Chapter 843 - Invasion

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Chapter 843: Invasion

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The white rock monster scanned the other rock monsters and stated firmly. “Due to how powerful our enemy is, all of us must work harder and strive to extend the life of Mars. We must speed up the growth of the consciousness of Mar’s Heavenly Axiom. Once it’s fully formed, we Lunar Devils will never fear anyone, human or god!”

The rock monsters were in high spirits.

The white rock monster nodded secretly. It was the primeval Lunar Devil to be killed by Vigilante A and the natural leader of the Lunar Devils.

However, there were other Lunar Devils who shared the same origin as it. It could not be an autocrat, but it had to establish a?Golden Liberty.??1

The aim of organizing this annual Mars gathering was to inform its kin who were primeval Lunar Devils just like it. It wanted to boost their morale and uplift their spirits.

It was extremely important. From the looks of it now, the effect was favorable.

At that moment, the yellow rock monster proposed. “In that case, I suggest we ought to colonize other planets. As we all know, we discarded the dirty and fragile human shell in exchange for the mighty form of the Lunar Devil and the ability to freely survive on other planets. As long as we carry a little of those mysterious powers, we can use the sands and rocks in nature and also radiation for survival…”

“Mm, you’re right, but we need to settle on a target. Although we have far better chances at survival as compared to humans, we can’t be too far from the origin, Earth, due to the need for the mysterious power to maintain the core’s existence. That is unless we’re able to realize the recreation of the mysterious power.” The white rock monster agreed.

The yellow rock monster continued speaking. “There’re four terrestrial planets in the Solar System which are suitable for us, namely Mercury, Earth, Mars and Venus. Our numbers are large and we can dispatch two detachments of rock monsters to infiltrate Venus and Mercury and establish a new colony. At the same time, we awaken the consciousness of those planets’ Heavenly Axioms. Till then, the odds are on our side and I believe we’ll gain the upper hand.”

“Very well, who’s willing to take up this honorable and important mission?” The white rock monster looked around and asked enthusiastically.

As soon as it heard this, the cowering brown rock monster shrank further towards the ground.

Colonizing another planet had always been a challenging task.

They were Lunar Devils and did not require water, protein and oxygen. They had a much higher rate of adaptability than humans.

Yet, they were not perpetual motion machines and still needed four things to survive, which were sand, rocks, sunlight and the mysterious power that maintained the core’s revolution, Vitality.

Mars was closer to Earth and could receive some radiated Vitality. Moreover, despite the poor conditions on Mars, among the other eight planets in the Solar System, its climate bore the most similarity to Earth’s, which made it the easiest for them to adapt to.

In comparison, a terrestrial planet like Venus might be even closer to Earth, but it was near the Sun as well and the surface temperature was incredibly high at above 400 degrees Celsius. Volcanoes covered the surface of the planet and streams of lava flowed everywhere.

This sort of geological condition was not exactly unsuitable for the Lunar Devils. Nevertheless, this second generation of Lunar Devils who originated from the primeval Lunar Devils still bore a resemblance to humans in terms of their thinking process. Naturally, they gave a wide berth to this idea.

However, since this topic had been brought up during the Lunar Devils’ annual gathering, such concerns were not fit to be voiced out, for no one wanted to admit that they were still as fragile as the humans.

Hence, this naturally weak brown rock monster kept hoping that he would not be sent on this mission.

In spite of this, one usually attracted what one feared.

“Brother Brown, earlier, you were worried about that person on Earth and you were also worried about the Upper Realm gods. I think you should pave a way for us and I believe you’ll surely turn them into impenetrable fortresses. You should know that those two places won’t be noticed by them for now. On the contrary, it’s more dangerous on Mars, as there’s a possibility that that person will come here for a second time.” The white rock monster suddenly called it out.

All eyes were upon the brown rock monster and they mused knowingly.

This poor Lunar Devil was like a little lamb trapped amongst big, burly men and it fell speechless.

Immediately, someone expressed its agreement. “Good suggestion. I believe it’ll definitely do a great job as it fears death the most, hahaha!”

The group of Lunar Devils burst into laughter and Mars was soon filled with a lively atmosphere.

The brown rock monster’s resistance was futile. With such a crowd, if it chose to reject this mission, it would probably be treated as a traitor and sentenced to death!

Such a thing had happened before.

After all, the Lunar Devils originated from humans. Humans were often inscrutable and so were they. In these two years, whoever changed its mind and wanted to return to Earth and live a peaceful life was sentenced to death.

The brown rock monster could only force itself to accept this mission. It did request to be sent to Venus for colonization.

Both Mercury and Venus had terrible living conditions and were very close to the Sun.

However, Mercury had a smaller mass and lacked atmosphere on the surface. There was a huge distinction between its daytime and nighttime temperature. Temperatures reached 400 degrees Celsius during the day and plummeted to -170 degrees Celsius during the night. It was rather similar to the moon and was covered with craters.

On the other hand, Venus had a larger mass and had a thicker atmosphere. There was a particularly high concentration of carbon dioxide, not unlike a greenhouse. Its surface was lined with volcanoes and lava.

Its intuition told him that lava seemed more suitable for the survival of rock monsters…

This intuition could probably originate from a human’s imagination, such as a lava monster from a certain video game.

After making lots of crucial decisions at the Lunar Devils’ annual gathering, all of the rock monsters left and prepared for the coming year’s tasks.

At that point, they felt confident that their own tribe would be a necessary addition to legends of the future and the universe. They would become the perpetual nightmare of humans…

While humans were still discovering things on Earth, they had already colonized another planet with success and now, they were preparing to colonize another two.

They believed that in the near future, once they managed to resolve the issue of the source of mysterious powers, they could further advance towards other planets.

Eventually, taking over the entire Milky Way was not a wild idea.

They were simply too advantageous in terms of life and survival as compared to humans.

Half a month later, an employee of NASA reported the observation results to his superior.

“Venus No. 36 Space Probe discovered that various meteorites of an unidentified origin had crashed onto the plains of Venus’s equator.”

This observation result was buried among the large numbers of special affairs reports and no one noticed it.

However, a non-human entity was aware of this info.

Morality City, The Cloud Computational Center of the Red Queen.

“Level 1 Warning, suspected alien life forms have invaded the Solar System.”

Black Robe, who was drinking coffee and discussing the new year’s work plans with his subordinates in the building’s conference room, heard the Red Queen’s alert.

He calmly ordered a few subordinates to speed up their work progress and to make preparations for the moving of industries to the Morality City.

After all, Vigilante A did not care whether one was a devil as long as the latter did not commit crimes. Those legal industries could naturally be moved here.

In reality, many famous companies had already settled down in the Morality City, or else, the city would not have flourished.

However, the requirements for establishing a company in this city were very strict and most people lacked the connections to settle down here.

Black Robe sent away his subordinates and arrived at the top floor of the building to meet with the Red Queen’s core.