Chapter 1152 - Entering the Chaos

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Chapter 1152: Entering the Chaos

Fang Ning had experienced the difficulties of a Saint. The being they had sent in was not of a physical nature and instead, it should be called “Demonic Sense”, or something along the lines of such illusory things.

It could capture one’s heart and make one do things that seem fitting, but in reality, were unreasonable things.

For example, in the face of a benefit, most people would be able to resist the temptation. However, once Demonic Sense arose in one’s mind, one would feel confident enough to do illogical and irrational things.

Although he had the power to control the Heavenly Axiom, the Heavenly Axiom was unable to interfere with the hearts of people, let alone control them.

Unless he killed all living creatures in the world, Demonic Sense would never perish.

Moving mountains would be easier than moving the hearts of people.

These Saints were truly meticulous too by aiming the strategic points the moment they attacked.

Fang Ning completely understood that if he had allowed these people to entertain their Demonic Sense that was deep down in their heart, this world of his would not make ends meet.

Although there were no more Saints or gods to absorb spiritual power, these Demon Senses had replaced the role of those. This meant that the people themselves were losing their spiritual power.

In fear and frustration, one’s spirit would droop. However, in excitement and happiness, one would be in high spirit as one immersed in the merriness.

“That’s really troublesome, what should we do?” Fang Ning mumbled to himself.

He recalled the experiences that he had accumulated during his journey of civilization, but even at those times, he did not encounter enemies that were as difficult to handle as this.

Seeing how the Saints had such high means, it seemed that an ordinary mortal like him might just be unable to keep up.

He would have to call up a few allies who were at least familiar with the Saints.

At this thought, he turned to Sir System and said decisively, “I’ve found the spies who were sent by the Saints.”

“Oh, that’s fast. As usual, I have to give you a little boost, or else you’ll always delay everything,” Sir System nagged.

“Save me some face,” Fang Ning said softly. “They’ve brought in some Demonic Senses to confuse the people and from there, they swallow the spiritual power generated by our world.”

“How should we deal with this then?” Sir System urged.

“Well, I may have an idea or two, but we still need to pool some wisdom and ideas.” Since Fang Ning could not push the responsibility right away, he continued tactfully, “It’s best if we can find a few who have dealt with the Saints.”

“Does this mean that you want Bodhisattva and the others to enter our world to do some work? We can’t afford their wages now though,” Sir System stated in a concerned tone.

“That’s easy, just don’t tell them we’re hiring them to work. We’re just inviting them to start an undertaking here,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Wow, that’s really good,” Sir System exclaimed happily.

“It’s alright. Oh, just give them some options. There’s no need to give them full shares,” Fang Ning said naturally.

“Alright, I’ve learned something new again from Mr. Rich Boss,” Sir System exclaimed excitedly.

“Oh, do you know where they are now?” Fang Ning suddenly asked.

“What? You don’t know?” Fang Ning responded in shock. “I thought they’re on the Earth in which you’ve digitized.”

“D*mn it, what a waste of my creativity!” Fang Ning wailed in pain.

“It’s alright, let me have a look,” Sir System said slowly. “Okay, they’re still in the old world as before, so there should be ways to avoid the chaos. Richie, it seems like you can’t run away from the fact that you must return to the old world. But that’s nice though, you can finish both tasks at one go.”

“Tsk, that’s too dangerous. I won’t go,” Fang Ning refused right away.

“Oh, that’s not up to you,” Sir System said in a devilish tone.

With that, Fang Ning felt himself drifting towards the sky as his body gradually became increasingly lighter, while the earth became smaller and smaller.

After every form of persuasion, Fang Ning had finally advanced to the System Space to prepare instead of being thrown directly into the old world of evolution.

The bronze giant was still alive, which meant that he would have to enter the giant’s body to search for it and that would be extremely terrifying.

“No way, that’s too dangerous. I’ll just use your incarnation to explore the roads,” Fang Ning pleaded.

“Alright then. Since you’ve offered a good idea, I’ll let you do so this time,” Sir System responded in a slightly unhappy tone.

“Sigh, what an unfortunate fate. I’ve just come out of the wolf’s nest and now I’m heading into the tiger’s cave,” Fang Ning mumbled as his Spiritual Sense plunged into the shell of the System Incarnation.

With a swoosh, Vigilante A was thrown out of the System Space.

Fang Ning wandered in the void before he soon saw the bronze giant again.

Fortunately for him, the five clouds that were protecting the dead body had disappeared.

On the other hand, piece by piece, the bronze giant was slowly turning into a gigantic cloud, which then transformed into the sun, moon and stars, as well as the mountains and rivers.

Fang Ning was a little shocked at the sight of it. He felt that the other party was more powerful than him…

The other party’s sun, moon, and stars appeared out of thin air and started to revolve around the piece of land that was in the middle of it all.

When the land expanded to a certain horizon, more images of the sun, moon, and stars lit up on the ground.

This world was completely unafraid of the void.

It was unlike his trial version that had required a layer of film to separate it from the void to save it from being eroded.

“Sure enough, as long as the world has consciousness, it will never turn into the form of the Earth’s universe. That’s too much of a waste of matter and energy, as most of the matter and energy are completely unrelated to life. It can be said that life is a wonderful surprise that’s meaningless to the entire universe — it barely contributes to the weight of the universe, not even considered a single hair off nine oxes.”

Fang Ning had personally experienced the creation of a world, so he was aware of this.

Therefore, the mythical world was a place with an orbicular sky that would help civilized creatures to expand freely.

Just like ancient China that gradually expanded from the Yellow River to the entire eastern part of Asia, slowly occupying all the good spots. Even that, it had taken them almost thousands of years.

With Earth’s universe’s shape, expanding would be a difficulty. Human beings have been born for millions of years and they have yet completely developed Earth. Even with the moon being closeby, it is still barely accessible.

If a place with an orbicular sky had the pioneering power of Earth’s civilization, it could have occupied a huge piece of land in the beginning.

In comparison, the previous Upper Realm had a much greater advantage. Unfortunately, all the right cards were blocked by the Saints and the immortals.

However, after learning from Earth’s universe’s experience and encountering a loss, Fang Ning believed that these fellows were not about to repeat the same mistakes and bring out too many gods.

This meant that he had a chance…

At this thought, Fang Ning directed the System Incarnation to enter the endless land of chaos.

As the other world was not separated from the void and as he only depended on the strength of the sun, moon, and stars for separation, he entered with ease.

Fang Ning felt as if he was only zooming in the camera lens in a game when he fell from the sky. The scenery around him — the mountains, rivers, and trees all became larger and clearer as he finally landed on the ground.

He was in the middle of a green jungle and the temperature was just nice. He could sense that vitality in the air was extremely low, which meant that there were no strong beings around.

“Roar roar…” The scream of a wild man could be heard in the distance.

“Uh, civilization’s very low though, so it’s definitely not developing as fast as my world,” Fang Ning commented with joy.

Of course, he knew that it meant nothing. As long as the other world settle down, it would catch up easily. After all, they had too great of an advantage.

They had inherited two large worlds and solid material foundations that would decide if this world could withstand sufferage and afford wages.