Chapter 851 - River Of Fire

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Chapter 851: River Of Fire

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When he heard this reply, Sir System was first surprised before it became suspicious.

“Huh, I can’t believe these two fellows are so cowardly? Are they trying to trick me?”

“Eh, the fearless ones are few and far between, but I can take a guess at their psychology. They’re devils after all, and devils aren’t an altruistic bunch. Whatever they do, they do it for themselves. This is an extremely selfish form of cultivation where they snatch everything for their own personal gain, as defined by Anderson. It was mentioned in Anderson’s information, that if you see a devil doing something good without a shadow of a doubt, that devil is doing so to benefit itself.” Fang Ning, on the other hand, understood the devils.

“I see, they’re even more cowardly than you, Mr. Rich Boss. To think I allowed Anderson to prepare one hundred and eight methods of interrogation.” Sir System seemed slightly disappointed.

“Fine, you shouldn’t waste your time here. Lei Tian can’t hold on for much longer,” Fang Ning reminded the System.

After hearing Fang Ning’s reminder, Sir System stopped brooding.

A sound rang out once again in the arena, but there was no echo this time.

“Both of you will speak separately.”

As the sound faded away, the white and yellow rock monsters looked at each other before the yellow rock monster disappeared.

Then, the white rock monster immediately understood that this was a prisoner’s dilemma.

If it made the wrong move, the only thing awaits was death and in contrary, its partner would live.

Yet both of them wanted to live, so all they could do was point to the correct destination.

However, it did not speak at once. Instead, it asked, “How do you guarantee that you’ll let me live after I tell you everything?”

“I’ve always been true to my promises and I definitely will not go back on my words, unlike you demons.”

The white rock monster contemplated for a moment. In its recollection, it was true that this person had never broken a promise.

It was well aware of its current situation and was in no position to expect a pledge from the other person.

Hence, it replied quickly. “It’s just three hundred kilometers away from the core…”

As it finished speaking, it pointed a finger and a fireball appeared in mid-air. It was a 3D sectional diagram with a black dot marked by a coordinate system. Obviously, it was to prevent itself from getting killed if it provided the wrong information…

After it sold out Optimus Prime in which it single-handedly developed, it disappeared from the arena.

Instead, the yellow rock monster showed up in the arena this time.

Same question, same answer.

“Apparently they’re afraid of death and didn’t lie. I can now go straight to the enemy’s base,” Sir System announced excitedly.

Fang Ning comprehended this. Although the enemies that were defeated by Sir System in the past came from different backgrounds and had varying strengths, they were basically still opponents under the Maxim.

However, this time around, they were facing the incarnation of a Maxim directly — the planet’s consciousness.

Meanwhile, according to Earth’s time, the great battle had gone on for a whole day on Mars, and it was still ongoing.

Optimus Prime, which Sir System had spent ten million experience points on, was already full of cuts, scratches, and dents. One of its arms was useless and it was missing a leg. There were also large holes on its chest.

After all, with an object of such elephantine proportions, Sir System was unable to give it an “Unbreakable” System Property as it would be too expensive.

If not for the Divine Monument’s protection, Lei Tian’s soul would have been struck to death as well.

Only one day had passed and the fighting abilities of Mars’ consciousness had evolved into a terrifying stage.

If it were someone else, they would have fled for their lives.

However, Lei Tian was different. His injuries only elevated his spirits.

“Bring it on! It’s either victory or death! I’ll wait for you to send me to the real hell!”

The red and blue mech roared and drove its remaining arm into the Earthen Dragon’s abdomen, killing it once more.

In response, the Earthen Dragon writhed in fury and came back to life.

It wanted to completely annihilate this indestructible teacher!

“I want to kill you and eat you, and make you part of myself!”

The Earthen Dragon voiced out for the first time.

“Hahaha, as expected, you’re also a devil!” Lei Tian felt no fear when he heard its voice. Instead, he reacted as if he had found a worthy opponent. “No matter how strong you are, you’ll never defeat me!”

As some said, even though one was about to lose, he had to tough it out till the end, but at the moment, Lei Tian was not trying to display a false sense of pride.

He knew that in due time, he would no longer be this fellow’s match.

His enemy was not that strong, but its quintessence was too powerful; having the ability to revive itself for an unlimited number of times was enough to drive off most opponents. As long as one could not destroy it completely, it would be able to evolve continuously.

Besides, one’s fighting methods would always be limited as in every fight, there would be chances where one would definitely make mistakes. In the long run, once the enemy had grasped all of one’s fighting methods, the more mistakes one made, the easier it would be for one to be defeated.

However, he was very confident because he understood his true purpose. Rather than defeating his enemy, he was supposed to be a tank that attracted vengeance.

It was the same as his role as a human shield in the arena matches.

After all, the real killer move was still in that person’s hands.

This fellow in front of him was strong enough yet still an amateur in terms of its battle skills.

As of now, it had only learned a few battle techniques but it did not have the time to learn of strategies that were a step higher.

It probably would never have the time to do so!

This feeling of killing a genius was great!

Lei Tian had not felt so good in a very long time. Ever since he descended to the Lower Realm and met that person, he had slowly walked into a cage.

It was an arduous wait until today, before the cage opened at last.

Whether he played the part of a fighter or a human shield, as long as he could still remain active on the battlefield, he did not mind laying low.

Another technique in battles was endurance… A fighter who failed to grasp this meaning could not be considered a great fighter, because anything that happens had periods of prosperity and stagnation. If one lacked patience, he would never witness the coming of a victory.

When the Earthen Dragon heard Lei Tian’s presumptuous words, its body emanated a fiery glow. In the blink of an eye, it resembled a fire dragon that was fuming with rage.

“I want to eat you, and everyone behind you! Damn humans, every last one of you must die!”

Its words were spiked with hatred. Even a War Devil like Lei Tian, who had witnessed all types of cruelty, felt slightly uncomfortable.

“You idiot, a true fighter emerges victorious when he beheads his arch nemesis, instead of getting pleasure from destroying a base!” Lei Tian spoke coldly.

Their conversation was observed through the big screen by Fang Ning in the System Space.

It was obvious that Sir System did not feel completely at ease about Lei Tian, as it had fortified Optimus Prime with some other defenses.

“No, Mars’ consciousness has already been turned into an actual devil by these Lunar Devils. Relying on the education of love won’t make it repent. The only way is for it to reborn from the ashes,” Fang Ning commented worriedly.

“Don’t you worry, I won’t kill a fellow of this level for nothing. Good thing that I caught a soul double of the Golden Deity which is of the same level as it, or maybe even higher. I’m gonna create something precious by combining the two of them,” Sir System proposed proudly.

Fang Ning nodded his head. “Good, you better get to work now.”

“Rubbish, you don’t need to remind me. I’m almost there,” Sir System replied dismissively.

Fang Ning observed through the System View and it was true that the miniature green dragon was currently at a different location than before.

It was surrounded in the middle by streams of red, scorching lava as if it had entered a river of fire.

For some reason, he could smell a slight whiff of sulfur. The body probably transmitted this sense to him.

The temperature was extremely high and it was at least a thousand degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, the miniature green dragon was not intimidated by the lava and swam naturally. This was normal. After all, Sir System had already cultivated the form of a fire dragon in “Dragonization Ability”.

Could this be the location of Mars’ core?

As he pondered about this, Fang Ning habitually decided to look it up on the internet, but of course, he failed.

Then, by habit, he complained again. “Hey, Sir, this is no good. There’s no internet here.”

“What the f*ck?!” Sir System scolded viciously. “This is Mars we’re talking about, it would be weird if there’s internet!”

“…” Fang Ning was speechless and he could only hold back his words.

It seemed like Sir System was not all-powerful after all but leaving it was out of the question.

“Alright, we’re here, but I need to be extremely careful about handling it.”

The miniature green dragon had already stopped swimming.

Fang Ning looked around and realized he was surrounded by fiery-red liquid. He could not see a thing.

“Where’s the ‘it’ that you’re talking about? Why can’t I sense it?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“Look at you, you don’t even bother to train regularly and like to bully amateurs instead. Now, when you’re met with a high-level entity of this type, you can’t sense it. So I’ll explain it to you. There’s a round, pitch-black sphere three kilometers beneath us. Its presence tells me that this is where Mars’ consciousness is located.” Sir System explained exasperatedly.

Fang Ning continued to stay silent because it was true that he could not sense anything at all. The red lava was not transparent and he could not see a thing beyond one centimeter, never mind three kilometers away.