Chapter 1160 - Rest Easy

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Chapter 1160: Rest Easy

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On the big screen, Fang Ning watched the newly submitted video recording of the Octopus Clan’s activities. He just happened to see the part where another octopus was scheming to overthrow Twelve Arms.

“Wow, I knew they were a sprightly organization, but it’s so soon, and they’re already planning a takeover on land.” lamented Fang Ning.

“Of course, in the world before, those fishes were incapable of speech as their stomachs were filled with plastic. Now that these octopuses have learned their lesson, they definitely won’t make the same mistakes. You, humans, are doomed.” Sir System gloated.

“Cut the crap. I’m the God of Creation; I must always maintain an impartial stance. As a certified God of Creation, I must be unfeeling, unemotional, unswayed by external gains and unsaddened personal losses and prioritize the heart and interests of the Heavens and Earth.” Fang Ning proclaimed with affected manners.

“In that case, then say goodbye to your wife and family. I’ll keep the photos up.” Sir System said thoughtfully.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

“Oh yeah, these octopuses are behaving very strangely. In your world, aren’t they famous home-fishes? They delve into jars and don’t come out.” Sir System changed the conversation and carried on.

“There are two 0mistakes in what you just said. First, they are not fish; second, even a homebody can have the ambition to rule the world.” chastised Fang Ning.

“I don’t get it, but they’re pretty useful. I did the maths; this month’s world spiritual power is growing at a sequential growth rate of 20%.”

“Not bad. You even know how to calculate this.” Fang Ning praised the System.

“Actually, I don’t know what’s a ‘sequential growth rate’. I just thought that it sounded grander, so I used it. Didn’t you tell you that I should move to fine-grained management?” Sir System retorted with a plausible reason.

“F*ck, couldn’t you have looked it up first? Randomly grabbing a word and using it, what if you used it wrongly?” Fang Ning said helplessly.

“Look at what you’re saying. The Earth’s gone. Where am I going to find a search engine? I’m just a Martial Arts System. How about you make me one?” Sir System sneered.

“I may be a programmer, but that doesn’t mean I know how to do everything.” Fang Ning answered snappily.

“Then you’re useless. Other programmers even know how to fix sewers.” Sir System countered mercilessly.

Fang Ning retreated to a corner and drew circles.

After a long while, he finally suggested, “My Heavenly Book baby has a Computer Hub Array that it uses to manage the AJO platform. There are all sorts of functions on there. You should restore it first.”

“Oh, alright; but the Draconic Arcane Realm’s too small and I put a lot of things in there.” Sir System grumbled.

Fang Ning wordlessly said, “Then find a place in the test world to store it in.”

“Alright. It’s so inconvenient without the internet.” Sir System said earnestly.

“Yeah, yeah, I haven’t read a novel in years.” Fang Ning said woefully.

“There’ll be plenty for you to read in the future. I’ll have those authors write more cuckolding novels for you… To stimulate your emotional fluctuations and provide spiritual powers fully.” Sir System gloated.

“You’re going to control that too?” Fang Ning felt like he had just shot himself in the foot.

“Of course, that’s what you said. We should manage all aspects of Heaven and Earth; cultural products have a direct impact on the output speed of the world’s spiritual power. I must lead the trend.” Sir System said, bolstered with confidence.

“F*ck me…” Fang Ning was speechless. He had brought it upon himself, and he could do nothing but gloomily said, “Bring my Heavenly Book baby out.”

“Why are you looking for it, the Senior Grand Secretary’s useless now. I’m going to take charge personally.” Sir System retorted.

“Cut the nonsense, you. Do you even know how to make a search engine?” Fang Ning countered.

After a while, the Heavenly Book reappeared in all its golden glory.

“Master, I haven’t seen you for so long.” The Heavenly Book fluttered its pages and jumped into Fang Ning’s arms.

“Oh, cultivating took up more time than usual.” Fang Ning said sheepishly.

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“He’s busy sleeping every day, how’s he going to find the time for you.” Sir System added salt to the injury.

“Cut the crap,” Fang Ning ignored Sir System’s attempts at provoking him and said, “Baby, let me ask you, what is this concept of a sequential growth rate?”

“Oh, that is to compare the difference between the current data and the last recorded data in a certain period of time, then comparing it to the previous data value. It’s usually used to visually show the relative growth or relative decrease of the two data.” The Heavenly Book swiftly gave the answer.

“Sir System, you got that?”

“Got it. I miscalculated. I’ll recalculate it. Oh no, the sequential growth rate of this world’s spiritual power is actually negative, -20%.” Sir System exclaimed in shock.

“What’s going on?” Fang Ning was equally shocked.

“Let me check and see where it went wrong.”

“Oh, oh, sorry, I forgot, investing in new intelligent creatures consumes Heaven and Earth’s spiritual powers in order for them to be integrated into the world. After a few more years, once they start to develop, we’ll be able to earn it back.” Sir System said sheepishly.

“Sh*t, I just remembered. You caused a lot of trouble when you were seizing me. Now, it’s the Heaven and Earth’s turn. Be careful, would you, if anything goes wrong in the Heaven and Earth, it doesn’t affect just a single household, it affects the entire world.” Fang Ning warned.

“Alright, alright. Stop nagging. Hurry up and go work. Oh yeah, take that sh*tty book with you, it’s got nothing else better to do.” Sir System urged.

Before Fang Ning was even able to get a word in, Sir System had kicked him out of the

System Space and into the test version of the world…

The minister’s residence.

Fang Ning brought the Heavenly Book with him and made his way back here. Lil Wu continued to serve him dutifully in the house.

Although he was gone for more than a month, the other asked no questions.

“Master, what do we do now?” Heavenly Book baby asked.

“Well, your System Daddy can handle the other stuff. It’s difficult to return to the former world. What we need to do is to build a world filled with love and justice, but it’s not enough to rely on just the world settings alone. Your System Daddy’s also a ruthless one, had it not been for the restraints of the Chivalry Rules, he’d have turned into a malevolent god by now. We can’t count on him.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Master is most correct.” Heavenly Book baby was always on Fang Ning’s side.

As for the reason why, that was because Fang Ning was a big softie. He would not hit it even it made mistakes; Sir System was not at all like that. He would actually hit it, and he constantly threatened it by saying that he was going to melt it down.

“Let me think, we need to rebuild the Alliance of Justice and Order,” Fang Ning continued,

“First, we must determine the new principles of justice and order in this new world.”

“Master, keep talking, I’m listening.”

“My baby’s so obedient. First things first, all intelligent life forms are equal and shall enjoy the same rights to survival and development. If there is insufficient space for habitation, then everyone must practice self-restraint and control the rate of reproduction. They must not rely on killing others to resolve this issue.” said Fang Ning.

“Eh, but if that’s the case, then not only System Daddy, but many people would criticize Master for being the Virgin Mary.” Heavenly Book baby said, much concerned.

“Those fools, what do they know, only when there are more righteous ones can the world be stabilized and reduce internal conflicts; only then will I rest easy… Do they really think that I’m the Virgin Mary,” Fang Ning mumbled, “I’ve said so before, there are too many people who misunderstand my intentions, how could I continue to play in a King of the Gods space filled with ambitious players? Only a world filled with love and justice is the safest place for me to live in.”

“Master is right, there are too few of those who can understand you, but I support you.” Heavenly Book baby reassured him.

“Very well, then let us continue to build this world.”