Chapter 847 - Optimus Prime

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Chapter 847: Optimus Prime

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In the Draconic Penitentiary.

“Lei Tian, given that you’ve performed well in the past year, I’m here to offer you an opportunity for you to redeem yourself…”

After receiving the order from Fang Ning, Anderson sought out the War Demon Lei Tian who was currently residing in the single room on the top floor of the prison.

Said person was currently enthralled in a Spiritual Robotics Competition.

Many things have happened over the course of these two, three years, many industries have been in decline, particularly against the backdrop of the thirty-year mass immigration project, some of the well-informed ones have already begun to dial back their businesses and get rid of the more useless ones such real estate, land, etc and converted them into easy-to-carry, high-value goods.

Namely rare herbs, all sorts of precious, unique mysterious objects, and resources that could enhance power abilities. As for gold, no one knew for sure how much gold this new planet held, so there appeared to yet be a hoarding situation.

However, the Spiritual Robotics Competition had always been supported by officials with substantial backgrounds, and thus never lacked funding.

Those who became unemployed after the environmental turbulence had opted to join this line instead of business.

As long as one reached a certain competitive level, one was able to receive official subsidies, primarily consisting of coupons for food and daily necessities, without even having to leave the household, turning it into an iron rice bowl.

China was still doing fine, with the Land of Heritage as its backing, at least it had a sufficient supply of essentials and could maintain the price of goods. The same could not be said for everywhere else.

Unfortunately, despite being a regular of the Spiritual Robotics Competition, all of Lei Tian’s winnings never went into his own pocket, instead, they were all confiscated by Sir System.

That said, Lei Tian was not bothered by this at all, especially when he heard that he could go and fight in the real world again, he went red with excitement…

Yes, his soul was entirely red, as if his entire body had been shrouded in flames and burning away.

Seeing this, Anderson backed away, clearly not wanting to get burned. Once he opened the cell door, he led the other to Fang Ning.

Although he was out of his hell, throughout the entire way, Lei Tian did not make a single attempt to escape, because he had already known that there was a real God in this space.

“I can finally go out to fight again, although using a spiritual robot was fun, it just doesn’t compare to the sensation I get using my fists; I can’t wait any longer, tell me, where are my enemies?” When he saw Fang Ning, Lei Tian shouted loudly in his face.

Fang Ning frowned slightly before he unfurrowed his eyebrows, the other was still a warrior after all, and could never be truly tamed. He could only let him spend a few years in a jail cell.

He did not appear to be bothered by the other’s attitude, rather, he thought of something and whispered to Sir System, “I think you said something wrong earlier.”

“What is it? Spit it out.” Sir System said, annoyed.

“Earlier you said that no one would miss him even if he died, but after hearing his loud voice, it made me realize something; this guy was still the grand champion of the Spiritual Robotics Competition, I saw the annual report a few years ago, the amount of market value this guy has generated for you is equivalent to the combined revenue of multiple, profitable companies… I think you’ll definitely miss him if he died.”

“Uh, I forgot that in the face of battle. In this case, Mr. Rich Host remains to be the clear-sighted bystander, looks like I can’t let him die that easily after all, then, I’ll have to ask Big Billionaire Boss to sacrifice a little and lend him the Divine Monument.” Sir System took advantage of the opportunity and made his request.

“…” Fang Ning walked right into that one, but he had no other choice but to say yes, “Alright then, I’ll let my precious Divine Monument go with him this time, I don’t believe that woodlouse dragon’s capable of destroying my Divine Monument anyway.”

It was a good thing that he was prepared for this, the Divine Monument was extremely sturdy and a treasure of the Heavenly Axiom; no matter what, the Earth still had a 20 year-old consciousness, that was still much longer compared to that of Mars, which was only a few months old.

Fang Ning summoned the green-skinned frog and gave it a command, “Later, you’ll attach yourself to this red soul and provide him with protection; in the event that he dies, you get out of there immediately, I trust your judgment.”

“OK, Master,?no matter what, I’m still the director of the Divine Gate after all,?I can definitely handle something like this.” The green-skinned frog replied confidently.

Then, in a flash, it rushed into the Lei Tian’s soul.

Throughout the process, there was no reaction from Lei Tian.

It was not that he could not react on time, rather it was because he knew that it was better to let these people do as they wished with him here, so that he would be rewarded.

After all, he was still a clever War Demon.

A true warrior was always an intelligent one,?as the challenges they faced were the most difficult in the world; any choice of error meant the difference between life and death for them.

In the face of battle, all stubbornness and arrogance must be given up. In order to win, they would use every advantage at their disposal.

“But this isn’t enough yet, it’s not flashy enough… I remember we still have those 10 construction-use spiritual robots sent to us by the Truth Department somewhere in the System Preservation Area.” Sir System mumbled to himself, then, Fang Ning heard the ping of the system notification.

[The System consumed 10,000,000 experience points, using legendary carpenter skills, converting the Construction Mode Spiritual Robots into Combatant Mode Spiritual Robots.]

Then, right before Fang Ning’s eyes, appeared an Optimus Prime!

The classic red and blue stripes, the tall, sturdy build of the machine body, all appeared daunting to the eye.

“Uh, good taste, Sir System.” Fang Ning stared up at the gigantic automobile leader.

“I think it’s fine, I originally intended to go for Megatron but I thought better of it. I’m still a heroic system after all, how could I possibly associate myself with the nemesis?” Sir System explained.

“Well, technically, your thought process’s still a little too simple. Megatron was not just a saboteur, it had its own philosophy and dreams… Forget it, it might be better for children to just think of Optimus Prime as the good guy and Megatron as the bad guy.” Fang Ning was too lazy to give Sir System another lesson.

“I know you’re secretly insulting me again, but I’ve no time to deal with you right now. Now, let Lei Tian enter this Optimus Prime, he’s definitely big enough and flashy enough to capture the attention of Mars’ consciousness.” Sir System said proudly.

“Mmhm, I can totally believe that.” Fang Ning agreed entirely with the other on this matter.

The minute the Optimus Prime appeared in the sky above Mars,?just as they had expected, the Earthen Dragon immediately rushed up to it and engaged in battle.

Just like in the past, it was killed, then resurrected, and the cycle continued.

Lei Tian appeared incredibly pleased with this kind of battle, as this meant that he would have an opponent

If the combat skill of Sir System was on par with that of the Gods, then the combat skill of Lei Tian was second only to that of the King of Angels.

Meanwhile, Sir System had transformed into a small Azure Dragon, barely the size of an earthworm, and successfully infiltrated into Mars without raising any suspicions.

“Impressive,” Fang Ning could not help but exclaimed, “You actually managed to get past Mars’ consciousness, this guy’s way too easy.”

“Hoho, what do you know, the Optimus Prime is my creation and shares my energy, that’s why the Mars’ consciousness didn’t suspect a thing, because it doesn’t rely on physical shape?to distinguish objects, it relies on energy.” Sir System said, looking very pleased with himself.

“Oh, well now, that’s normal,” Fang Ning said disinterestedly, “You are almost three years its senior, it’s not surprising that you’re able to fool it.”

“…” Sir System had nothing to defend himself with, as it was the truth.

Had the Mars consciousness been any older and be more experienced, it would not have had its attention stolen away by Lei Tian that easily and neglected another threat.

At this time, the mini Azure Dragon had already landed on the desert. On the yellowish, brown sand, there were traces left behind by a massive object passing through.

“Just as I expected, this place is surrounded by a strange energy.” Sir System immediately discovered the source of the problem.

“What of kind energy?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“Demonic, but very faint, if I wasn’t used to killing demons by now, I wouldn’t be able to identify it.”

“Looks like it’s the remains of the Lunar Devil you killed last time;?a new species was born from its remains, that’s why there’s demonic energy. I think this demonic energy also forms the basis of their existence,” Fang Ning analyzed, “If that’s the case, they should be closely related to Mars’ consciousness, you just need to capture one of their worship leader of sorts and you’ll be able to establish contact with Mars’ consciousness, and from there locate its whereabouts.”

“You’ve finally made yourself useful.” Sir System said in a pleased tone.

“I don’t like those words of yours, I’ve always been very useful, alright?” Fang Ning responded unhappily.

“Hmmph, every time when it comes to battle, you’ve always fished around in muddled water, what contributions have you made?” Sir System refuted.

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“Of course I’ve made myself useful, in every fight, when have I ever not given you moral support?” Fang Ning said with conviction.