Chapter 845 - The Battle of the God(s) of War

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Chapter 845: The Battle of the God(s) of War

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“You’re looking at it wrong, the green line is not connected between Earth and Mars, but between me and Mars, how bad is your eyesight?” Sir System sneaked into Fang Ning’s thoughts again and ridiculed him mercilessly.

Fang Ning turned speechless upon his words, and as he took a closer look, he discovered that he had really misread.

It turned out that there was a teeny tiny blue dot located right beside the bigger one.

Converting the System Map into use in space was really such a hassle.

Compared to the Earth, the size of the Azure Dragon could not possibly be any smaller, inconspicuous and insignificant compared with the giant planets.

It was no wonder that he kept thinking the Earth was at the other end of the green line.

When he thought about it another way did it make more sense, if Sir System wanted to fly to a certain location, he would obviously need to use Vigilante A himself as a starting point, instead of trying to pinpoint Earth and Mars.

Fang Ning tried to defend himself, “You can’t blame me for this, your Azure Dragon form is tiny; had it been as big as the Earth, would I’ve still made that mistake?”

“As big as the Earth? Do you know how much I’d have to eat? We’d go broke.” Sir System scoffed.

“What an eccentric way of thinking.” Fang Ning said, impressed.

“But of course. Those dinosaurs went extinct because they ate too much and grew too big. You see that Chong Daqing, that fellow may be a glutton but he’s the size of a palm, which proves that those who go hungry are the ones who’ll live for a long time.” Sir System reasoned confidently.

“I see. Speaking of that guy, I haven’t seen him since New Year’s, I wonder if he’s busy with business again?” Fang Ning asked, thoughts about him came to mind.

“How could he be bothered with his business when he’s busy hibernating?” Sir System replied in a tone that suggested he knew everything that was going on.

“Eh? Why’s he hibernating?” Fang Ning asked, surprised at the information.

“Who knows? We’ll find out when he wakes up, it might be that he just ate too much and he’s suffering from indigestion.” Sir System gloated.

Fang Ning heard the words and sighed, “Sigh, everybody’s got their own problems to deal with, even a carefree guy like Chong Daqing’s got his troubles as well.”

“You’re making a fuss out of nothing again, the Sage said it well, competing with the sky brings endless joy, competing with the earth brings endless joy, competing with others, too, bring joy. It’s better if there’s trouble going on, without any trouble, where am I supposed to go to find monsters to slay?” Sir System said positively.

“Huh, this should really be your motto.” Fang Ning suddenly realized one of the advantages Sir System had, the average person was afraid of trouble and conflict, but only he would remain undeterred, that was why he could become a God of War.

Such a peculiar, unconventional quality happened to be one of the System’s natural traits.

Fang Ning’s mind had wandered off when Sir System suddenly piped up, “We’re about to reach Mars, but based on my predictions, it seems like there’s a bad omen coming.”

“Are you sure about that? A bad omen, that sounds concerning,” Astonished, Fang Ning hesitated and said, “Maybe should just turn back and leave?”

“Look at what you’re saying, since I was born into this world, I’ve slain those who’ve stood in my way, eliminated my enemies. Who, under these heavens, is capable of escaping my wrath?” Sir System spoke shamelessly.

“You speak as if you’ve never run away yourself, even though you have.” Fang Ning put him down.

“If I say I am, then I am; why does the Host have so much to say?” Sir System turned red with rage.

Fang Ning did not say anything else, instead, he had already summoned the two resting monuments, the green-skinned frog and the macaw to prepare themselves for battle.

“At least your sense of combat is still okay, rest assured, danger also means opportunity.” Sir System appeared quite pleased with the situation.

Ignoring the fool, Fang Ning continued his observation through the System View.

In a pitch, black darkness far away, a dark red planet, traversing in space, through its reflections, cast its surroundings in a sea of vivid red, like the fires of hell.

From afar, it appeared as if it was covered in layers of rust. Against the darkness of the empty, black space, it emitted an eerie dead silence.

Except, among the deadness, there seemed to be a strange force of life within.

Though this life force was different from that of the Earth; the Earth was positive and full of hope.

This planet, however, was emitting a strange, mysterious life force; unyielding, wild, fused with an indescribable hatred.

Fang Ning himself could not understand why he felt this way, perhaps this was what the planet had actively conveyed to him.

Then comes the question, why was it conveying such a sensation to him?

Puzzled and confused, Fang Ning turned silent for a moment.

Sir System, on the other hand, did not idle.

As the Azure Dragon approached the dark red planet, it did not attempt to land, but hovered around it in space, seemingly contemplating how it should make its move.

News of its arrival spread like wildfire to every desert, every hill, every gobi desert…

On a mountain rock, a white stone monster poked his head out before sinking back in again.

Similarly, in a desert, a yellow stone monster popped his head out as well, and shrank back inside.

Stone monsters, from over countless places, all raised their curious heads out and looked up to the skies.

The Azure Dragon, the real intruder from outer space, was right above their heads.

Then, in the mysterious core of the stone monsters, one by one, they received a message.

“Engaging in battle is strictly prohibited, all are to remain hidden!”

The stone monsters obeyed the order, as demons under the cruel, harsh ruling, they could never disobey orders from the higher-ups.

Unless they felt that they were more powerful than those above them, then naturally they could turn the tables around. Such was the Path of Demons.

Nonetheless, the more deceitful, scheming stone monsters still secretly tried to observe the Azure Dragon above.

They used whatever they could, the sand, and rocks, and even the wind in the sky, turning them into their eyes and ears.

To their immense surprise, a presence that they could not control suddenly took action.

Yellow sand covered the skies!

A tornado, from the surface of planet Mars which had been desolate and still for hundreds of millions of years, rose from the ground and soared into the sky!

It ignored all laws of physics, attacked those who stood in its way; in space, it assembled into an Earthen Dragon!

It met the eyes of the Azure Dragon, the two seemingly on par; though faintly, its aura and presence appeared to be of a much higher level than that of the other!

It exuded an untamed, destructive wilderness all over its body, as if it sought to devour.

In ancient times, humans regarded this planet as a symbol of war and disaster. In the East, they called it “The Bewilder”, and the appearance of this “Bewildering” Star, was infamously known as a harbinger of disastrous omens, and the West called it the God of War.

Now, this newly formed Heavenly Axiom consciousness seems to have inherited the views of humans. It sought to prove its existence through a battle!

Between that person labeled as Earth’s God of War, and him, the true symbol of a God of War, an outcome must be made, and a winner must be declared.

The leaders of the Lunar Devils were keenly aware of this.

However, rather than being shocked, every one of them appeared ecstatic and brimming with excitement.

They had just finished their annual meeting to discuss how they could speed up the formation of the consciousness of Mars’ Heavenly Axiom; now, with the unexpected arrival of that person, it would do them a great service.

The sudden appearance of a powerful, foreign enemy would bring about great stimulation and induce it to form in advance.

A stormy wind was brewing within the core of the planet.

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Originally, the Lunar Devil leaders had estimated it would take another five to ten years before they would be able to produce a prototype of the Mars Heavenly Axiom, yet, the arrival of that person had greatly accelerated the process.

As long as it was able to win in the battle against the Azure Dragon, Mars would truly be able to live up its name and claim the title of the “God of War”, bringing death and catastrophe to the universe.

Amid their hopes and anticipation, the battle between the two had quickly begun without any delays.

The Earthen Dragon that had formed from the dust and sand on the surface of Mars had taken the initiative and launched the first attack against the Azure Dragon!