Chapter 1162 - Humanity and Relief

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Chapter 1162: Humanity and Relief

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A group of scholars was standing below the Tower of Babel looking up into the sky. Although the Divine Monument seemed to be far away, it seemed close at hand at the same time too. If this was not a miracle, what else could it possibly be?

“What? The Octopus Clan too?”

“Eh, even a group of beasts can be compared with us humans?”

“How can their Potential Points index be higher than us? This is absolutely impossible!”

The group of scholars continued their discussion, each of them surprised and shocked beyond comprehension.

However, no matter how unbelievable they perceive it to be, nobody knew that the Tower of Babel was directly connected to the Will of the Heavens, so it was impossible for someone to falsify this. There was indeed an octopus clan.

At this moment, a few people who seemed to be wealthy, but pale, suddenly started laughing.

“Hehe, hey scholars, we’ve seen these octopus people. They’re extremely stupid, so they are nothing compared to us humans,” one of them said as he shook his head.

“Yes, look at the silk fabrics that we’re wearing now. These are all exchanged from those foolish octopuses,” another fellow rich man continued.

It was evident that this group of wealthy men were pleased to be showing off in front of the scholars. When one’s materialistic side was satisfied, one would then only have spiritual needs.

“Can you guys elaborate?” The scholars were immediately interested and crowded over.

“Of course, I remember a few months ago when the octopus people did business with us, we only sold them a few pieces of rotten wood. In exchange, they gave us a whole lot of pearls that were of high quality.”

“Oh, I see. If that’s the case, those dumb octopuses must have too much money. Perhaps they value wood because wood isn’t available underwater, so when it’s rare, it naturally becomes precious.

The rich men exchanged a smile and left with their hands behind their back.

“In this case, we should talk to our families and have them do trades with these octopuses. We can’t just let this golden opportunity go to waste,” one of the scholars said with enthusiasm.

Not far away, Fang Ning listened to everything attentively.

He certainly wanted to observe everyone’s reaction to the reappearance of the Divine Monument.

Now it seemed that many people did not think of it much, and they were unaware of the significance of this. They were all just using this as an opportunity to make money, even thinking that the octopuses were easy to deceive.

They did not know that on the original Earth, the octopuses were able to instinctively display their jaw-dropping intelligence without even being conscious about it.

Now that they had clear-cut consciousness, they had the same subjective initiative as human beings. It was almost a joke that human beings wanted to crush the food chain once again just as in the previous Earth.

After Fang Ning made another round of inspections, he returned to the Minister’s residence and asked Sir System, “Do you still have that Game Interface?”

“The new people are already all gone, only those immortal souls remained. They still need to gain knowledge after all,” Sir System explained.

“Alright, that’s good too. Human beings always forget to cherish things the moment they have more to receive. Not only that, they’ve even come up with those gangs that oppress people,” Fang Ning said as he started to understand the situation.

“You don’t have anything to do now, do you?” Sir System asked.

“I… I still have something to do. I always go to the streets every day now, don’t I?” Fang Ning stuttered.

“Scram! I don’t need you on this, I know everything that goes on in this world. Just go to the Chaotic World and try to seek up. Didn’t you bump into a Golden Retriever the last time? Go get the Mortal Monument back this time around,” Sir System commanded.

“The risk isn’t small though,” Fang Ning was not willing to leave his comfort zone.

“Stop speaking nonsense. I have tens of thousands of old Heavenly Merits and you still have some new merits, so I doubt they’ll try anything on you. Don’t make me make a move, you should be more initiative,” Sir System forced.

“Didn’t you say that you’ll ask me to go over only after it’s born?” Fang Ning asked helplessly.

“That’s because I suddenly remembered that if you don’t act as my little spy, how will I know when is it born?” Sir System replied confidently.

“…” Fang Ning was utterly speechless at Sir System’s reply.

“Hurry up and go! Besides, you can use your Virgin Mary dream on the Old World to reduce their aggressiveness in external expansion and let them all have peace. With that, I’ll be much safer,” Sir System added loudly.

“Sigh, son of a b*tch. You do know how to find someone to bear troubles for your sake.”

“Yes, and you’re the one who’s going to lead away those troubles.”

In the Chaotic World.

Vigilante A returned once again, but this time, he was not alone. He had a dog and a book.

Since Black Dog had no mission for the time being, he was sent over.

He was now an Immortal Dog with extremely strong combat power. Although his powers were restrained by this world, he was still made of muscles of steel, which made him equivalent to the enhanced version of a mechanical dog. In such a low-level world, this just made him even stronger.

Fang Ning looked around and noticed a small river nearby. The river flowed gently and there was a group of fishermen fishing by the river.

“It’s still unknown when the Mortal Monument will be born. Oh, System No.2, do you know where’s Gu Buwei from Azure Mountain? The previous monuments I’ve found in the past were both related to him, he isn’t dead now is he?” Fang Ning asked.

“No, according to the digitized Earth, there’s no Azure Mountain realm. They may have escaped this disaster and are now hiding in the Chaotic World,” the System Incarnation suggested.

“If that’s true, this fellow’s very tough indeed,” Fang Ning said admirably.

How many great gods have fallen, if a small sect as them was able to survive the chaos, the ancestors of the Azure Mountain were certainly incredible. They might just turn him into a god.

As for sainthood, that would be unlikely. There were only just a few positions and plenty of people were eyeing them. The Heavenly Axiom above was not foolish as well, it would not repeat a mistake twice.

However, if he wanted to establish a world of love and justice, the Heavenly Axiom of this world would not directly oppose him. After all, this was also the mainstream thinking of the past, so it may not be able to distinguish the hidden pits.

At this thought, Fang Ning came up with another plan.

In a flash, he had changed into a white Taoist robe. At first glance, he had a certain pitiful aura.

He arrived by the riverbank and walked toward the group of fishermen.

“Greetings, faithful people,” he said courteously after giving a bow.

“Hey gentleman, is there something we can help with?” One of the fishermen who seemed to be the leader of the group asked curiously.

“Hehe, I’ve stayed in the mountains to cultivate for hundreds of years. I just came out of the mountains today and I’m here to advocate for my views,” Fang Ning said softly.

“Oh, you don’t have to come to us then,” the fisherman chief responded coldly, “Old Master Wang from the village loves to worship Taoist priests. Just go north along the river and you’ll come to our village about ten miles away.”

The other fishermen cast an icy glance at him as well.

Fang Ning was a little surprised at first, then he realized that there must be oppression going on. He had seen many situations of such and had long been used to it.

Just like the Taoist temple in the Upper Realm where the Taoist priests would oppress the civilians together with the village gentry.

“My path is slightly different. I don’t preach about the Path of Longevity, but the Path of Humanity and Relief,” Fang Ning said in a feigned manner.

“Uh, System Host, you’re as true as what my real body said. You’re such a hypocrite,” System Incarnation suddenly said.

“What do you mean? I see you seem to have a little sense of Consciousness now. I’ll have your System Daddy to have a good look at you when we’re back,” Fang Ning immediately threatened.

“Oh, no, I don’t. Master, you’re doing great,” System Incarnation added right away.

“That’s more like it. I’ve always been a nice guy. I won’t get rid of you even if you have Consciousness, but your System Daddy might not be able to tolerate your existence anymore. You have to understand the difference between us,” Fang Ning advised.

“I understand, I’ll listen to you,” System Incarnation responded honestly.

“That’s more like it. Black Dog and my Heavenly Book baby are both examples for you to learn from.”

At that moment, the group of fishermen was suddenly stunned, looks of incredulous washed over their faces.

“You… You’re not lying to us, are you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been studying since young. I will never lie to you.”