Chapter 1147 - Reparation

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Chapter 1147: Reparation

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Fang Ning had decided to modify the world’s loopholes, so he calmed down and started to think.

He knew that people’s minds were convoluted, even in games, perhaps even more so than in reality. The trickery, deception, and the cost of committing crimes were far lower than that in reality, and there was an abundance of traitors.

It was precisely because he had created a world setting with immortal souls that have made these people lose the sense of fear and respect towards life, just like in the gaming world.

In the past online games that he had played, guilds oppressing the loners and the filthy rich players abusing the poor — were these not commonly seen?

As long as they could profit from oppressing others, some people would use every conceivable means to exploit loopholes to suppress others.

He could fully imagine that because of the immortal souls, this kind of oppression was likely to persist for generations to come, such that the oppressed would not be able to liberate themselves and the social class would thus be solidified, losing all fight. It would spell the end, too, for his world, unlike the Old World which would still be able to rejuvenate itself…

For instance, those who were able to take the lead and build up a large organization could then rely on the power of the organization to oppress the scattered ones, forging a solid resource and material base.

With these resources and knowledge bases, coupled with immortal souls, they need only arrange their own time of birth and death in each cycle of reincarnation. Then, they would be able to become masters of the world, monopolizing knowledge and wealth.

After realizing the tragic consequences, Fang Ning could not help but let out a sigh. “Oh, it’s just the same as before. No matter how well thought out my intentions were, once it is executed in the real production environment, various BUGs would appear,” Fang Ning lamented with another sigh.

“Richie, you’re making excuses for yourself again,” Sir System sneered.

“Look at what you’re saying, these are the facts. Not to mention the BUGs that I’ve fixed are at least in the 8,000s to 10,000. This problem should be an easy fix,” Fang Ning said in a forced tone.

“Then you better hurry up and fix it. The longer you drag it out, the longer you suffer; either way, I’m not pulling you out there,” Sir System said seriously.

“Let me think. Got it.” Fang Ning quickly thought of an idea. “You have a System Map, yes? Set up a Soul Identification Platform for the ones who’ve died, only the kind souls may become immortal.”

“You sure know how to make demands. There are plenty of good landlords too, but what could they do? Develop society, advance the world?” Sir System immediately countered.

“Eh, you’re right. There may be people who were willing to betray their class, but there are none who would betray their interests.” Fang Ning cooled his head and thought about it seriously for a moment before he spoke, “There is, only those who contribute to improving production, development of society and the Advancement of the World may become immortal souls.”

“Uh, what if it evolves into a King of the Gods space mode where voodoo parasites are cultivated, and the souls that are selected all turn out to be Voodoo Parasite Kings? You must know that the King of the Gods space’s productivity is equally as highly developed, its people desperate, and their subjective initiative higher than ever. When such terrifying consequences occur, don’t blame me for not reminding you,” Sir System continued to counter.

“Ugh, why are you so smart?” Fang Ning bemoaned.

“That’s a given, isn’t it? Before this, you were always asleep. I was the one doing all the work when during the world evolution tests,” Sir System mumbled.

“Oh, it seems that the saying ‘the slow need to start early’ does make sense,” Fang Ning decisively admitted. “Let me think, only a kind person who has passed the combined two conditions has contributed to the development of society, and one who perseveres and maintains a bottom line may become an immortal soul. Right, about this Soul Identification Platform, use your System Map to verify it; it’s sure to be precise and authoritative. As the saying goes, don’t bother if you can cheat your way out of it.”

“In that case, that should be about it. Alright, I’ll go make the adjustments,” Sir System said enthusiastically.

“Wait, before that, get rid of that soul that threatened me earlier. He dared to threaten me. He must have a death wish,” Fang Ning ordered.

“Why not do it yourself?” Sir System said unhappily. “You’re already inside the world, but you’re still constantly asking for the GM’s help, are you not ashamed?”

“Haven’t I just said, don’t bother me if you can cheat your way out of it. Why should I have to do it myself? Wouldn’t that draw attention to that ant instead?” Fang Ning said unabashedly.

“Alright, the evil soul has been crushed,” Sir System said in passing tone.

“Yes, just like that. Preserve a pure body so that it may continue to nurture new souls and new hope, and the evil ones go to hell,” Fang Ning had said in a doleful tone.

“You’re just lazy.” Sir System sneered.

Meanwhile, inside the stone residence, a middle-aged man sat in the hall and was currently writing.

“Fellow Liu, the baby that you had me put under extra care has suddenly had an unknown incident and it seems to have turned back into an ordinary baby,” an old woman walked in and said.

“Something like this can happen?” The middle-aged man halted the actions of his hand that was holding a brush and asked in surprise.

“Yes, just like an adult who had suddenly lost their mind. If my guess is right, I’m afraid that person’s soul has already disappeared,” the old woman reaffirmed him. Her voice laced with a trace of fear.

“Eh, how is the Fellow so sure of this?” The middle-aged man frowned.

“Hoho, I, too, have some tricks up my sleeve. A trick such as Soul Tracing is not a difficult skill.” The old woman gave a small smile.

“Oh, I’ve underestimated my Fellow’s capabilities. You deserve much more than a servant’s position.” The middle-aged man sighed.

“Oh don’t be bothered, things are actually quite good like this. Living a low-key life means a longer life. It looks like the so-called immortal soul is only the presumptions of some, there are still many things we do not know about this world,” the old woman said with lingering worry in her voice.

She did not tell the middle-aged man before her, that during her use of Soul Tracing, what a terrifying yet indescribable entity had she encountered.

It was a good thing that the entity did not seem to be bothered with her. Otherwise, she would definitely not be standing here now.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Revering the Heavens and Earth is something we must do. As we revere, we also forge ahead and make progress. This is the path of moderation. If we were only to be forceful, then it would be hard to last.”

The old woman said no more, but only secretly decided that she would have to pay extra care to the baby who had caused the change.

Perhaps the other still held some sort of secrets.

The message that had arrived later soon verified the old woman’s thoughts.

There was an Elder in the Heavenly Society, whom his soul had not become immortal after his death, and his reincarnation was nowhere to be found.

One should know that according to usual practice, such a high-ranking person would take at most a week after their death before they would be in line to be reincarnated.

Now, none of the newborn babies from the major rivers had identified themselves as him.

This could still be said to be an exception, but as similar incidents kept repeating as time passed by, it was surely no longer an exception.

Many important figures from large organizations had lost the ability to reincarnate their souls. On the contrary, some leaders of emerging forces still seemed to possess such treatment.

Some prayed to the Heavens, and others gloated over their fate.

“Hmph, these organizations that have been founded since the beginning of the creation of the world are all arrogant and full of themselves. They only ride roughshod over others. This is God answering our prayers and punishing them.”

“Don’t laugh at them, we probably won’t be able to get the same treatment either. How could this be? Isn’t this just like when the city gate catches fire, the fish in the moat suffer from it 1? We haven’t done anything wrong, have we?” Some felt that it was extremely unjust.

People have incredible adaptability, and those who still retained the ability to reincarnate their souls began to pass on their post-death experiences.

It turns out that after they die, their souls would enter a weighing scale. Souls would be placed on one side of the scale, and weights on the other; if the souls weighed more than the weights, then they would be reincarnated. Otherwise, they would dissipate.

After understanding this, some people began to total up the similarities. Those who passed the test of the scale were, first and foremost not bad guys, without exceptions.

At the very least, none have participated in the tragic massacres and none had murdered the innocent.

Secondly, they were all well-established and had made significant achievements in their respective fields, all positive nevertheless. The so-called positive achievements being creating more wealth and value.

As the person who had started this all, Fang Ning was naturally indifferent to these news.

He was very well cared for now and was living an easy life as a landlord with all his needs attended to.

Just like that, 18 years had passed by. 18 years later, he sat in a wheelchair as he looked at his Game Interface.

“Time: one hundred and sixty-eighth year of the Great Wilderness.

Character: Fang Ning.

Cultivation Base: Third-rate Master.

Knowledge: Beginner Level.”

“I say, your judgment has a BUG as well, Sir System. With my knowledge, I have to be at least Master Level, right?” Fang Ning quipped unhappily.

“There’s no BUG whatsoever; you’re just all paper talk, so your knowledge’s at most Beginner Level. Only when you’re able to talk and execute, then you can enter the realm of Master Level. ”

“Oh, looks like I’ll have to trigger a round of industrial revolution,” Fang Ning said confidently. “After all, I’m a person who’s lived through several worlds.”

“Hey, I remembered you once made a Journey of Civilization in the world inside a painting before, right? How did you let that world find a way out of it?” Sir System suddenly asked.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you about it then? I helped them get through to the outer passages to increase their exchange of resources, thus allowing the world to find a new way out. The entire thing was imitating the great maritime era,” Fang Ning exclaimed in surprise.

“You didn’t say that at that time, you were busy hiding that Origin’s Suspiration that supposedly holds the knowledge of the entire Journey of Civilization. You couldn’t be bothered to remember telling me about this,” Sir System sneered.

“Uh, what’re you trying to do by bringing this question up suddenly?” Fang Ning instinctively felt a sense of unease.

“Of course, it’s to get you to donate it. What’s a better time than now to put to use? You should know that if you don’t use the knowledge, it’ll become outdated. The more you use it, the more you’ll get,” Sir System said assuredly.

Fang Ning had no other words as he could only say surly, “Then add it to the Tower of Babel. Oh and also, remember to give me all access.”