Chapter 1161 - The Reappearance of the Divine Monument

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Chapter 1161: The Reappearance of the Divine Monument

Sure enough, Sir System’s ruthless laughter sounded in Fang Ning’s mind as he spoke.

“You’re becoming more and more naive. The competition for survival is the biggest driving force, yet now you want them to restrain themselves and talk things over? How is it possible? Who wouldn’t want to have a bigger piece of the pie? Do you think that everyone will listen to you?”

“That’s why we need to build an alliance for unified management,” Fang Ning argued.

“That’s all rubbish! That Alliance of Justice and Order of yours worked fine before, but if you blow it up too big, you’ll end up suppressing the competition. As a result, the world will lack the motivation to strive and make progress, and eventually turns into a pool of stagnant water. More lively groups won’t be able to possess more resources to move forward, whereas groups that fall behind will just enjoy themselves, and they still won’t be eliminated right away. I won’t agree with your way,” Sir System asserted eloquently.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. He knew that Sir System was right.

Back on Earth where the focus was on human beings, the scope of influence was not large at all, just a fair regulator with a small scope of influence. However, if it was to be enlarged to the whole world, the impact would be very powerful.

After pausing to think, he continued, “Alright, didn’t the previous old Heavenly Axiom come up with a Divine List? You can release something of the sort. For those groups that are behind time, you can lower their reproduction ability. This is also an advantage of yours after you’ve become the Host, you’ll be able to affect this point by changing the chances of conception.”

“…” Sir System was dumbfounded, “You’re playing like this? Rich-man Host, this function of yours is too coy.”

“It’s still alright. This is much more gentle,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“Yes, a screwup like you shouldn’t have kids to avoid being a burden on the next generation,” Sir System responded smoothly.

“D*mn it…” Fang Ning did not expect an insult to land on him after circling the conversation.

“The more I think of it, the more I feel that Richie’s very smart. Look at those decaying ranks, they haven’t created or invented anything for such a long time. Let’s just end that generation of parasites. Just like the gentry class of the Ming Dynasty that you always talk about, you can only oppress one generation of people and the next generation will turn out cowardly. With that, the dynasty won’t come to an end,” Sir System cheered.

“Wow, your associative ability’s getting better and better,” Fang Ning said meekly. He should not have opened the door and let Sir System discover a whole new world.

“The advantage of the Heavenly Axiom’s fine management is that we can still make the best use of the resources between Heaven and Earth to reduce waste and produce more spiritual power. The self-regulation of intelligent creatures is just like the market, it’ll self-regulate once it lags, and I’m just planning ahead now. Mr. Rich Boss, you really are useful after all,” Sir System praised.

“So why did you say I shouldn’t have children just now?” Fang Ning retorted.

“Hey, having kids will only hold up your wild imagination. Being a baby daddy is a 24 hours job, I’m just helping you out here,” Sir System advised.

“Scram!” Fang Ning was too lazy to even bother with this stupid System and headed out with his Heavenly Book baby.

“Lil Wu, how do you think the society that you yearn for will look like in the future?” Fang Ning questioned his follower as they walked along the streets of the capital city.

The golden book that floated beside him made Lil Wu especially awe-stricken. This was surely the immortal’s talisman.

When he heard the immortal, he quickly replied, “I’m just a servant. I can’t speak about such an important topic.”

“Just talk about your dreams then,” Fang Ning encouraged.

“I want to live in a big house and have three or four wives, maybe hire a couple of dozens of servants to serve me. I’d like to have all kinds of costly food every day, and it’s even better if I don’t have to work every day,” Lil Wu said bravely.

He had thought about it. What if the immortal wanted to promote him and he just remained silent. Would that not be a big loss for him?

“You’re truly honest,” Fang Ning said, “But if you live like this, you’ll be envied by the Heavens and you won’t have any children at all.

“If I can trade my descendants for this life that I want, I think it is worth it,” Lil Wu said awkwardly.

“Hmm, you’re a very honest person. You didn’t lie to me at all,” Fang Ning said as he nodded his head.

“Young master, can you grant me my wish then…” Lil Wu plucked up courage and asked.

“Nice try, just keep on walking,” Fang Ning scolded in a loud voice.

“Yes, yes.” Lil Wu continued leading the way with his head held low.

Fang Ning thought to himself, ‘Even a God of Creation like me don’t have such treatment, and you dare hope for such treatment. Seems like Sir System was right, without the pressure to survive, only a few are willing to go forward and strive.’

“Let’s go to the nearest market and have a look,” Fang Ning ordered.

“Yes, young master, follow me.”

At the southern wholesale marketplace.

This marketplace was the gathering spot for all handicraft workshops, and thus became the distribution center for goods.

As Fang Ning walked slowly in the market, the crowd avoided him wherever he went. Some of them rushed to give him a kowtow, whereas some invited him to open u their shops. How absurd of them! What did they think a God of Creation was?

He had had a glimpse over from the sky, but now that he had come down himself, he realized that the materials here were indeed plentiful.

Grains such as millet and wheat were piled up into hills; all kinds of handicrafts, tables and chairs, pots and pans, cotton quilts and clothes, and other goods were a feast for the eyes.

The people who came and went all had smiles plastered on their faces as well.

Apart from the occasional officials who looked mean and evil who stood at the front of some stores. When they saw him coming over, they seem to be caught in a dilemma whether to leave.

It was clear that they were up to no good, probably here to extort the people.

“Sigh, it’s still a feudal society after all. We can’t expect it to be good, we can only hope that after the new law is altered, situations like this can become better,” Fang Ning sighed.

“Why are you so pessimistic? Once my Divine List is done, we’ll see if they know how it feels to be afraid.” Sir System seemed to be unbothered at all.

“Eh, you want to handle such a small issue?” Fang Ning was surprised.

“Isn’t that what you said? We have to fine-tune our way of management and get rid of all the parts that have been dragging us down. The evil deeds of these officials are hindering the implementation of the new law,” Sir System said plausibly.

“There’s always this feeling of playing a game with a plug-in. It doesn’t feel like a normal world,” Fang Ning said helplessly.

“Oh please, if you know how to equip it, you’ll have the plug-in turned to the highest,” Sir System said in disdain.

“Save me some face! Alright then, the new law educates children, upholds the law, and encourages invention. The initial intention is good, but those who execute it must stick to their conscience. The Divine List is a good thing after all, with its intimidation and all,” Fang Ning quickly agreed.

“Right, you’ll have to let me use your Divine Monument then. Aside from that, that Mortal Monument’s still not born. You’ll have to think of a way to get it back. The effect will be at its maximum only when the three monuments are completed,. If we have the Mortal Monument, it’ll save me a lot of effort and improve our management efficiency,” Sir System suddenly reminded.

“About this, the Divine Monument isn’t a problem, I can just give it to you. However, the Mortal Monument’s going to be a problem. It’s still hidden somewhere in the Chaotic World, but I won’t be going there for the time being.” Fang Ning easily evaded the task.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call you when it’s born.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness,” Fang Ning said sadly.

The next day, the Divine Monument reappeared once again. Divided into countless doubles, it shone brightly on top of the Tower of Babel.

At the beginning of world creation, Fang Ning had set the souls to be immortal, and he even gave a Game Interface to every immortal soul, so the world was just like Game World.

After fixing all the bugs, the settings for immortal souls were canceled, and only significant contributors could achieve that.

Now that the Divine Monument was out, everyone could see the potential of each group, and from there, they would feel more pressured.

Of course, there were only two groups on the list – human and octopus.

This, of course, triggered a huge commotion.