Chapter 1149 - All Lives May Be Abandoned

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Chapter 1149: All Lives May Be Abandoned

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Fang Ning was not surprised that the Saints had sent people to stir up trouble, because once his world test had been stabilized, he would do the same…

It was just that the other party had done so first.

Fang Ning sat in the boat, combing over his thoughts. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him, and he said to the simple and good-natured Lil Wu next to him, “Lil Wu, get the boatman to stop the boat, I’m going to fish.”

Lil Wu exited the cabin and said to the boatman, an old man who was rowing the boat, “Old man, Sir wishes to fish. Please excuse us and stop the boat.”

In saying so, he handed over a few pieces of copper to the boatman.

“Oh, this won’t do. It’s an honor that the guest is interested in fishing.” The boatman politely declined before he exclaimed in surprise, “But I didn’t see the guests bring along a fishing rod and neither do I have one with me. How will the guest fish?”

At that moment, Fang Ning chuckled inside the cabin. “The people from ancient times have never needed a hook to fish, why should the people today need one? Lil Wu, please ask the boatman to assist in carrying me to the bow.”

Scholar Wang scoffed in disbelief, “Brother Fang, we haven’t seen each other for a few days, but I see that your lies are getting more and more impressive.”

Scholar Feng, on the other hand, was curious and wanted to go join the crowd.

To which the boatman immediately stopped him, “Dear guests, you mustn’t all crowd the bow. The boat is small, and its force is weak. It won’t be able to withstand.”

“Haha, this is where you’re wrong, boatman.” Scholar Wang shook his head and said, “A boat is not a living object, what force is there to speak of? This must be what the people from ancient times call the lever principle.”

“I don’t see a lever, but I’ve seen a lever spirit,” Fang Ning said and shook his head as he was carried to the bow.

“A lever spirit? That sounds impressive,” Scholar Feng exclaimed.

He calmly said to the slightly undulating river below, “Come up, fish.”

As soon as his words finished, a big fish that was the size of an arm suddenly leaped out of the river and an orb inside its mouth fell into Fang Ning’s arms.

“Ah, there’s really a fish that was hooked? No, it fell into his arms. Is this fish a spirit?” The boatman panicked and asked.

“Haha, this is called the fish from the river offering an orb. It will surely carry on for generations to come. Boatman, you are most fortunate.” Fang Ning smiled and removed the orb before sending the fish back into the river.

The fish wiggled back and forth but did not swim away. Instead, it followed behind the boat.

Fang Ning did not bother about the other as he rolled the orb against his legs and saw that flesh and blood on his shrunken legs were swiftly recovering. In less than a moment, he was already able to stand up.

Fang Ning stood up and walked around. After being immobilized for 18 years, he was finally free.

“Ah, Brother Fang, are you really about to take flight?” Scholar Wang had ignored the earlier cautions of the boatman and squeezed his way to the bow as he stared in awe.

“I’ve never spoken untrue words.” Fang Ning pretended evenly.

“You’ve just gotten lucky this time. There are lots of cases like this in allusions, things like deity sighting in the mountains and the sort,” Scholar Wang said stubbornly.

“Haha, I wouldn’t be too sure of that.” Fang Ning then ordered the boatman to continue forth.

Subsequently, Scholar Wang, Scholar Feng, Lil Wu, and the boatman saw the waves carrying treasures, money falling from the skies, and birds delivering gold, along with all kinds of signs of auspiciousness.

“Oh, Sir must be a reincarnation of the ancient immortals. These are all auspicious signs.”

The boatman gradually grew more and more cautious with his praises and compliments.

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“That is, of course! Sir has always been highly regarded by the Old Master, and my Old Master is one of the ancient people,” Lil Wu said proudly.

Fang Ning fiddled with a jade bracelet that he had just received. All the treasures and money he had received earlier had all been stored inside of it. The more he looked at it, the more familiar it seemed.

He suddenly remembered, was this not the one on the great green insect?

Sigh, Sir System was getting more and more shameless now. He even stole from a child.

Meanwhile, the boat had slowly come to a stop.

“Sir, we’ve reached the Babel Docks. Please disembark first.” The boatman placed a wooden plank down on the docks and said attentively to Fang Ning.

The group of four consecutively disembarked the boat.

Without having taken a few steps, the boatman caught up to them. He sheepishly asked, “I wonder if Sir still needs a servant? Although I may be slow, I am still a person from ancient times — I may still be of use.”

“Oh, looking at your age, that sounds true.” Fang Ning knew that anyone above the age of 18 was most likely a reincarnation of an ancient soul. After all, the discontinuation of the immortal souls was something he had caused after he had entered this world, and he had only been in this world for 18 years.

Anxiety painted Lil Wu’s expression as he stared closely at the old man.

Although he was simple by nature, he knew what was good and bad. Seeing that the mister he had served for more than ten years was about to prosper and thrive, how would he willingly let others take advantage of that glory?

Except he could not say any words of refusal, and neither was he qualified to.

“Does that mean that Sir has agreed?” the boatman carefully asked.

Who did not know that there was no longer a good thing such as immortal souls?

The natives had never enjoyed those perks and therefore, did not realize how precious it was.

Only those of them who had personally experienced it realize how unbearable it was as those gripes had caused countless of chaos.

However, the Heavens and Earth were the Heavens and Earth. More than a decade of chaos later, they struggled even to identify their enemy targets. Nothing had changed except for internal conflict.

Apart from enduring it, what else could they do to the Heavens and Earth?

Those who were truly capable of interfering with the Order of Heavens and Earth would not participate in such a mess, because they were immortal.

As the new and younger generations replaced the old, things gradually calmed down in this world.

After all, the human nature was strong, just like those sinners that had been sent to the execution grounds. Those who were willing to endure the blow any time earlier than their due were far and few. For most of them, every moment they were alive counted.

Fang Ning nodded and said, “Then alright, you’ll stay by my side. I happened to need a few more hands to assist me in a few important matters.”

Scholar Wang and Scholar Feng turned and looked at each other in embarrassment, as they were momentarily stumped.

Fang Ning shook his head and turned to the boatman. “May I ask what is the old man’s name?”

“No, no, Sir may simply call me Old Wei,” Old Man Wei replied somewhat frightfully.

“Oh, Old Wei. Here’s some gold, go fetch three horse carriages.” Fang Ning took out a piece of gold and placed it in Old Man Wei’s hand.

Scholar Wang’s jealousy was so blatant that his eyes turned red, but he said nothing.

Scholar Feng finally could not help but said, “Brother Fang, you see, I have little to do around here too. After I’ve passed the imperial examination at the county level to become a scholar, I haven’t the money to continue taking the provincial examination for the second degree. I wonder if Brother Fang needs a secretary so that I can earn some money for travel expenses.”

“Haha, Scholar Feng, you’re too courteous. With our many years of friendship, what trouble would that be?” Fang Ning replied frankly.

However, at this moment, Scholar Wang for some unknown reason had suddenly said in a stiff tone, “I apologize, I have a sudden headache, I think I’d like to see a doctor. I will excuse myself now.”

“Eh, Brother Wang, what’s gotten into you? Weren’t you still fine just earlier?” Scholar Feng asked confusedly.

Only this time, Scholar Wang had turned around and left with a wave of his hand.

Fang Ning shook his head. It was true when they said that rivers and mountains could be moved, but a person’s character was hard to alter.

There was certainly a long way to go before his wish of creating a beautiful world would be accomplished.

All lives may be abandoned, but the world must not cease to exist.

He stared at Scholar Wang’s receding back, a coldness seeping into his eyes.

At that moment, Scholar Feng and the others felt a sudden temperature drop around them.

Was it not, snow had begun to fall from above Fang Ning’s head…

“Sir System, you need not cooperate in such an awkward manner,” Fang Ning said helplessly inside his heart.

“Can’t be helped, I’m helping you build up the atmosphere, aren’t I? Look, how they all revere you,” Sir System said plausibly.

True enough, once they had discovered the strange sign appearing around Fang Ning, not only these acquaintances, but even the passer-bys had fallen to the ground, worshipping him.

This time of year was not too far long ago from the time of the creation of the world, less than two hundred years since many legends were still circulating around the world.

The descendant of the celestial beings was often accompanied by strange signs. If not them, then it was an all-powerful demon. Regardless of whichever it was, they could not go wrong by kneeling and bowing.