Chapter 1153 - Divination Reading

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Chapter 1153: Divination Reading

Fang Ning was envious of this other world where they had an abundance of materials that was sufficient enough to afford wages, unlike his world where he could only offer options to satisfy the people. No, not the people, but Bodhisattva.

On second thought, he might not be able to find Bodhisattva. In that case, he could only take the second-best option which is to satisfy the gods.

The gods did not seem to be stupid though, so bamboozling them would not work in the long run.

However, he and the gods were back on the same side because they had a common opponent — the Saints from the Old World.

This proved that enemies were not eternal, but benefits last forever.

As Fang Ning’s mind continued to drift, the screams of the wild man sounded nearer and nearer. The howling had a hint of bloodthirst, excitement, and even panic.

“Hey, System No. 2, do you know what are they shouting about?”

“Oh, they said this stray dog is fat enough for us to last three meals,” System Incarnation responded earnestly.

“Huh, you can understand them? Incredible.” Fang Ning had asked casually without any intention, but he did not expect to get an answer right away.

“There are millions of languages of all sorts uploaded in the System Language Bank. These primitive people’s roars are very simple and not complicated at all,” System Incarnation explained.

“That’s very convenient,” Fang Ning praised.

At this moment, barking noises sounded. Looking into the distance, a Golden Retriever that was tall enough to reach his waist rushed toward him.

Behind the gigantic dog followed a group of primitive people, all wrapped in leaves.

They held stone spears and pursued their target relentlessly. They even let out loud shrieks from time to time to intimidate the dog.

Noticing that there was someone on its other side, the huge dog that had intended to turn around at first suddenly accelerated toward Fang Ning.

“Eh, that dog’s quite smart huh? How does it know that I don’t eat dog meat?” Fang Ning exclaimed with amazement.

“Uh, Host, I think this dog knows you,” System Incarnation responded.

“Is there such a coincidence? I just arrived at this chaotic land and I’ve already bumped into a dog who knows me?” Fang Ning asked doubtfully. “Seems fishy to me.”

At this moment, the dog shot past Fang Ning and continued to bark behind him.

On the other hand, the wildmen slowly came to a halt as they neared, surrounding Fang Ning in a semicircle.

“What is it saying?” Fang Ning asked.

“It says that it’s an old acquaintance of yours and it hopes that you can save it,” System Incarnation replied.

“You’re good, you can even understand dogs,” Fang Ning complimented before he continued, “Can you ask who it is?”

System Incarnation remained silent and spoke after a brief moment, “It says that it’s Death’s reincarnation.”

“Hahahaha, that fellow ignored my advice and escaped the System Space back then. Good for it now, it’s able to live as a dog… Well, life has its ups and downs, things have changed as time passes,” Fang Ning chuckled.

“So should we save it then?”

“Yes, this son of a b*tch’s life can still be useful to us,” Fang Ning decided quickly.

Vigilante A cast a glance at the group of primitive people, and with that, they suddenly put down their stone spears and got on their knees. After three kowtows, they left.

“Eh, what did you do?” Fang Ning asked.

“I just used my spiritual telepathy,” System Incarnation answered.

“It’s a low-magic world, after all; even a small gimmick like this can be regarded as a miracle.” Fang Ning heaved a heavy sigh.

Regardless, this was beneficial to him. At least he need not worry about it being a primitive world where the abundance of golden immortals was like that of stray dogs.

The Golden Retriever suddenly squatted at Fang Ning’s foot, wanting to lick his toes.

Fang Ning immediately drew back his legs. If Death were to find out in the future, they would surely have a fallout.

It seemed that this fellow’s memories were currently sealed, but a small bit leaked out during a critical moment like moments ago and that was why it recognized Vigilante A.

Once Death had fully recovered its memory, today’s scene would be considered a legitimate dark history.

No wonder these gods were not willing to restart, to reincarnate and begin again. No one knew what creatures they would be reborn as.

A dog was still alright. If one became a worm or even a plant, that would be even worse such that one would not be able to run away at dangerous moments.

Even if one bumped into Fang Ning, Fang Ning still would not be able to recognize the figure. Perhaps bugs and insects may have a simple language of their own, but the plants’ language would be too difficult to understand.

“Ask this stupid dog to act more reserved,” Fang Ning reminded.

Soon, the huge Golden Retriever stopped its instinctive behavior and began to look at Fang Ning eagerly.

Fang Ning hesitated before taking out a few pieces of dried meat from his portable Interspacial Equipment and threw it at the dog.

“Ask it if it can find other gods’ reincarnation.”

At a primitive tribe village.

Fang Ning stood on a high hill in the distance looking inward.

A thatched house, along with low fences and a shallow trench formed a circle.

Hygiene seemed to be alright, seeing that there was almost no filth visible on the ground. It was evident that this was not a primitive tribe that had developed naturally.

However, once it arrived, it could not control its instincts as a stray dog and stole their sacrificial goods. That was the story of how it was wanted and chased in the first place.

At this moment, the primitive people who had separated from them just now were surrounding the vacant spot in the middle of the village.

They were bowing to an old man who had a bright feather on his head. The elderly had a green cane in his hand, looking just like a sorcerer. However, from the looks of the primitive people who kowtowed to the old man, he could tell that this old man was a god in their hearts.

Fang Ning glanced around, but he could not tell either. “Ask the dog,” he said with no choice.

“The dog has no idea either. It only knows that it should be the same kind as the other person, but it didn’t expect its kind to be this petty.”

“That sounds a bit strange…” Fang Ning said in confusion. “Forget about it, let’s just go and ask.”

Not long after, Fang Ning was kneeling among the other primitive people, meeting their god.

“Although I think you’re familiar, I still can’t recognize you,” the sorcerer said in a serious tone.

He was speaking in Chinese, and so Fang Ning understood his words.

“You seem to have quite a lot of your memories since you’ve woken up, and you even know Chinese, so why can’t you recognize this face? Your recognition should be very high,” Fang Ning said in astonishment.

“I don’t know, there seems to be something that’s preventing me from recognizing you,” the sorcerer shook his head.

“Hmm, maybe it’s the inferiority deep down in your heart,” Fang Ning responded confidently.

“…” The sorcerer was utterly speechless. He turned around quietly and took out a turtle shell.

Fang Ning’s interest peaked. He was eager to know whether there was an ability related to the prophecy in this low magic world.

With that, the sorcerer ordered someone to bring over a brazier that was ground from stone. It was filled with a pile of lit dry firewood.

After that, the turtle shell was thrown in, causing sizzling noises.

“Oh, you’re going to judge through the direction of the cracks on the shell, am I right?” Fang Ning knew it at first glance. He remembered an incident as such when he studied history in the past.

“Yes, I found this in my memory as well. The way it burns depends on the will of Heaven.”

Fang Ning waited patiently.

After a while, the sorcerer personally poured a bottle of gourd water into the brazier and picked up the turtle shell by hand.

Fang Ning watched on curiously.

All of a sudden, the turtle shell broke into half with a huge crack!

“I know you, you’re that person who killed the gods!”

“Bang!” Right after the sorcerer finished his sentence, his head immediately exploded.

Fortunately, Fang Ning was able to get out of the way so none of the splatters landed on him.

“This… How does this work?” Fang Ning was completely stunned.

At this point, the group of primitive people had surrounded him angrily.

This foreign god had killed their god. Although they were afraid, they must avenge their god.