Chapter 842 - The Premature Death Of Mars

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Chapter 842: The Premature Death Of Mars

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The next morning, Sir System resumed its patrol in the skies and immediately noticed changes in the isles of Japan.

“Hey, Mr. Rich Boss, looks like there’s some extra stuff in those islands.”

“You farm all kinds of beasts and spirits. Why are you so surprised?” Fang Ning did not bother to lift his head and continued to work overtime.

After being seized by Sir System for several years, he somehow rediscovered the feeling of working overtime when he was still a programmer…

“Listen to yourself, why would I still come to you if I saw those two things?” Sir System retorted. “I came to you because I wasn’t sure about the things I just saw.”

“Activate my Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze and take a look.” Fang Ning ordered. “Don’t be alarmed, you’re going to be a three-year-old System soon.”

“You talk as if I’m really old…” Sir System grumbled and activated Fang Ning’s Dog Eyes.

[The System has consumed one million experience points and ten Aggro Bars. The Esoteric Skill “Spirit Gaze” has been activated.

The System has discovered an unknown living entity.]

At that moment, Fang Ning had seen the grey and white matter-like organisms beneath them through the System View, which looked very eerie.

In the past, he would have felt uncomfortable; Today, he did not have that kind of feeling. With all the time spent with Sir System, he had seen gruesome battlefields and he was no longer afraid of these creepy objects.

“Sigh, the world is in chaos. All sorts of unexplainable entities have appeared. There are too many of them and this is probably caused by a change in the ecosystem.”

Slowly, Vigilante A flew away, which led to sighs of relief from the two entities below.

When doing something major to the Earth, the only person to consider was Vigilante A.

Now, Vigilante A was ignorant towards the living things. Apparently, he was uneducated regarding such beings and was oblivious towards the true purpose of these unknown entities.

Once he understood their true nature, everything would be set into motion.

Trouble was brewing beneath the Earth’s tranquillity.

Other planets were not exempted from a similar fate.

Mars, also known as “Yinghuo” in ancient China, was a planet close to Earth.

As it was further away from the Sun and smaller than Earth, it had a very different fate.

One was a planet that created a complete life support system over the course of 40 billion years. It was advancing towards the Era of Mythology and had the opportunity to become the master of the universe.

The other was a planet which maintained a lifeless state. Despite the presence of the essence of life — water — on the planet, it failed to give birth to any kind of ecosystem. One was not even sure whether microorganisms lived on the planet.

As Earth’s closest neighbor, it had always been the subject of research and observation among humans since time immemorial.

Humans were sure of one thing. There was no sign of activity of advanced life forms on Mars. Martians were only a joke.

However, in this Era of Mythology, “Martians” was not just a myth.

This planet, in fact, harbors a colony of intelligent living beings, even though they moved here from Earth.

Occasionally, some rocks danced around on the yellowish-brown sand, as if they were having a rock gathering.

Upon closer inspection, an unsettling human form could be made out. It was a mysterious rock monster.

“As a result of our efforts in these two years, this planet has finally begun to create life and the consciousness of the Heavenly Axiom has started to appear. This is the only planet in the Solar System that could hold hands with Earth.” A white rock monster spoke.

When the other rock monsters who were gathered in a circle heard of this news, they cheered boisterously.

A yellow rock monster declared with a gravelly voice. “Good, Lunar Devils like us finally have a solid foundation. With the creation of life, there’ll be an unlimited supply of power. There’s hope in retaliating the Earth and recreating the Moon.”

“There’s still one person on Earth. I fear that our powers aren’t enough to withstand his attacks.” A brown rock monster muttered.

At once, silence fell amongst the rock monsters.

It was as if they could witness the horrifying Divine Blessing Attack again. It was unrelenting and unstoppable.

“Don’t worry, we might not overpower him. Two years have passed and that person must have become ever more intimidating and domineering, but once the Heavenly Axiom of Mars has taken shape, he can’t possibly defy the consciousness of a Heavenly Axiom that’s backed by the planet’s quintessence, no matter how powerful he is!” The white rock monster announced firmly.

“True that, no matter how backward Mars is, it still has its advantages and billions of years of historical deposits. Once the Heavenly Axiom is fully formed, as the very first residents, we can definitely make it target that person. After our biggest adversary has been destroyed, the entire Earth will be in our hands.” The yellow rock monster agreed excitedly.

The rock monsters rejoiced and dreamed of a beautiful future. They were once humans who became devils, hence they retained some human characteristics.

Soon, the brown rock monster seemed intent on playing the part of the wet blanket and announced. “According to the latest investigations, the gods of the Upper Realm have descended to Earth. That person isn’t our only enemy.”

“Hmph, even the gods of the Upper Realm are nothing compared to the planet’s Heavenly Axiom. Their recovered power should be almost equal to that of that person.” The white rock monster felt indifferent towards the gods.

“Nevertheless, they’re highly intelligent. If we aren’t careful, they can foresee our presence and interrupt the conception of Mar’s Heavenly Axiom.” The brown rock monster was still concerned.

The white rock monster hated a killjoy like its kin, yet it understood the necessity of its presence.

Therefore, it said patiently. “Relax, we lay low. Furthermore, life forms on Mars are very distinct from those on Earth, just like us, so we won’t alert them to our presence.”

“What if we do get noticed by them? What should we do?” The brown rock monster was still anxious.

“If they do notice us, the solution is simple. We’ll surrender if we can’t defeat them. I’m sure they’ll be happy to have us as allies. I heard they have had several clashes with that person, so they won’t be against us joining them.” The white rock monster answered in a matter-of-fact manner.

When the brown rock monster heard of the word “surrender”, he stopped enquiring and felt relieved.

Nevertheless, as long as this newly-elected leader was not a stubborn warmonger, all was well.