Chapter 1155 - Dog Training

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Chapter 1155: Dog Training

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It somewhat exceeded Fang Ning’s expectations. This knockoff method of praying was quite reliable.

Soon, he managed to communicate with the Heavenly Axiom of this world.

Nonetheless, the communication method between both parties was somewhat strange.

It was hard to tell when an army of ants climbed onto the altar and encircled the dog’s blood which he splashed. The ants began to form several Chinese characters.

“It means something.” Fang Ning gasped. “Strange and mysterious, indeed.”

The first sentence was formed by the ants.

“It is I, the Dragon God.” Fang Ning announced confidently.

‘Seems like a negotiable one.” Fang Ning thought.

“The people have suffered under the Saints for too long. I’m not powerful enough and I’m willing to work with you to defeat them, Supreme One.”

“Erm, does this mean you agree to it, Supreme One?” Fang Ning asked in surprise.

“You do it yourself and I shall have a look first.”

“…” Fang Ning was at once speechless.

He ceased the ritual and told the System Incarnation helplessly. “Apparently, this Heavenly Axiom of the Old World has become much more intelligent. It won’t help us by risking its own safety and getting nothing in return. Unless we first demonstrate our abilities in defeating the Saints, it won’t do anything.”

“What should we do then?” The System Incarnation asked in a deadpan tone.

“This enemy is no piece of cake. As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemies, and you shall always be victorious in every battle. We must gather info on the Saints before we can actually defeat them. We’ve encountered many gods and they are nothing special, and we’ve killed more than one of them. However, we have too few encounters with the Saints.” Fang Ning pondered and made his decision.

“Oh, what’s the best way to encounter them?”

“I don’t believe the Saints are omniscient, or else, the Upper Realm would not have been destroyed and forced to undergo integration and rebirth with the original universe. At least there’s one fellow’s existence which they aren’t aware of. Letting it tackle the Saints will be a great way. The Saints will certainly not notice its presence.” Fang Ning felt confident once more.

“Who’s that?” The System Incarnation asked.

“Your System Daddy, of course.” Fang Ning replied swiftly.

“But it won’t come out, even if it gets beaten to death.” The System Incarnation rejected this idea.

“Indeed, an *sshole who bullies the weak and fears the strong.” Fang Ning remarked in annoyance.

Naturally, he knew the System Incarnation was right. Sir System’s character could not be judged by his frequent vigilante actions. Once it met with a real champion, it would have run faster than him.

Fang Ning’s head hurt a lot. This enemy was tough as nuts and almost no weakness could be found. He had to rely on collective brute force.

After his bout of headaches, Fang Ning’s mind suddenly cleared.

“Hey, how silly of me, really. Did I contact the Heavenly Axiom of this world just now?”

“Then why didn’t I let it send us back? Bring this Golden Retriever along.” Fang Ning grunted. “Even smart people make mistakes sometimes, how did I make such a blunder? Dammit, this must be the Saints’ scheme. They fooled me and clouded my judgment.”

The System Incarnation made an immediate suggestion. “The dog blood is still in effect right now. It should be enough.”

Hence, Fang Ning prayed again and communicated with the Heavenly Axiom.

This time, the latter agreed to Fang Ning’s request.

“You must consume your own Heavenly Merits. A search has revealed that you have leftover Merits from the previous world and you can redeem them based on the original price. You can leave this world once you consume one thousand Merits.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The ants painstakingly formed another line of words.

“Man, every cloud has a silver lining. Golden Retriever, let’s go.”

Fang Ning remarked excitedly.

At the next moment, two rays of bright light flashed and Fang Ning and the Golden Retriever vanished.

In the Draconic Arcane Realm.

“This is the only result you have gotten after going all the way to the Chaotic World? Bringing back a dog? I’m not facing any shortage of lapdogs at the moment.” Sir System was infuriated.

“This is no ordinary dog, it’s the reincarnation of Death.” Fang Ning kicked the Golden Retriever who tried to vent its anger by biting his pant leg.

“Are you trying to bullsh*t me again? Are reincarnation and I the same thing? According to my senses, it’s just a dog. You expect it to help us tackle the Saints? Pfft.” Sir System said in disdain.

“About this, can’t we just do something to wake him up?” Fang Ning felt embarrassed.

“If you’re able to do it, why don’t you do it yourself?” Sir System retorted.

“Dammit, don’t we have another god at home?” Fang Ning replied helplessly. “Inform him to come over.”

After a while, the Culinary God, who had already transformed into a human and carried the black pot around with him, arrived.

“Eh, Sir Culinary God, what’s the meaning of this?” Fang Ning was surprised.

“I heard Death has become a dog. I fear that it’ll bite me.” The Culinary God answered truthfully.

Fang Ning was at a loss for a proper response. “Erm, okay, tell me how you are going to recover Mr. Death?”

“Why do you want to recover that scheming fellow? I think this is fine.” The Culinary God asked in return.

“Eh, we need him to face off against the Saints, but this dog can’t do it.” Fang Ning said.

“Hehe, since this dog is a reincarnation of that fellow, it bears his endowment. You just have to train it properly and let this dog become a celestial hound. It’ll naturally have the ability to retrieve Death’s memories of the past and think of ways to tackle the Saints.” The Culinary God proposed solemnly.

“Hey, since you mentioned this, do you have any techniques for training a dog?” Fang Ning’s face brightened.

“Of course, the saying where boiling dog meat three times will cause even gods and immortals to stumble is so true. 1 However, a dog that belongs to gods and immortals can’t be simply slaughtered, thus that time, I selected many regular hounds of a fine endowment to train them to become celestial hounds. Obviously, I’m not that cruel and I wouldn’t want their lives. They willingly offered their own canine flesh.” The Culinary God recounted.

When the Golden Retriever heard this, it had already lowered its head and was about to sneak away from Fang Ning’s pant leg.

“Hey, since we share a good relationship, please help to train this dog, Culinary God. As long as this fellow becomes a celestial hound, you’ll receive a huge reward.” Fang Ning rejoiced and grabbed hold of the Golden Retriever’s neck.

“Boohoo…” The Golden Retriever wailed. It did not want to be trained under this god who relished in celestial hound hot pots. Who knew, one day, it would lose a leg. If it lost its penis, it would be a tragedy.

At any rate, it could still understand a fair bit of the conversation between the two fellows. Its old acquaintance only cared about its brain and not its body.

“This is all for your own good, don’t be ungrateful. My two tenacious disciples haven’t had the opportunity to become celestial hounds yet.” Fang Ning advised the Golden Retriever patiently. He then thought for a moment before continuing. “In that case, since you’re already going to train one dog, you might as well help me train an additional two dogs of mine, Sir Culinary God.”

“Okay, no problem.” The Culinary God agreed cheerily.

Fang Ning returned to the System Space, feeling satisfied. After that, he allowed Sir System to place the Black Dog and the Yellow Dog in the Draconic Arcane Realm. He did not bother about what happened next.

“See? Problem solved. One must learn how to utilize relationships to tackle problems.” Fang Ning grinned.

“Damn you, these relationships of yours have been forged by me painstakingly.” Sir System was not amused. “However, you are always the one using such favors to your advantage, but I’m the one who has to owe others a favor.”

“Enough of your nonsense. I’m very tired and I’m going to bed.” Fang Ning quickly switched his words. “No, to cultivate. I’m not going to the Chaotic World next time. I almost failed to return this time.”

“But didn’t you return in the end? That’s not right, why do I have so few Merit Points all of a sudden? Did you use them secretly?” Sir System exclaimed in shock.

“How nice, did you just realize that? Without a few toll fees, can I return so easily?” Fang Ning scoffed. He then returned to the System’s lounge and laid down to sleep.

In the Chaotic World, he dared not sleep in peace.

A literal translation of 狗肉滚三滚,神仙也站不稳, it is a reference to the consumption of dogs as a delicacy in certain parts of China. The saying originates from the idea that when dog meat is boiled three times, it will fully bring out the dish’s aroma. The aromatic smell is so powerful that even gods and immortals cannot hold themselves from the temptation and as a result, they lose their dignified composure.