Chapter 846 - Never Forget Your True Self

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Chapter 846: Never Forget Your True Self

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In the System Space, Fang Ning was staring anxiously at the battle that they had not experienced for a long time.

Compared to Sir System, he was even more aware of who this opponent was!

Because he had repeatedly received information from Axiom Daddy on Earth, and he could sparsely sense the same aura from their current opponent!

Was this the Heavenly Axiom of Mars?

No, more precisely, this was the consciousness of Mars!

The consciousness of Mars had been awakened!

This was a fact terrifying enough to make everyone horrified.

Its presence could only mean one thing, that was, the Earth Heavenly Axiom’s consciousness was not the only one in the universe.

Meaning that all these countless stars and planets, were likely to all possess their own consciousness??

If that was truly the case, then the real protagonist of the Era of Mythology in the future universe, had only today, begun to emerge!

It would be neither human nor the Gods of the Upper Realm, but these stars that have long existed since ancient times!

All this time, they had operated according to specific laws and patterns.

Without purpose, without consciousness, and without meaning.

Without a past, future, or desolation.

Along with incessant combustion, all of them had only one unified end, and like their many predecessors, they belonged to the boundless darkness.

However, when the Upper Realm descended Earth, when the Era of Mythology had been activated, these stars had finally ushered in a turning point in their fates!

Their long history of revolvement had allowed them to accumulate the deepest foundation and deposits, which would make them the true protagonists of the Era of Mythology.

When he thought of this, Fang Ning could not help but feel a deep sense of fear.

As strong as Sir System was, he was only a match for those enemies in the ordinary sense.

Now that they were faced with a warrior formed by the consciousness of a planet, would he still be able to defeat it as he did with the others?

His fear, in the instance the Earthen Dragon suddenly rushed in, had been magnified to the extreme.

At this very moment, he could not be any gladder than he was not on the battlefield.

He was very aware of the fact that he was a terrible fighter, and he may never be able to learn the skills of battle and the will of a warrior like the other protagonists.

Because he was lazy, afraid of suffering, of pain, of toil, of getting hurt…

Fortunately, all of this had nothing to do with the Sir System which it was hosting.

In combat, and in micromanagement, it was the true definition of a God!

Fearless, composed, and merciless.

The Azure Dragon dexterously avoided the swift blow of the Earthen Dragon and immediately seized the other’s exposed weakness.

With a swipe of its claws, the Earthen Dragon was split in two!

The Earthen Dragon vanished thereafter.

With only such a light blow, the Earthen Dragon had completely failed its assault attempt!

This was the difference in skill in combat!

The newly formed consciousness of Mars, when it came to combat, had merely followed the techniques of the natural field.

It had yet to realize the opponent it had challenged had long since risen to levels far above and detached itself from the restraints of the laws of the universe.

It was not facing an enemy of the conventional concept, but in a sense, its enemy was one that worked in even more mysterious ways, perhaps even more so than that of consciousness of stars in the galaxy.

However, the Azure Dragon did not get carried away with itself, neither did it lose its vigilance; only mortals were confined to such flaws, flaws that do not belong in the same realm as the force which governed its existence.

Sure enough, the next moment, a dark red wind stirred up again, reuniting with the Earthen Dragon!

Seeing this, Fang Ning fell into deep thought. Befuddled, he ran into the office of the Draconic Penitentiary to look for Anderson, the resident battlefield guide to commentate on the battle happening outside.

The expert that was Anderson, after seeing the situation outside through the screen, began his commentary.

“It seems that this Earthen Dragon, taking advantage of its home base, will incessantly regenerate itself so long as it remains near Mars; more importantly, it seems that its combat skills may also evolve rapidly as well.” Anderson analyzed seriously.

Hearing his words, Fang Ning repeatedly nodded.

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Without fail, just as he had mentioned, in the next battle, the Azure Dragon took a little more effort when he tried to tear apart the Earthen Dragon, the other beginning to attempt to dodge his blows.

Even though it still proved to be an easy task as the skills and tactics of the Earthen Dragon was still quite rusty.

It seemed to only know how to tackle, bite, and scratch, just like a newborn tiger cub, which had yet to experience the brutality of the forest woods, and yet to master the art of the hunt.

However, it was easy to foresee its powerful support system.

Constant regeneration allowed it to build and learn its skills unscrupulously, recklessly, directly from the highest-end of combat skills.

Even when the Azure Dragon had successfully crushed the other for the third time in a row, it was still able to reanimate itself.

When Fang Ning saw this, he finally expressed his worry, “Sir System, this is not going to work. It’s obviously trying to steal your combat moves, once it learns, you’ll have to put in a lot more effort. It has the ability to regenerate endlessly, even if it can’t beat us, it’ll wear us to death. This is an entire planet’s deposit we’re talking about, as scarce as Mars is, it’s still an enormous planet, and we’re just tiny organisms, we can’t even begin to compare.”

“I hear you and I agree with everything you just said, but just as it’s learning from me, I’m also studying its weaknesses. With an ability to regenerate like that, there’s gotta be a catch to it, and I need to find this loophole.” Sir System said agreeably.

Whenever it came to serious matters, Sir System stopped butting heads with Fang Ning.

“Antaeus, the Giant from Greek mythology, lost its powers after leaving the earth, maybe you can try to lure him away from Mars.” Fang Ning suggested.

“Okay, let’s give it a try.”

The Azure Dragon let out a long screech, but unfortunately, this was in space…

Unable to unleash its full vigor, no one could hear it.

Then, with a toss of its head and tail, it flew outwards into the sky.

The Earthen Dragon followed closely behind, intending to finish it off.

10,000 kilometers away from Mars, the Azure Dragon killed off the Earthen Dragon again. As usual, the Earthen Dragon reanimated, only this time, the speed of its regeneration became significantly slower.

The distance continued to widen, now 100,000 kilometers away from Mars. When the Earthen Dragon died again, it perished into dust and vanished into the dark space. This time, it was never reborn.

On the battlefield, stood only the Azure Dragon, unharmed.

“Hey Mr. Rich Host, your strategy worked.” Seeing this, instead of celebrating, Sir System became annoyed.

“Uh, isn’t this a good thing?” Fang Ning mumbled, he felt wrongfully blamed, “You managed to defeat that Earthen Dragon, didn’t you? It wasn’t able to reanimate again.”

“What’s good about that? Did you see the system notification?”

“Then it’s not over yet, this means that the Earthen Dragon hasn’t completely died yet, it must’ve regenerated back in its home base.” Sir System grumbled unhappily.

“Oh, I understand now, unlike Antaeus, while it loses its ability to regenerate when it’s far from Mars, but if defeated, it can be resurrected again back in its home base. It’s meaningless unless we defeat it in its old nest, but if we kill it there, it’ll just regenerate itself again! This is such a paradox!” Fang Ning said in frustration.

“Actually, there might be an easy way to solve this paradox,” Sir System suddenly changed the topic, “But I’m going to need someone’s help.”

Fang Ning sensed a bad feeling coming up, he hesitatingly asked, “What do you mean?”

“Impossible, I’d never do something so dangerous, not in this life.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Oh, very good. It seems that you haven’t got in over your head after all your hard work these few months,” Instead of becoming angry, Sir System chirped gleefully, “I thought you’d become braver after improving your strength, even coming into such a fierce battle; I didn’t expect you to still be your true, cowardly self.”

“A wise sage once said that the rich do not sit under the eaves; I’m worth so much more than a son of the rich, how could I possibly enter the battlefield myself?” Fang Ning replied in a self-justified tone.

“Hey now, I don’t like what you’re saying there, since when are you worth that much? All those accomplishments are mine, even a system as valuable and priceless as myself, has to go down to the battlefield, no? In your words, you make it sound like it’s a shameful thing to do, even though fighting wars are obviously the biggest honor a man can have.” Sir System countered.

“Oh well then, I’ll find someone to help you,” Fang Ning quickly shifted the topic, giving it some thought, he started listing, “Lovely is no good, he’s much too small, if we’re talking about someone with high combat abilities, there’s plenty of them locked up in the Draconic Penitentiary, but ones like the War Devil Lei Tian are unreliable. The Bodhisattva Spirit King doesn’t seem like someone we should bring into a place as dangerous as this, he’s good at eliminating monsters and demons, but he’s capable of spirit control, and doesn’t have the power of the Upper Realm.”

“When you list them all out, now I understand, we’ve got plenty of allies who can play supporting roles, but we’ve got no one strong enough to actually fight by my side and risk making enemies.” Sir System said gloomily.

Fang Ning shook his head and sighed, “It can’t be helped, there’s only so few that keep up with your fighting skills, as for the only allies we have that are strong enough, it’s too risky to let them face Mars’ consciousness, they can’t resurrect themselves, if they die, they’re gone for good. In outer space, they might not even have the chance to become spirits after they die, they might just be swallowed up immediately by Mars’ consciousness.”

“Forget it, let’s just get the War Devil Lei Tian out and let him fight, no one will care if it dies anyway, let’s just remember to put a golden fillet on it.” Sir System said, having made his decision.