Chapter 850 - Core

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Soon, the two guide devils met the turning point of their fate.

That greenish-blue lizard appeared in front of them again and said coolly, “You guys did well, this is indeed the core of the den. However, do you guys know where the VIPs live?”

The slightly bigger rock monster suddenly felt nervous. The other party’s implication was very clear, they did not do a good job in completing their mission.

It tried to recall the VIPs it had met before, but to its dismay, the person of the highest status that it had met before was only but a slave worker a post higher than it…

Even with its rock brain, it knew that this was not the answer Dragon God wanted.

It could only reply fearfully, “Please forgive my ignorance, Sir Dragon God. Those of high status would never appear in front of us, nor would they let lowly slaves like us go near their living quarters.”

It was as expected. Fang Ning was not surprised by what he heard.

It was the same on Earth. Even an ordinary person would know where one of the cores of the USA — the White House — was.

However, to figure out where the owner of the White House slept was not that easy, or you could say that it was impossible…

However, it was still possible to meet the owner of the White House in the White House, while in this den’s core, the leaders of the Lunar Devils were nowhere to be seen.

You could even say that at this critical point, they would only hide deeper. Dismissing concealment was only in the case of the ordinary Lunar Devils.

The activities of those ordinary Lunar Devils would instead further conceal their hiding.

In the face of their nemesis, they would never expose their existence. Unless their nemesis was chased away or beaten to death.

“Mr. Rich Boss, your idea didn’t work! Even this guide devil can’t find the person we are looking for,” Sir System said angrily, blaming Fang Ning.

“I knew you would say so,” Fang Ning said unhappily, “You’re always like this, turning against me heartlessly. Just now you were still praising my idea but when you saw that it did not turn out as expected, you turn against me right away. Is this still the behavior of a righteous hero?”

“Er, I just let my mouth run loose, you don’t have to make such a big fuss out of it right?” Sir System quickly conceded, since he still needed Mr. Rich Boss to salvage the situation.

“You are really an idiot, even the den’s core has been found and this bit of difficulty baffled you?” Fang Ning had an epiphany and thought of a key point, so he started to pretend again.

“Er, what do you mean? You know, I have always been a pure and honest system. I’m not good with conspiracies and scheming,” Sir System said weakly.

“It’s simple, those Lunar Devil leaders are definitely formed by the corpses inside. You just need to steal a few stone fragments and put it into the System Space to investigate, or look for Anderson, they would definitely have corresponding bloodline tracking methods. My scheme is not useless but ingenious,” Fang Ning said boldly.

He would never admit that he just thought of those at that moment…

Sir System was astonished, “I see, Mr. Rich Boss, your intelligence is high as expected. My admiration for you is like endless torrential river water, like the overflowing Yellow River, seemingly unstoppable…”

“Next time, use a new term when you flatter me. That sounds too insincere,” Fang Ning said haughtily.

“Understood,” Sir System answered honestly.

After that, the lizard nodded at the two frightful rock monsters, “Never mind, the two of you have completed the mission and my promise will be kept. I will first send the two of you to a place and you will meet a few similar creatures there. They will teach you the survival rules of the new place.”

The two guide devils were delighted to hear that, if it was not for the fact that they were in rock beds, they would have knelt and head-bowed just like in the past.

This was because in their recovered memories, this was one of the utmost ways to express their gratitude.

Within the next moment, they disappeared…

They then appeared in a place surrounded by greenery. The gentle sound of the flowing river accompanied the fragrance of flowers and a few Whitestone people working in a garden.

Most importantly, there was an unbelievable amount of mysterious energy in the surroundings, as if it could be absorbed readily.

Seeing all these, the two rock monsters could not hold back the rock-tears streaming down their face…

This was exactly the green homeland in their memory.

Not long after that, the System Space had a few extra stone fragments.

Fang Ning went to look at it unperturbed.

These stones were completely pitch black, exuding a faint but pure devilish energy.

“That’s enough. Take them and look for Anderson. I don’t have the time to investigate them,” Sir System muttered.

Fang Ning did not mind. He took one stone fragment to Anderson.

As expected, this was common in the Path of Devils.

Anderson soon taught Fang Ning more than ten methods to utilize the things left behind by the ancestors to look for their direct descendants.

Therefore, in the Upper Realm, those mighty beings would normally protect their ancestors’ resting place well, or just destroy it themselves.

Those who implemented the latter were naturally the people from the Path of Devils.

The term “breaking one’s bonds of this world” held different meanings to cultivators of different cultivation paths.

Obviously, these Lunar Devil descendants were still na?ve. Although they inherited the primeval Lunar Devil’s body and memories, the primeval Lunar Devils were formed from humans, thus lacking some knowledge of the Upper Realm.

Hence, no matter how well they hid, it was still lacking.

Draconic Arcane Realm’s second floor — the Arena.

A gigantic white rock monster and a yellow rock monster of a similar size were in a daze.

After a while, the yellow rock monster said, “If only we had known earlier. We should have undertaken the mission of Venus exploitation. This time, we let that timid Old Brown profit.”

“Perhaps this is God’s will. Nobody is to be blamed, I was the one who said it that time. Vigilante A came to Mars once so he can come a second time. We used this as an excuse to push Brown away, this is our own fault,” the white rock monster still had some dignity of a leader and admitted truthfully.

“Sigh, we really did not think of it. That person really is the biggest fear of our deceased ancestors. We could not fight back at all and were thrown here. If it was not for the fact that we have the record of his presence in our memory, we would have thought that we got transported here,” the yellow rock monster said in defeat.

“Dammit, we clearly keep out of sight well and even specifically let the small ones attract its attention. How did it find us?” white rock monster was frustrated.

“Perhaps, our ancestors’ memory is insufficient. In this universe, there are tons of mysterious means.” Yellow rock monster did not doubt this.

It did not cross its mind that it took only two lowly slave rock monsters to bring them to their doom.

However, this was nothing out of the ordinary, there were similar happenings like this in the past, but humans never learned from their mistakes. The higher beings were always on their high horses and also were always overthrown by those of lower status.

The white rock monster made a fool out of itself. If it had ordered all the rock monsters to hide well, the Vigilante A would not be able to do anything during those few days.

He could only be exiled by the awakened Mars’ consciousness. After all, no matter how barren Mars was, it was still a planet.

However, the die was already cast.

A booming voice bellowed.

“You two dregs of the Lunar Devils! Since you already know what this place is, let me give you a chance to live…”

“A chance to live… Live…”

The majestic voice was followed by a huge reverberation. It was awe-inspiring.

Fang Ning, on the other hand, was speechless after hearing that. Although the arena was quite big, it wasn’t adequate to create such reverberance. This was all made by Sir System using the system’s sound effect.

“What? I am trying to intimidate them, okay?” Sir System reasoned.

“Okay, okay. Please continue.” Fang Ning was too lazy to argue.

The reverberating sound continued in the arena.

“If you offer me the method of communication with Mars’ consciousness and help me locate its presence, I will let you live. I always keep my promises… Promises… Mises…”

The reverberance made the two rock monsters’ ears ring.

They once again realized that the other party was undefeatable.

However, can they betray the Lunar Devils Clan’s future?

In contrast with Earth’s Heavenly consciousness, Mars’ consciousness was born by their hands.

Naturally, they knew where the core of Mars’ consciousness was.

If the core was destroyed, it will not be able to be reborn in a few tens of thousand years.

It could only wait until the living creatures on it have thrived and grew so that it can slowly recover.

It did not have the congenital conditions of Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. Earth’s Heavenly consciousness depended on the prosperity of countless lives, accumulating and maturing early on. Its vitality recovered and provided it a chance to generate consciousness. It was a smooth process.

While Mars’ consciousness was but a catalyzed product. The disadvantage of being a catalyzed product was that it needed a catalyzed core.

This core was its fatal weakness.

Now, a difficult choice was presented to the two Lunar Devil Chiefs. To choose their own lives or to choose Mars’ consciousness?

Within one second, they made up their mind.

The white rock monster looked towards yellow rock monster and both nodded at the same time.