Chapter 852 - Giving Anything In Its Possession

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Chapter 852: Giving Anything In Its Possession

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After a while, Sir System enquired again. “Don’t just keep quiet, can’t you give some suggestions?”

“Without investigating, I have no say in it. I can’t even sense it, so I definitely cannot say anything, or else I’ll get you in trouble,” Fang Ning replied dejectedly.

“Eh… I didn’t expect you to be an honest fella.” Sir System mused. “It’s simple, actually. I currently have two choices. One, to use the element of surprise and strike it down with the Heavenly Sword. It’s very powerful on the outside, yet its heart is extremely fragile that has no means of defending itself — very similar to a human’s. The second choice is to capture it alive and send it to the System Space. However, this method is unreliable and it might provide a chance for its escape. It’s just like the failed assassination attempt on?Qin Shi Huang. Jingke had the opportunity to assassinate the emperor, but because he wanted to capture him alive, he failed his mission in the end.?1?”

“Oh, I think you’re too greedy. Capturing it will only create an opportunity for it to escape and resulting in more problems. It won’t be so easy for us to capture it the next time. The first opportunity is the most precious one, so you better pick the first option,” Fang Ning suggested.

He had a grounded and realistic personality and did not like taking risks. Neither did he did not enjoy gambling and risky investments.

Right now, killing the enemy would be the most effective solution and it would not leave any trails.

He realized a truth from the previous conversation between the Earthen Dragon and Lei Tian.

If it were allowed to become a climate, it would lead to a disaster and countless innocent lives would be lost.

“Fine, you have a point too. Safety first, it’s always better to destroy it than to let it escape and plan its revenge.”

In desperate times, Sir System still remained obedient. After all, safety was far more important than profits.

At once, the miniature green dragon transformed into a small sword. It was as tiny as a toothpick but as sharp as a Divine Needle.

Meanwhile, with the Earthly Monument was still concealed in the System Space, the macaw suddenly appeared.

“Master, the Axiom Daddy just informed me that if you retrieve the core for it, it will give you a huge reward,” The flaming red macaw cried loudly as it flapped its pair of blue wings.

“Eh, that’s weird. Why does the Axiom Daddy always rely on you fellas to pass me messages these days?” Fang Ning asked.

“Hehe, it’s probably because you’re too lazy and you’ve fallen out of favor!” Sir System jeered.

“Nonsense! I’ve always been diligent and I’ve never once taken a break these past few months!” Fang Ning defended himself vehemently. “The Axiom Daddy must be making sure that no one knows of our communication due to its resistance towards the Upper Realm. That’s why it has been relying on the Heavenly Axiom Treasure to send me its words. It’s doing so to protect me and love me!”

“…” Sir System was all out of words. Even if there were ten Sir Systems, they were no match for the Host’s fast-talking abilities.

“True, Master,” the macaw supported Fang Ning. “The Axiom Daddy must’ve considered this since we’re Treasures of the Heavenly Axiom. We don’t have to worry about those baddies spying on us, but you’re different, Master. Your soul is fragile and easily targeted by others.”

“Both of you, cut the nonsense. Tell me first, what sort of reward can that piece of crap give me?” Sir System asked.

The macaw recognized this mysterious voice and knew that it belonged to the true owner of this Space, who was the real culprit that defeated itself and its Divine Monument brothers…

It responded nervously, “It said that it could provide you with a lot of Merits…”

“Those things are useless! It can’t even protect itself right now. It’s just handing out some bullsh*t rewards. They used to be valuable, but no one knows whether it can even sustain itself till the end. I no longer acknowledge this,” Sir System lashed out.

“In that case, what do you want?” the macaw asked brazenly.

“It’s simple. Instead of benefiting others, it might as well benefit its kin. If it loses, it’ll end up as the Upper Realm gods’ plaything. Give me information on every one of those precious resources on Earth. I’ll get them myself, there’s no need to worry about me,” Sir System demanded.

“Erm, wait a minute, I’ll go ask.” The macaw did not believe that this demand could be fulfilled, but it did not dare to reject it either.

The Master could only do so much when it came to defending it, but there were times when the Master was asleep. This fellow, on the other hand, seemed like it never sleeps…

For instance, its Divine Monument brother who had been sent to be a shield would surely be full of dents by the time it returned.

Mars’ Heavenly Axiom was not a friendly entity either.

“Go ask now, and do remind it too, that there isn’t much time left for it!” Sir System was full of itself.

Hearing this conversation, Fang Ning’s jaw dropped. Sir System’s thick-skinned personality was simply unparallel.

Not long after, the macaw gave an unbelievable reply. “The Axiom Daddy has agreed. It also mentioned that if you can get this core out, it’ll give anything in its possession…”

“Hiss…” Fang Ning was taken aback. Indeed, the core of Mars’ consciousness was particularly important to the Axiom Daddy.

Or else, how could it say such a thing?

Last time, it was miserly in giving out a few hundred Merit Points, but this time, it was rather generous.

Sir System ignored Fang Ning’s reaction and replied, “Great, I shall retrieve it.”

Fang Ning quickly interrupted, “Didn’t you just mention ‘Safety first’ and wanting to destroy it?”

“Rubbish, a wise man once said that as long as there’s a profit of 300 percent, there is not a crime in which a capitalist will not commit, even at the risk of being hanged. Now, not only are we getting three times the profit, it’s unlimited times! Of course, I’m willing to take the risk! In the end, the worst outcome will be to let it escape instead of us losing our lives,” Sir System asserted.

“Eh, it’s quite timely of you to quote Karl Marx…” Fang Ning had nothing else to say.

In spite of this, Fang Ning had the feeling that something was off. He could not pinpoint what it was that seemed wrong and because of that, he could only let Sir System take the lead.

Meanwhile, the small sword turned back into the miniature green dragon with a yellow silk cloth clutched between its claws.

That was the Four Symbols Sealing Formation Map given by Tianjing Fawang the last time. It was used to seal demons and devils.

From the looks of it now, it was the appropriate solution to the problem.

Yet, Sir System’s method was not just limited to this.

In order to obtain those unlimited profits, Sir System had brought all of its hidden methods to the table.

The miniature green dragon flashed and following that, miniature fire, white, yellow and blue dragons appeared…

“Are you going to use them as gourd dragons?” Fang Ning could not help himself but mocked the System.

“Enough of your nonsense, don’t you disturb me from getting rich…” Sir System retorted.

The five dragons stealthily approached the black core situated three kilometers beneath them.

Fang Ning could not see the target’s location, yet he could guess that Sir System was trying to plan an ambush from the dragons’ actions.

He could only hope that Sir System was successful in its attempt, unlike Jingke who failed his mission just as he was about to succeed.

Nevertheless, reality proved that his worries were unnecessary.

The Heavenly Axiom of Mars which just evolved into a self-conscious state still was not that smart.

It could be that while it was nurtured by the Lunar Devils, it was infused with an egoistic characteristic which made it complacent and lacked defenses.

When the five dragons were ten meters away from the core, there was no reaction from it.

If Fang Ning noticed this, he would suspect whether it was a trap.

This was the Heavenly Axiom’s core they were talking about, so how could it not have any sort of protection? Was this a joke?

However, that was the truth.

The miniature green dragon tossed the yellow cloth and the other four dragons gathered at each of the four corners respectively.

Before it could react, this Heavenly Axiom’s core had already fallen into the enemy’s hands.

In the next moment, the defenseless core had entered the System Preservation Area…

Fang Ning could even see the hot steam around it…

“This, this is so much easier than I thought!” Fang Ning was appalled and could not believe his eyes.

Normally, there would be three hundred rounds of fights and the Earthen Dragon would arrive as a reinforcement before they could acquire the core.

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“Hmph, what do you know? It looks effortless on the outside but it’s taxing on the inside. A wise man once said that the best fighter often has nothing outstanding to show. In order to achieve this, I had used up a lot of resources. Just by infiltrating the area, I have already exhausted much energy to cover the traces. If I wasn’t an incarnation of the Maxim, it wouldn’t have been so easy for me to approach the core,” Sir System explained.

“Alright, you don’t have to elaborate any further.” Fang Ning rushed towards the System and made a gesture as if he was holding a dog’s mouth shut. “Now I understand. Earlier, when the Axiom Daddy promised that he’ll give anything in its possession, have you ever wondered if he was now broke?”

“…” If Sir System had a corporeal form, it would have displayed a wide-eyed expression.