Chapter 1156 - Operation

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Chapter 1156: Operation

Fang Ning’s slumber took up another three years.

This went on until Sir System woke him up. “Your Golden Retriever celestial hound has already finished cultivation.”

“So fast? I’ve not even become a god yet.” Fang Ning rubbed his eyes and a look of disbelief hung on his face.

“This totally proves that you’re no better than a dog.” Sir System seized this chance to give Fang Ning a jab.

“Damn you, this means that you’re a System which is no better than a dog.” Fang Ning retaliated.

“…” Sir System was speechless.

Fang Ning wanted to enter the Draconic Arcane Realm before he finally remembered something.

“Hold on, when are you going to restore the Draconic Arcane Realm? Where’s my family?”

“Eh, you just remembered that? When you went to the Chaotic World, I felt that it was time to restore it. Nevertheless, your family is still digitized, since they aren’t of any use right now and they’ll only waste my food supply.” Sir System asserted.

“You’re heartless. Does this mean you’re going to turn anyone who is of no use to you into photos and hang them up?” Fang Ning reprimanded the System.

“Hey, this reminds me, I’ve gotta note all of these down. Not a bad idea, thank you.” Sir System felt pleased.

Fang Ning refused to argue with the System any further and entered the Draconic Arcane Realm. Three dogs lined up to greet him.

The Black Dog stood on the left, followed by the Golden Retriever in the middle and the Yellow Dog on the right.

Their bodies emanated Immortal Energy. Upon closer inspection, apart from the Black Dog, the other two dogs were each missing a limb. One lost its front leg and the other lost its hind leg.

“Damn, the price to become a celestial hound is too high…” Fang Ning commented sympathetically.

The Golden Retriever and the Yellow Dog glanced at each other and sobbed at the same time.

“Okay, okay, Old Golden, Old Yellow, it’s not like both of you can’t grow them back. Why are you crying? I wanted to contribute a leg but the god refused it. Both of you were so enthusiastic when you offered your legs.” The Black Dog was baffled.

The Yellow Dog had a great urge to chomp on this idiot, but it was afraid of breaking its teeth. It was a golden opportunity to gain sympathy from its Master and it might get some money in return, but the opportunity had been ruined.

“I see.” Fang Ning’s expression became stern.

The Yellow Dog then chuckled. “Master, I haven’t seen you in a long time and I got emotional, hence my reaction.”

“Mm, it’s thoughtful of you. You’re a good dog.” Fang Ning nodded. “Golden Retriever, what’s up with you?”

The Golden Retriever rolled its eyes and spoke. “Yes, I thought about how I’ve successfully retrieved all of Death’s memories and I’m finally able to help you, hence I cried tears of joy.”

“…” The Black Dog shifted a few steps to the left. It refused to surround itself with these two shameless canines.

“Hehe, very well.” Fang Ning nodded. “The Heavens and Earth are currently at a newborn stage. Since you’re all so thoughtful, it’s time for you to contribute your efforts. I’ll let you all become Heaven-patrolling Divine Canines. It’s also considered a form of a metamorphosis of spiritual ascension.”

“Thank you, Master.” The Yellow Dog hastily prostrated itself and thanked Fang Ning continuously.

The Golden Retriever’s reaction was slightly delayed and it prostrated as well.

“Master, what should I do then?” The Black Dog asked and stared at Fang Ning with wide eyes.

“Oh, you shall be in charge of supervising them and don’t let them make any blunders.” Fang Ning declared.

The Black Dog shifted its gaze and showed its robust front legs.

“Alright, enough nonsense. I have a question for you, Golden Retriever. Presently, Demonic Senses are spreading within the Heavens and Earth. These Senses influence and poison the minds of the masses. How should we tackle them?” Fang Ning inquired.

The Golden Retriever scratched its head and answered cheerily. “Master, it’s simple. As long as we build the corresponding altar and regularly organize citizen rituals, we can burn their Demonic Senses and make them return to the netherworld.”

“Mm, it’s not a bad idea. Not being allowed to believe in gods but being allowed to worship the Heavens and Earth and ancestors is a natural thing, and this allows them to show their gratitude too.” Fang Ning nodded in agreement.

“You’re wise, Master. I have some ritual methods here. They are all for you, Master.” The Golden Retriever spoke and pointed a leg. A stone slab carved with all sorts of words and pictures on its surface appeared.

“Excellent, you do have Spiritual Ascension. My efforts spent on training you were not in vain.” Fang Ning praised.

“Yeah, first you let it draw blood, then you made it undergo training where it nearly ended up as dog stew. Excellent training indeed.” Sir System remarked sarcastically.

“Enough of your provocation.” Fang Ning snarled. “We already have the methods. Quick, go publish them within the Heavens and Earth.”

“You ought to do this. I won’t simply interfere with how the Heavens and Earth operate. That’ll consume extra energy.” Sir System declined.

Fang Ning went back to the minister’s residence in his self-created world again. He relayed the method of organizing a citizen ritual and gathering the minds of the people to the Minister and allowed him to be fully in charge of it.

At this point, his self-created world was not very big. It was merely as big as the

Nine Provinces in ancient China.

In order to allow for the world to grow, it still had to collect spiritual power continuously and transform matter from the void in order to result in world expansion.

Simultaneously, matter that formed the world would rot and turn into the void.

If there was a low input of spiritual power, the same problem would resurface and the world would fade away.

Originally, the Saints wanted to use Fang Ning to get rid of the gods and then absorb power from the Earth and the universe. However, the gods did not sit around and wait for death. They immediately brought along the entire world’s destruction and integrated with the Earth and the universe as a means to prepare for the future.

After settling the matter related to the Demonic Senses, Fang Ning started to think about ways to speed up the world’s development.

Despite taking just a short trip to the Old World, he strongly felt that differences existed.

In terms of size, his world was no match for the Old World.

“Sigh, our world is still a bit too small. Don’t you have a few more planets with you, Sir? Could you dismantle them and fill them in here?” Fang Ning decided to take advantage of the System.

“This is all your fault. If you had allowed me to shift things more diligently last time, we wouldn’t be so poor.” Sir System whined.

“That’s cute, you shifted too many things and you want to get away? Do you think the Heavenly Axiom will let us go?” Fang Ning scoffed. “You sure lack foresight. Quick, get another planet out. I remember you’ve digitized at least seventy or eighty planets.”

“Get real, this world of yours has not even finished debugging. Why should I invest so many things? You do know things get broken when the world operates. Currently, your world is forced to be in a state of balance and it’s still has a long way to go from achieving a state of self-sustenance through circulation. If I were to invest too many things, wouldn’t that pose a huge risk?” Sir System asked.

“Fine, you do have a point. The less we invest, the easier it is to pull out. I’ll fiddle around with it first.” Fang Ning accepted the System’s advice. After all, the latter was not wrong.

He contemplated for a moment and decided to pay a visit in plain clothes.

“Lil Wu, follow me. We’re going out for a while.”

At the same time, he produced a flying boat from his Portable Space and sat on it.

Lil Wu carefully followed suit.

“Go easy on that. By consuming extraordinary powers here, the whole world will consume powers as well.” Sir System said in a reluctant manner.

“What should I do then? I can’t ride a horse, can I? That would be so tiring.” Sir System’s words fell on deaf ears. Fang Ning started the flying boat and it flew upwards.

The people in the minister’s residence noticed this and rushed out to kowtow to Fang Ning. It was a big deal for an Immortal to venture outside.

However, little did they know that the fate of this world depended on the outcome of this trip.

If the outcome did not turn out as expected by Fang Ning, it was normal for this world to return to chaos. This was known as preventing serious damage.

The flying boat glided in the air. Fang Ning had a good look at the city below him.

The city was called Nine Provinces City. It had a population of more than two hundred thousand. In these times of low production, it was, indeed, a metropolis.

The city was built along the river which was convenient for logistics. It could support the large, full-time population.

The hygiene in the city was not bad. At any rate, the city was designed and built by ancient people and they still harbored basic knowledge.

The western square was where middle-class families lived. Most of them were merchants and craftsmen.

The northern square was fully populated by the poor. They relied on physical labor to support this city’s labor needs, such as cleaning, transporting goods and getting involved in various long-term and short-term tasks.

The southern square was a cluster of factories and it was the main source of wealth of this city. Foundries, fabric manufacturers, carpentry factories and many more could be found here…

Fang Ning looked down. Three years had gone by and the new order’s presence could finally be seen.

A certain number of schools was built in every square so that children could go to school. The subjects taught at school comprised of modern and basic scientific knowledge.

There were not many schools, but this was a good sign.

Of course, Fang Ning could allow Sir System to produce large numbers of schools right away, but it was pointless for no spiritual power could be generated.

It was only by letting the citizens operate on their own, create wealth and sustain themselves that an endless supply of spiritual power could be produced.

He invested knowledge with zero capital and gained invaluable spiritual power in return.

This was considered a profit, or else, if he helped everyone with everything, it would not take long for his world to face bankruptcy.