Chapter 849 - Rival

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The two guide demons really were leading the way sincerely.

They were humble along the path; it would have been perfect if they were carrying the lizard.

On Mars, there was water in certain locations, but there was not much, as rain was not present there.

Due to this, it was easier to dig a tunnel, they need not be worried about rain falling and destroying it.?The tunnel was wide, and the major and minor roads were easily distinguishable.

The major road was more than ten meters tall and ten meters wide, while the minor road was only two to three meters tall and about seven to eight meters wide.

Regardless of the type of road, they all had clean surfaces and both sides of the walls were stable as well. There was no need to be worried about structures collapsing.

Poor quality construction did not exist here, as those who dared to construct in poor quality would end up getting executed.

Every ten meters, there would be a light source placed on the wall of the tunnel to lighten up the path.

Based on the two guide demons, the source of that light was a type of weird yellow stone that stored sunlight in it. It only needed replacement occasionally.

Fang Ning would not have believed it if he had not witnessed it himself.

On Earth, the subways in the city were around the same height and width, but construction costs were higher.

Here, these constructions were common and could be seen everywhere.

Fang Ning went through the images sent by the dragon. After seeing this place, he immediately understood that these might be the natural traits of the Lunar Devils. Much like the Greater Rats, they were gifted in reforming rocks and soils.

The tunnel was densely packed like the human artery system, and just as widespread.

If it were not for these two guide demons leading the way, even if Fang Ning were to find these tunnels eventually, in these short amounts of time, during the days in which Lei Tian was still absorbing Taunt, they would not have been able to find the nest core.

These two guide demons were swiftly leading them way all the way through the tunnel.

They were only able to walk on the edge, to avoid the Lunar Devils that were much taller and bigger.

Especially the Lunar Devils that were obviously of direct descent, not even a glance was given to them. So much so that when they were going through the main road, they were almost trampled to death.

Their ability to dig into rocks and soils had benefited them, as they were able to hide within the tunnel, to avoid contact with these colossi.

Unfortunately, all these digging would have taken a toll on their Mystery Energy. Otherwise, they would not have walked through the tunnel itself, and not have gone through all the troubles to build these complicated pathways.

From this point of view, these two guide demons had enough reason for their betrayal.

The bitter and weary life with no status in society, with a shorter lifespan to boot. If they do not revolt now, were they supposed to wait until their afterlife?

Coincidentally in the Path of Demons, the demons never believed in the concept of having an afterlife.

After the reincarnation of the spirits, it would no longer be of their “id” (TN: According to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, the id is the personality component made up of unconscious psychic energy that works to satisfy basic urges, needs, and desires. The demons simply do not believe that these personality components would be passed on along with them in their next life.) anymore, it would be a completely different consciousness.

The Path of Demons was cruel, but at most they still had the drive to revolt…

After going the distance, half the day had passed, and the two guide demons only stopped once they had reached a busy intersection.

The slightly bigger in size brown rock monster said to the lizard hiding on its shoulder, “Sir Dragon Lord, walk through this road, then walk straight again for a few minutes, you’ll reach the nest’s entrance. The security there would be strict, and we can’t enter without permission. At first, the chiefs had ordered everyone to lay low, but after the appearance of the tornado in the sky, the order had been canceled. If it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Sir Dragon Lord.”

Fang Ning understood fully after hearing these, that apparently, they really had overestimated Mars’ consciousness, they thought they could have faced Vigilante A in an open confrontation.

Laying low was not an option, and they could have laid low for a while, but it was not a permanent solution.

One could not work and seek growth while hiding at the same time.

One thing they could have never guessed was that Mars’ consciousness was still too young and immature. A small trick fabricated by Fang Ning and Sir was enough to penetrate through them…

“I think the traps are gone; your Dragon Transformation should be able to notice right?” Fang Ning asked.

Sir System replied proudly, “Right, there shouldn’t be any more ambushes around here, the two guide demons were quite honest. Lunar Devils sure are dumb, they didn’t know how to be sly and lead us to find the location of the core so easily.”

Fang Ning felt uneasy after hearing these, if Sir System kept acting pretentious like it was, he might get punched in the face for once…

He did not say it out loud, after all, nothing had happened yet.

At this moment, the green-colored lizard said to the two rock monsters, “Very well, you two hide well elsewhere, for now, wait for me to check around, I’ll be back for you two later.”

The two brown-colored rock monsters felt delighted to hear this, at the same time they felt quite uneasy but they could not pinpoint what it was. They immediately stood back and dug within the rocks.

The lizard then went on following the path of the tunnel. The surrounding rock monsters that were walking along the tunnel could not even spot them, allowing them to approach the nest core easily.

Just as the two rock monsters said,?after the intersection, a rare checkpoint appeared after walking straight for five minutes, and at the end of the tunnel was a giant bronze-colored door.

The giant door was approximately more than a hundred meters in height, and there were about ten giant rock monsters guarding it.

The giant door was not wide open, and at each side of the bottom of the giant door, there were a pair of smaller doors approximately five meters tall.

The smaller doors, on the other hand, were wide open.

The rock monsters that were passing through were showing a special type of white rock that was deemed to be a type of pass card.

Meanwhile, the lizard just swaggered in.

Once they were through the small door, there was a vast piece of land appeared in front of them.

There was a gigantic underground hall right ahead.

“Okay, we’ve finally found it. If it weren’t for your suggestion in letting the two demons lead the way, we’d had been in big trouble.” Sir said in gratitude.

On the floor of the underground hall, there were crushed rocks all over.

There was clearly energy emitting out of them. There were Demonic Energy as well as Water Energy.

Water Energy was created when Vigilante A did the Divine Blessing Attack.

Meanwhile, these crushed rocks were obviously remains of the original Lunar Devil.

There were a number of three-to-four-meter tall rock monsters moving pieces of rough human-shaped rock statues one at a time, and placing them surrounding the crushed rocks.

They then carried away the rock statues that had begun to move about.

As expected, this was the core of the nest. It was akin to where the queen of ants would be, and those crushed rocks currently portrayed the ant queen.

Everything seemed peaceful with no traps sighted.

While Fang Ning looked around, he realized what he was worried about had become a reality.

He then said in a warning tone, “Sir System, don’t get happy too soon. The nest core is not the final objective. Our goal was to find a Lunar Devil Priest that could communicate with Mars’ consciousness, can we actually find one here?”

“Uh, sh*t, I don’t think we can.” Sir System replied in dismay after realizing the reality and once it had gone through the area thoroughly with its Dragon Transformation.

No doubt this was the nest core, but there were no Lunar Devils of a special kind here… It was basically only a labor ward for demons.

Even Fang Ning was able to judge the situation without the help of Sir System.

They were able to tell. only by looking at the Demonic Energy present in their body. In this vast amount of space, the crushed rocks had the strongest Demonic Energy. Besides that, it was the number of rock monsters who were guarding the door.

Even those rock monsters could not have had any possibility of communicating with Mars’ consciousness.

This could easily be ascertained. On Earth, how many were able to communicate with the Heavenly Axiom?

Even the powerful Vigilante A was not qualified.

Only those Heavenly Axiom Treasures and totem monsters were able to make a slight?connection with them.

It was not that the Heavenly Axiom was being arrogant or indifferent the reason was similar to why normal humans were unable to gaze upon the eyes of gods directly. When one’s power was not up to a certain extent, it would be hard to bear direct communication with higher beings.

They could only be on the receiving end and wait for the information sent out by the Heavenly Axiom.

On the other hand, Sir System could withstand it, but other people could not see its existence…

“There’s no other way, you’d have to turn back and find those two guide demons and bring them along… It’s not their fault.” Fang Ning said while feeling speechless, as Sir had made a mistake in explaining things.

From Sir System’s point of view, the core of land would be the main city of a nation, a concentrated place of gathering with higher grounds.

or the two demons however, this place was the core of the nest… There was nothing wrong with their understanding.

At the same time, the two guide demons were hiding within grey rocks that helped camouflage their body, they whispered to each other.

“Do you think the high-level being would keep his words after he’s gotten what he wanted? Or would he just kill us afterward?” The slightly smaller sized brown rock monster said in fear.

“Ai, I know what you mean. Even the chiefs here constantly do so, making empty promises and killing us after we’ve done our part… They thought nobody knew about this, but which rock won’t spill secrets?” The slightly bigger sized brown rock monster said while sighing, “But how will we ever know if we don’t take risks? Are you willing to wait until we die from overworking? Doing the same work every day, with no time for leisure. In our memory during recovery, there were?feasts, garden poetries, moonlit nights… But right now these are cut off from us eternally.”

“Yeah I know, I just hope that we hadn’t bet on the wrong horse. Since this one is actually a rival of the chiefs. The style of execution might be different…” The slightly smaller sized brown rock monster said to comfort itself.

They knew that doing things these ways had no specific logic behind it. But many times, rivals were formed due to similar characteristics.

For example, Manchester United and Liverpool. Eh, where did this memory came from? Was this a reasonable example?