Having the capability to blow and form glass into the shape of a bottle, the industrial chain involved, too, must not have been of too low level.

To naturally have such a level of skill was because Fang Ning had not let these souls start from 0. Instead, he had infused some basic scientific and technological knowledge of the past into them.

Moreover, Babel Towers had been built all around the area. Each floor was filled with books of knowledge and was open to the public, for everyone to learn and acquire knowledge.

With such a foundation of knowledge, producing glass in over 150 years of development was nothing.

Now, Fang Ning looked forward to the invention of steam engines.

While Fang Ning was looking around, a baby next to him climbed over and yelled at him in loud cries of “wah, wah” frantically and urgently.

Fang Ning really could not understand as he only knew some simple Morse code.

Thus, he decided to cheat.

“Sir System, are you there?”

Came an immediate response.

“Give me some face.” Fang Ning said, humbly.

At this time, after seeing Fang Ning’s lack of response, the little baby seemed to have decided that he was a fool. Hence, he came over and pushed him hard with its little hand.

With poor Fang Ning’s shrunken legs, he was unable to resist at all and so, he could only endure it without protest.

Then, the other babies also began to cry loudly in a “wah, wah” fashion.

With Fang Ning’s level of proficiency in baby talk, he really could not understand a thing. It had taken a lot of his effort just to fabricate the message of the treasures. It was just like English, where he could write but not understand.

At that moment, a game panel notification appeared.

“You have received a gift from an anonymous source. You have gained the talent in language proficiency.”

“Oh, Sir System, you’re kindhearted after all,” Fang Ning said, relieved.

“You do still have half of the shares. You can’t be mistreated.”

At that moment, Fang Ning suddenly understood these cries of “wah, wah”.

“Stop bullying this fellow cultivator.”

“Yeah, he was born unfortunate. His parents must be crying.”

“If it were me, I’d tell this fellow cultivator to hurry up and kill himself with a stone. It’s better not to waste time and just reincarnate again.”

What sort of words were these?

Fang Ning was furious. How could he, as the God of Creation, be sneered and mocked by his own creations? This was all the fault of a certain idiot.

However, for the time being, he dared not resist. After all, he was still seized by the other.

With language proficiency, things became much easier.

Fang Ning turned his head and said to the baby that had just pushed himself, “What did you just say? Say it again.”

“Oh, I say, friend, you don’t seem to be getting along too well. Why don’t we do this? Let’s sign a soul agreement. You work for me for three lives, and I’ll provide for you in this life.”

“In your dreams.” Fang Ning was instantly infuriated by their words. This was daylight robbery.

In fact, the gaming world may be even more unscrupulous because there were no real deaths, and people had even less to fear.

In the previous world, where Fang Ning played, deceivers of humans and demons alike were endless. The players who played by the rules were far and few, but those who did not, made up the majority. For the sake of a mere game ranking, for a few pieces of equipment, they turned against each other. There were even many who had turned to spew crude and unsightly profanities and vulgarities. It was a staggering sight to behold.

“Well, do you understand now?” Sir System laughed mockingly. “You think that just because you have created a game setting of immortal souls, you could make them good? Let everyone live in harmony? You’re simply too naive.”

“Yes, yes, it is really easy to make a simple mistake without personally testing it out.” Fang Ning had nothing to say as that was the truth.

It was obvious that the soul inside that baby earlier was trying to take advantage of the situation.

He could foresee it perfectly, that even uglier and unruly things would happen in his newly created game world.

Seeing that Fang Ning was not about to agree to his terms, the baby actually pushed him down the kang with all his might!

“…” Fang Ning was gobsmacked. He had not expected to see an even uglier scene so soon!

“Wah, wah!” He began yelling at that baby.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll come and get you back for it in your next life?”

“Hmph, do you even know who I’ll be in my next life? I’ll just change another face,” the soul within the baby threatened Fang Ning. “Are you going to sign the soul agreement or not?”

“No, push me down to my death if you dare!” Fang Ning felt the heat getting over his head. Although he held the title of God of Creation, he had always been seized and his temperament had never grown out of that of an ordinary human’s. He was still an emotional being with feelings of hatred and kindness.

“Hey, what’s going on? Don’t cause trouble, you two.” The few other babies had not expected things to progress to this extent as they started to crawl over.

A kindhearted one grabbed hold of Fang Ning to prevent him from falling over.

“Hey, don’t interfere. I’ll have you know that I’m a part of the Heavenly Society. In this world, the strong rule as king, and us immortal souls have always been kings for generations,” the soul said threateningly to the people around.

“Heavenly Society? I heard that that’s a big society that has existed at the beginning of the creation of the world?” Some of the babies appeared to be intimidated.

“I think so. It seems that they’ve occupied a large section of the Sky River, with millions of members and there is a strict system of reincarnation in place. They’ve never been very friendly to us loners.”

These babies discussed among themselves as they slowly crawled back.

“Good, good.” Fang Ning was so angry that he burst into laughter. He had wanted to build a free world, one of honesty and goodness; though the reality had given him a harsh slap to his face.

As the saying goes, when there are tens of thousands of people, there are no boundaries; when the forest is big, all kinds of birds could be found.

This soul of the Heavenly Society would have never thought of the impact of his actions and what they would bring to the entire world.

The only thing he could be fortunate of was that Fang Ning was no longer a stupid little boy, but an 18-year-old teen with mature thoughts.

At that moment, the middle-aged man came in, and he was followed by an old woman by his side.

“Eh, what’s going on?” He seemed to know everything that had happened here.

“Dear friend of the Heavenly Society, I will send you back to your society right now. Please do not trouble these fellow cultivators,” the middle-aged man said courteously.

“Hmph, you’re afraid now? It’s too late now. You must offer your family fortune to us, only then your life will be spared! Otherwise, we will find out your true soul name, and will pursue you for generations to come!” The soul which had threatened Fang Ning turned around and yelled at the middle-aged man too.

The middle-aged man’s expression sank as he said in a cold voice, “Is that so? It seems that I have fallen out of touch indeed. Since when has the Heavenly Society become such an arrogant and unreasonable organization!”

A trace of panic flashed across the face of the ugly soul. This middle-aged man did not appear to be a mere loner.

“So what? I have three brothers who are directors in the Heavenly Society. You shouldn’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit 1.”

“Very well. Then I will go and check to find out what your real name is that lends to your arrogance.” Having said this, the middle-aged man turned to the old woman and said, “Fellow Wu, I’ll have to trouble you to separate and take care of these children.”

“Fellow Liu is too courteous. It’s no trouble. After all, an old lady like me has only so few years left. I may tire myself more now, and my next life will be easy,” the old woman said as she came to the kang and began to pick up the babies one by one.

The middle-aged man took one final look at the outwardly fierce but inwardly feeble baby before he turned and left.

Like that, Fang Ning was carried out once again.

“How is it, Richie, where is the beautiful world you’ve created? Where’s your honesty, goodness, and beauty?” Sir System gloated.

“Sh*t.” Fang Ning had nothing to say. This was such a slap to his face, the kind that stung so bad he could not even breathe. After all, back in the void, he had boldly proclaimed that he would create a truthful, good and beautiful world to defeat the Old World.

Now, the world he had created had first fallen and turned into the Old World. This was what they called defeated without fighting.

a heatable brick bed used in Northern China

a Chinese idiom that means to submit to someone’s pressure after first turning down their request.