Chapter 844 - You Reap What You Sow

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Chapter 844: You Reap What You Sow

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“According to the data analytics collected from the Venus 76 Observation Craft, the meteorite impact on the Venus equatorial plane does not appear to be a naturally occurring incident. Based on the analytics of the meteorite trajectory, the orientation and speed of the meteorite movement do not reflect those of an organic celestial body. There is a probability of 76.77% that the impact was artificially induced.” The Red Queen reported the statistics.

Black Robe cupped his chin in thought, looking like a proper detective.

Not a fool himself, he instantly thought of a possibility.

“When you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like they’re as godly civilized as science fiction makes of them; because if they were, they’d never let us detect something like this so easily; rather, there’s a higher chance that the other party’s a shoddy astronavigator just like those humans…”

Even though there could be other possibilities, such as the other party deliberately exposing themselves, Black Robe rationalized that since they were investigating, they should follow the highest possibility that was most probable. Otherwise, there would be no end to this speculation as the possibilities were endless.

He even considered the possibility that this was a trick by the Saints from the Upper Realm, though it was obviously very unlikely as there was there no need for them do so, their focus was on Earth, and not on a dead planet like Venus…

“Are you able to determine the origins of these meteorites?” He quickly followed up.

“Affirmative. Based on the trajectory captured on the photograph, through reverse inference, we can deduce that the most likely origin would be Mars. ” The Red Queen presented another deduction.

Black Robe nodded his head as he began to grasp the usefulness of this “artificial” intelligence.

It would take a human months of analyzing to even come close to such a conclusion when faced with an issue like this.

However, now, in just a few seconds, the analysis had already been completed in a logical and scientific manner even, and the resulting conclusion provided to him was even one of those with the highest probability.

“Mars? Is there even anything on that thing?” Black Robe tried recalling his memory, and suddenly he thought of something.

He then sent a message.

Fang Ning was currently slaving away with great enthusiasm, working overtime during New Year’s. Counting the days, he realized he had not had a proper break in over three or four months now.

Certainly, to?sleep on brushwood and taste gall?1?, was not something everybody could do.

Those who possess such mind and conviction were certainly no less than extraordinary.

In Fang Ning’s case, he had no choice, whenever he felt like slacking off, it was if Sir System could read his mind and purposely provoked him…

Still wanting to save some face, he could only grit his teeth and carry on.

At this moment, a WeChat message arrived.

It turned out to be a message from that devil; that caught his attention.

“So I heard you eliminated a demon on Mars?”

The message was sent by Black Robe to Vigilante A.

“Yeah, a guy who calls himself the Lunar Devil, a pretty strong fellow, I had to pull out the big guns before I finally killed him.”

“Killed him? There seem to be unresolved issues there, at least it looks like there’s a problem now.”

A photograph, along with a series of analyses was sent over.

Fang Ning took a look at them, his face turned pale with fright as he quickly awakened Sir System.

“Sir System, this should be what remains of the race left behind by the Lunar Devil that you killed when you first entered the Inland-Sea Level, right? ”

“Probably, it’s been a long time since then, looks like it’s propagating again…” Sir System spoke in a discerning, shrewd tone.

“Hey, this wouldn’t happen to be within your calculations all along, would they?” Fang Ning became even more surprised, compared with the message he received earlier, he was even more taken aback by Sir System’s tone.

Was this still the simple-minded System he knew?

Whenever had it learned such devious tactics?

“Hahaha, no one knows me better than Mr. Rich Host. It’s just as you thought, when I killed it, I didn’t wipe them out, all for the sake of this moment. Looks like it’s time to go reap the harvest again!” Sir System stated proudly.

“So you say, but aren’t you afraid of losing your Chivalry Points doing something like this?” Fang Ning expressed his concern. Gaining experience was a small matter, but principles and rules were serious affairs, they could not afford to lose stability over greed.

“Ugh, I didn’t have the heart at the time, how could I lose…” Halfway through his sentence, Sir System stopped himself.

“Sure enough, you really don’t forget to put feathers in your cap, do you? Unfortunately, the wise cannot be fabricated, one must have true wisdom in order to become one.” Fang Ning subtly preached.

Sir System grew upset, “So you’re saying I’ll never be able to become an intelligent system?”

“Well, you are a half-baked system to begin with, so what intelligence is there to speak of? There is scientific proof that playing online games in the long term will result in reduced IQ. This shows that your maxim has dictated that you’ll never be able to become a system of intelligence. It would be better for you to just carry on with what you’d been doing so far, kill some monsters, farm experience, brush up your skills and develop your other attributes, and don’t force yourself with the things you aren’t good at.” Fang Ning advised earnestly in good intentions.

“You’ve reasoned your case, but since those devils have been reborn again, I’ll have to go wipe them out to prevent them from causing harm.” Sir System spoke up again, with renewed fervor.

“Wait, if they’re capable of reproducing on Mars and even begin colonizing Venus, this means their race stands a higher chance than humans of adapting to the environment in the Era of Mythology. We shouldn’t simply get rid of them, but reconsider our choices.” Fang Ning rationalized.

“Ugh, is this the difference between my intelligence and yours?” Hearing those words, Sir System fell into a slump again.

“Hahaha, oh lil System, don’t be so depressed. This is what we call the inch is short, but the ruler has its length, this was never your forte, so you’ve no reason to be frustrated. My combat skills are crap but you never see me get upset over it.” Fang Ning tried comforting Sir System.

“You’re using the idiom wrongly, the saying goes ‘the ruler has its shortcomings and the inch has its strengths. You’re not upset because you’ve always been wasting away your time and never bothered…” Sir System replied, somewhat resentfully.

“…” At a loss for words, Fang Ning flew into a shameful rage, “Cut the nonsense, head to Mars, right now, this instant.”

“If I’m going, it means you’re going as well.” Sir System who was in charge of Fang Ning’s body transformed into an azure dragon and flew into space.

“Why don’t you just teleport back into the past?” Through the System View, Fang Ning could see the sudden change of scenery, before, the sun was still up, but it had turned pitch dark everywhere.

There was only an azure dragon, glowing in shimmery gold soaring through the darkness.

Space was just like this; without air, there were no light reflections. For the most part, with the exception of those few stars and planets which still emitted and reflected light, everything was pitch black.

“Teleportation, how lame is that compared to a dragon descending upon the planets?” Sir System gave his plausible reasoning.

“Oh, well that’s true, in any case, it would make it easier to make a distinction, although you lack great wisdom, you still have some wits.” Praised Fang Ning.

“I can’t tell if I’m supposed to take that as a compliment or an insult,” Sir System muttered as he maneuvered the Azure Dragon, carrying on.

“By the way, I’ve always been curious about this, but how do you pinpoint locations in space? It’s not like you can just determine the latitude and longitude like you do on Earth, even Mars moves at high velocity.” Fang Ning suddenly turned into a science enthusiast.

“I have it right here on the system map, didn’t you know?” Sir System replied in slight contempt.

Fang Ning quickly scanned through the system map, and, to the System’s words, he saw that there was indeed a little dark red dot, and a big blue dot on it.

Needless to say, the blue dot was the Earth, and the dark red would be the Mars; connecting the two dots, was a green line.

A green line that was perpetually changing.

All Sir System had to do was follow the constantly evolving line and fly straight ahead, since there was no need for detours in space…

It was surprisingly difficult to get lost once the coordinates were set.