Chapter 1154 - Sacrifice

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Chapter 1154: Sacrifice

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Fang Ning could not be bothered with these uninformed people. So, he jumped straight onto the rooftop and took off.

“I feel like I forgot something?” Fang Ning suddenly wondered after he had sprinted a few hundred meters away.

At that moment, a string of pitiful barks could be heard in the distance.

“That Golden Retriever…” The System Incarnation answered in time.

“Sorry, my survival instincts were too strong,” Fang Ning replied sheepishly before making a turn back.

Meanwhile, the Golden Retriever had been tied up by the group of primitive humans, about to be placed on a stone altar, evidently to be slaughtered for revenge.

Fang Ning jumped down, picked up the dog and ran.

Just when the Golden Retriever had thought that he was done for, never would it have imagined that this old friend that it had just reconciled with would come back for him after he was already so far away.

If it had been it, it would have run as far as it could.

This shows that the bit of memory that had awakened in it was right, this old acquaintance was pretty good.

So, Fang Ning escaped, carrying the dog with him as he asked the System Incarnation.

“No.2, what is the difference between the reincarnations of the gods and the gods themselves? Seeing the dog’s reactions, its the complete opposite of the previous Death.”

“Searching for the information…” The System Incarnation responded emotionlessly, “The reincarnation of the Gods possess a consciousness of their own, and will not regard themselves as the original Gods themselves. They only know that such memories exist, much like the feeling that their ancestors had also lived once.”

“So that’s how it is. I was wondering why this dog’s behavior is so strange. It doesn’t feel like it has a sense of self-awareness at all?” Fang Ning was relieved as he untied the Golden Retriever and placed it on the ground.

The dog remained in place, having clearly decided that it was him.

“Sigh, it was hard enough finding a god and I scared him to death. Talk about bad luck.” Fang Ning shook his head.

The Golden Retriever gave a look of obliviousness as all it did was shake its head and wag its tail.

“Do you know any other Gods?” Fang Ning refused to give up.

The Golden Retriever blinked and sniffed around before it took off abruptly and excitedly in a direction.

“This fella’s not bad, why does it feel like it’s a dog sent by the Heavens,” Fang Ning subconsciously commented.

“It does sound coincidental. According to statistics shown, these sorts of matters are often pre-mediated,” The System Incarnation responded dully.

“Could it be?” Fang Ning’s mind suddenly went to a bad place.

However, it could not have been that he had already been discovered when he had just come in right?

No, his face, that was the best label.

How regretful, he should have changed his face before he came in. Though that would still be useless as his aura and disposition were still there.

When the Golden Retriever led Fang Ning to a pride of lions again, Fang Ning knew — damn it, he had been played by the Saints once again.

The lion turned around and ran away the minute it saw him, leaving behind a group of lionesses and cubs stunned.

“Sh*t, another defeat.” Fang Ning grabbed hold of that Golden Retriever who was currently begging for praise and turned to the System Incarnation. “I give up. It’s enough that we have this piece of bait here, let’s head back first.”

After a long pause, nothing happened.

Fang Ning confusedly asked, “What’s going on? Are you not going to call your System Daddy to send us back?”

“No, we are like a meteorite that has fallen into the Earth; it is easy for us to enter but difficult to get out. In order to leave this Chaotic World, we must gather enough energy, or launch into the galaxy like a rocket, or cultivate until we have become a celestial being and fly out of here. However, I do not think becoming a celestial being is feasible,” the System Incarnation said earnestly.

“F*ck.” Fang Ning fumed. “I understand now. I’ve been deceived by the Saints again. No wonder they let us in so easily! So their intention was for us to develop the world for them?”

“Their schemes have always been unprecedented. Unless we utilize the imbalance of information, otherwise, under the same circumstances, we will not be able to out-scheme them,” the System Incarnation admitted frankly.

“The facts are exactly that,” Fang Ning stated angrily. “No, we have to stir up some trouble. Maybe they still have retained some authority of the Heavenly Axiom, but they can’t possibly become Saints immediately. This world was birthed by the Creator Dragon. How could the True Dragon Clan have simply given the fruit away?”

“How do you want to stir up trouble?” the System Incarnation interrupted Fang Ning’s rant.

“Let me think. This is tough; I haven’t done many bad things, I haven’t got much experience in this,” Fang Ning grumbled.

“It would appear that they are using this against you. After all, this world is your former world. You cannot possibly massacre and annihilate all the living creatures. That would violate the System Maxim.” The System Incarnation analyzed calmly.

“Eh, you’ve gotten smarter,” Fang Ning exclaimed in surprise.

“It is all in the data.” The System Incarnation was frank.

“Hey, I’ve got it.” Fang Ning looked at the Golden Retriever who was currently chasing a white butterfly.

“The Saints want to destroy my world and get rid of me, their competitor. But I have no conflicts with the creatures of this world. In fact, they wouldn’t have a good impression of the Saints either, even the Heavenly Axiom of this world would not wish for the Saints to be born. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be using such meandering tactics to deal with me. Just like before, I can use the production world’s Merits to scare them off.”

Fang Ning carefully analyzed, his thoughts were clearer than ever.

When it came to serious matters involving life and death, he could not afford to slack off.

“So, we have to find a way to get in touch with this world’s Heavenly Axiom, work together to get rid of the Saints and live peacefully in harmony,” Fang Ning analyzed. “Of course, the last thing was we must not hold any idealistic thoughts, we must have power in order to maintain it.”

“Oh, there are tens of thousands of ways to contact the Heavenly Axiom, which would you like to use?” Once Fang Ning had come up with a plan, the System Incarnation immediately gave its suggestion.

“Let’s go for something simple.” Fang Ning ordered.

Fang Ning’s eyes subconsciously fell onto the frolicking Golden Retriever…

The Golden Retriever felt a sudden chill. It looked around, but after finding nothing odd, it continued to chase after the butterfly.

“No, I’m not as heartless as Sir System. I can’t do it. Let’s use another method.” Fang Ning refused through gritted teeth.

“Then, you will have to organize a group of people to offer sacrifices. Based on the thinness of this Atmospheric Vitality, you will need at least a sacrificial ceremony the size of a million people in order to contact the Heavenly Axiom of this world.” The System Incarnation put out a second suggestion.

“This.” Fang Ning subconsciously looked to the Golden Retriever again. “Say, would it work if we just use some blood?”

“You could give it a try. There is nothing to lose, after all,” the System Incarnation gave an earnest suggestion.

Fang Ning acted immediately and grabbed onto the Golden Retriever. Then, he pulled out a bunch of dried meats.

“Here, have some nourishment.”

“Huhuhu…” The Golden Retriever seemed to have sensed the danger as it struggled desperately.

However, this was still a world where magic was rare, how could it possibly compare with the mighty Vigilante A?

The other’s body was one that was enhanced to the highest extent permitted by the Maxim of the World.

Half an hour later, a barely alive Golden Retriever was tied on the tree as it stared ahead in misery.

Fang Ning was currently using some brick and wooden materials to build a simple sacrificial altar.

Speaking of these materials, they were, in fact, fated to be with the Golden Retriever.

This was because these materials were the ones used by Black Cat Tom when it was building a temporary altar for the sacrificial offering to Death.

This is called what comes around goes around…

After that, Fang Ning slowly poured the bottle of dog’s blood on the altar.

Finally, he recited the incantations and began to communicate with the Heavens and Earth using the prayers provided by the System Incarnation.