Chapter 1165 - The Death of the Saints

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Chapter 1165: The Death of the Saints

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Somewhere in a Taoist temple on the hills. The wind breezed, and the grass swayed. It was spring in March, and the blossoms were in full bloom.

Several white-haired Taoist priests sat around and formed a discussion.

“This foreign Heavenly Devil Fang, he’s certainly good at manipulating people. What nonsensical path of kindness and benevolence, all living things are ruled by heartlessness and ruthlessness, what kindness and benevolence is there to speak of? This is entirely against the will of the Heavenly Axiom.” One of them shook his head.

“Precisely so. He’s just trying to win over the little people. The little people are foolish; how could they possibly understand these major principles? Only I can teach them so.” Another one sighed and said.

“Except, that Heavenly Devil has merits from his past life, even the Founder listens to him and lets him do as he pleases. It’s unwise for us to deal with him directly, so as to avoid tarnishing the Heavenly Axiom.”

“If that’s the case, then we’ll have to look for a different way. It’s a pity that the little people were short-sighted and only cared about what’s before their eyes, what would they know about thinking for the long-term? If everyone lived harmoniously, how would they develop themselves for the better? We can’t let them carry on carefreely as they do now.”

“Then we’ll do what we did in the past life. We’ll support some secular state wars, let them develop technology quickly. Science and technology developed the fastest during warfare. As a result, that so-called benevolence spoken of by that Heavenly Devil was sure to render itself ineffective.”

“Then go offer a sacrifice to the Founder, and see if the Founder has any instructions for us.”

Thus, the old Taoist priests entered the main hall and began the sacrifice.

There were five statues erected in the main hall; these being the rumored founding Saints.

Moments into the ritual of scarification, followed by the sound of a loud crash, the five statues simultaneously exploded.

The old Taoist priests were abruptly taken aback by the surprise as they turned to one another.

“Wh-, why has this happened?”

“Could it be that the Heavenly Axiom is sending us a warning?”

“Sigh, even the Saints cannot go against the Heavenly Oracle.”

“The Saints have no decided opinions and feelings, but regards the people’s opinions and feelings as their own; the Saints do nothing, but will do all manner of evil; Looks like there is no place for the Saints under the rule of this Heavenly Axiom.”

The old Taoist priests chattered among themselves as they left the main hall.

Amid the endless chaos inside the Chaotic World, two infinitely large dragons were going up against the five Saints.

One was the True Soul of the Creator Dragon formed by the amalgamation of countless True Dragons from the Upper Realm, and the other was the Celestial Dragon formed by the Earth and the Universe.

They were connected by their heads and tails, and together, they formed yin and yang, displaying the true incarnation of the Heavenly Axiom.

“Oh, is this the Heavenly Axiom’s tactic? To bring together the Upper and Lower Realms, and use the True Dragons of the two realms to offset our existence, and finally acquire its grand freedom and grand liberation.” said one of the elders dressed in priest frock with a shake of his head.

Another bald elder pulled a long face, “The prophecy has come true, all will return to ashes. We have come from nowhere, and we will return to nowhere.”

As he finished his words, he closed his eyes, and his entire body slowly dissipated.

“Sigh, that old monk had long resigned himself to fate; we’ve lost another combatant, what a pity.”

“Oh, it’s just a matter of reincarnation. That old monk’s clever, only those who abide by the will of Heaven will be given another life. ” said one of the Saints, enshrouded entirely in Black Aura. After finishing his words, he, too, dissipated as an endless spread of Black Aura blended in the chaos.

“We’ve lost another one.” Another Taoist devotee sighed and said again.

There were only three Taoist devotees left.

“I don’t understand, why does the new Heavenly Axiom, no longer require the existence of us Saints?” The three Taoist devotees asked in unison.

Above the Fish of Yin and Yang, resounded the voice of the Heavenly Axiom.

“The future of the path of development is to invert and flatten the pyramid; there is no need for another level of management. The existence of the Saints means the addition of this extra level, which in turn increases my world’s cost of management, so I have to cut you off.”

The Heavenly Axiom was no scheming or calculative existence. It had always been clear and upfront about its intentions and distinguished rules and laws; it will never deliberately try to cover things up.

Unable to understand and figure it out was the observer’s own failure and responsibility, and it had nothing to do with it. It would not lie, and neither would it become angered; it was merely an objective existence.

Since it said so, then that was it meant.

“It’s all because of such a simple reason?”

“That is the reason.” the sound of the Fish of Yin and Yang echoed.

At that moment, a figure appeared on top of the Fish of Yin and Yang, and it was the face of a chuckling Fang Ning.

“It was him who gave me the inspiration.”

“It turned out to be this guy, the guy that couldn’t be any lazier if he tried?”

“It would seem that in the end, we’ve still underestimated him.”

“You are all still fine talents. Should you be willing to hold your ego, you may still have the opportunity of immortality. However, there will be no such opportunities for you to regain the power and authority to oversee the land which you step on.” The voice of the Fish of Yin and Yang sounded once more.

“Haha, to live under subjugation without freedom and unable to transcend worldliness; what is the point of immortality, then?” said the three Taoist devotees all at once.

“This is where your selfish desires lie, and in the end, you will never be able to become one with the Axiom.” said the Fish of Yin and Yang.

“Then we shall see to that after our battle.” The three Taoist devotees said cooly.

At this moment, smoke surrounded the chaos; such a level of battle was indescribable. It was something no mere mortal could ever imagine; a battle that went far beyond the rules of battle.

The only thing that could be compared to was the baseline defenses of the computer system as both parties vigorously searched for each another’s weaknesses.

However, from a strategic point of view, the Saints appeared to have lost the upper hand in comparison, seeing as their existence was inseparable from the Heavenly Axiom.

An unknown amount of time later, the three Taoist devotees vanished, and the Fish of Yin and Yang, too, seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

“Our mission is over. The people can now finally take control of their own fate and destiny.”

After finishing its sentence, the Celestial Dragon soon disappeared.

“Hahaha, it turns out that the ones who had won in the end, really are us, the True Dragon Clan.”

The Creator Dragon laughed.

“Well, you have all contributed a lot. I will give you some trade options.” A voice resounded at that moment.

“What do you mean? Do you intend to burn the bridges?” The Creator Dragon felt a sense of unease.

“There is no such thing as burning bridges; there were no bridges in the first place, so how could there be talk of burning them? Options are good, are they not? For you to share the rise and fall of the world, and everyone to share its successes and failures. It would also motivate you all to work and not just lie around and reap the benefits.”

“You clearly said that you would give us a huge return, but now you’re dismissing us with trade options? Who would know if the options can be redeemed or not; wouldn’t they be nothing pieces of waste paper then? It would take years before your world would actually be able to enter the markets, and you want me to work free for you for billions of years?”

“I can’t help it if that’s what you want to think. This is the lesson I’ve learned from the other.”

“Damn it, why do you not learn the good things, why did you have to learn from the worst?” The Creator Dragon chastised.

“What do you mean the worst. The other had spent only a couple hundred of years to turn from a mere mortal into a God of Creation; compared to you all who cling to old conventions and only know how to fight over the same piece of cake, his courage surpasses you all by the hundreds, does it not? Of course, I must learn these from these experiences.” the Heavenly Axiom replied evenly.

“Is there no room for negotiation?”

“None, either take it or resign; the void is right there. So long as you have the courage, you may start your own business venture there.”

“Alright, what are the options that you are offering?”

“Well, once the world has become profitable in the future, I can give you 10% of the profits.”

“At least 50%, no less than that; I gave birth to you.”

“Financial matters should be settled clearly even between brothers; don’t even think about getting an extra penny out of me, even if you are my father.”

“Fine, 10% it is. Sh*t, how did you learn to be so cunning?”

“I have never truly existed. I am just an entity that holds the collection of all of your wisdom and intelligence. If you say that I am deceitful, then you are saying that you, yourself are deceitful.”

The Heavenly Axiom was released, and the Saints were dead; The options were clear, and he was to work for free.

Fang Ning was on tour in the Chaotic World when he suddenly saw the five meteors shooting across the sky; his heart momentarily overwhelmed.

This caused him to remember the night that his Gold Finger appeared.

No, he had to go back.

Having learned from last time’s experience, he summoned the Black Dog.

“Little Black, do you still have some warm blood?”

“Master, I’ve always been hot-blooded and full of energy.” Black Dog replied somewhat confusedly.

“I’m asking you if you still have any of Black Dog’s blood left?” Fang Ning had no choice but to ask it.

“Uh, Master, what are you planning?” Black Dog suddenly felt a chill.

Half an hour later, Black Dog was lying limp on the ground.

“That was pretty tiring. With your reinforced muscles of iron and steel, it can be pretty exhausting trying to squeeze some blood out of you.” Fang Ning exclaimed tiredly as he held a test tube in his hand.

After offering the sacrifice and praying to the Heavens and Earth, Fang Ning once again consumed some Heavenly Merit Points and left the Chaotic World.

“Sir System, I saw five meteors in the Chaotic World,” said Fang Ning.

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“Your trip to the Chaotic World has been pretty successful, all things considered. You got rid of the Saints; the five meteors are the five dead Saints.” Sir System praised him.

“How do you know that?” Fang Ning wondered confusedly; he was still in the dark about what had happened.

“Oh, it’s like this; earlier that world’s Heavenly Axiom has informed me that it wishes to establish a long-term communication platform between the two worlds to exchange construction and development experience of an advanced world. I’ve decided to appoint you as the platform’s ambassador.” Sir System plausibly reasoned.

“Oh, well, I thought we’d have to have an epic showdown with the Saints in the future; I didn’t expect them to die so soon…” Fang Ning exclaimed in surprise, “Does this mean that I got away again?”

“You know yourself pretty well, don’t you? Hasn’t that always been the case for you?” Sir System scorned.

“Sigh, this Ambassador thing sounds dangerous. Let me see who else do we have at our disposal and send another person in my stead; I still have training to do, and I still want to live a happy life.” Fang Ning quickly refused.

“You wish. I’ve already made my decision. You’ll work 8 hours every day and come back afterward.”

“You have to let my wife and my family out.” Fang Ning insisted firmly.

“Alright, you’ll be able to meet tomorrow.”

“There’s a lot of people to release so it’ll take some time. The later they’re released, the better.”